Sunday, February 01, 2009

More WTF

Another WTF moment when the other local TI called and started to tell me that I should "forget about the harassment" and "pretend it is not there". Like, WTF; it is there, and I do recognize it and acknowledge it and some of it ends up being described in this blog or my paper journal. Pretending is reality denial, and I don't go there, and get mightily pissed with any asshole who attempts to foment that perspective. She was one of the party yesterday, and it was the visiting TI who gave me this same line. I just don't get it, except with both of them on this bizarre streak in two days isn't anything but planned and scripted IMHO. Then to suggest that I focus on harassment and attract it is the stupidest bullshit going. They were on my ass from the get-go, and are still at it, just in overt form. Whatever in the fuck did I do to "attract" this living hell? As far as I am concerned, both those TI's crossed the line, intentionally so, and if I have anything to do with it, that will be the end of their association.

But more likely, I will "forget" this particular annoyance and be subject to yet more of this bizarre shit. Unless I am missing something, what is going on, save more mindfuck games? I also got a lecture about making more money/finding more jobs, another deliberate intrusion into my affairs that I don't appreciate. She even went as far as saying as much, "I am lecturing" she said. Well, how did you know to work that angle when it has high parental abuse association? Naturally, I don't get to ask those questions at the time, only in retrospect, and the perps had me cranked up to be fully annoyed and ready to put the phone down. Funny how that happened then, and not before with some of the other perp pranks she seemed to be augmenting.

Anyhow, I am getting another heavy dose of planted thoughts today as to imminent, end of Febuary (this month), cessation of hostilities. More bullshit as regular readers will know, and I haven't been wrong yet in the approximately 20 times they have put me through this exercise in the six years this particular scenario has been run. They even went so far as to tell me that they will be backing off the harassment all this month, but if you were here when I was making lunch, you would agree with me that nothing has changed. They pulled objects from my hands, flicked crumbs about, made the crumbs evade my fingertip grasp (or, the crumbs get smaller after being momentarily obscured by my fingers), flicked food around, and otherwise enraged me for most of the lunch making, eating and cleanup. Some relief.

And worse yet, they totally blanked me out of attending to my laundry in a timely manner, only reminding me that the clothes were sitting in the dyer for an hour while I was making lunch. This is another never-before, being totally clued out as to laundry completion. And I suppose, with the substantive accumulated debris, most of it not laundry related, in the laundry room, the perps wanted my laundry, even if sitting in the washing machine or dryer, to have some "room time" with the planted boxes, plastic bags, clothes, handbags, Christmas paper and the rest of it. If you don't know the background of this seemingly pedantic tale, the Summary of Perp Obsessions link is a good place to start.

On balance, I cannot see any difference in the level of harassment from today, so far, as they like to tell me. If this is getting better, I wouldn't want to see what is worse.

That is it for today, as I am off for a First Feral Family visitation until tomorrow afternoon.

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