Friday, March 07, 2008

Shut Me Down

I noticed two TI blogs got warnings or shutdown this week (Void Where Prohibited by the Patriot Act, and one I cannot recall or figure out (a mind-fuck), and who knows who will be next. Maybe even me, though I cannot think of anything I do that pushes the envelope of the "imposed comfort" of the hoi polloi. Lesser crimes have been dispatched in blogland, I'm sure. My main "crime" might be that I bore my readers, though that is nothing new either.

Anyhow, it is a warning that this, or any related blog can be shut down on an administrative whim, and as this activity represents something for me to do, it just may get nixed one day, before I back it up to a local drive.

Anyhow, it is all to surreal in blogland, as I have no idea that this is being read by anyone, save the odd reference in another TI's blog. Given that the level of intrusion and oversight in my life is at the level that every speck of dust and movement of the cornflakes in my cereal bowl is governed, I would not be surprised that much of this makes it out into the blogosphere. Even those who exhibit curiousness and other TI's don't appear to have read anything here, even when directed as an orderly way to assemble the details of being overseen and controlled over all my life's details. As I wrote that I got red plasma beams over top of the above line, and a clattering sound at the end of it. Like I said, every comma, fullstop and crossing of every letter "t" is tightly monitored and very often timed with coicident visual (plasma, masers, vision impairment) and auditory (outside vehicle noise, swallowing noise, ear poppings) phenomenon. I now get sensory level phenomenon, something small "arriving" in my mouth for my tongue and teeth to contact and engage. That is the level of detail that is managed, 24x7.

Even the timing of the phone calls is tightly governed; today I got a call just after unloading only the coffee pot and filter stem from the dish rack. Another carpet auction event. After the phone call, a sudden "need" to pee, and then I wash my hands with the same handsoap I have had for three years, as I use so little to contain its perfume smell. Then, back to unloading the dishes rack of the plate, bowl, mug, and cutlery. In other words, the entire series of interuptions of the phone call and the pee were all to interupt me attending to the same breakfast dishes in one pass. Someone from the mind-keepers "decided" that I had to be disrupted in unloading the dish rack of the breakfast dishes, the same ones for the past five years. And that having my hands with traces of the handwashing soap and towel was important to introduce into the disruption stunt. And that is how boring it gets, though it is plenty exciting for someone who plans all this for me.

I am due to head out into the gangstalk world (public streets) to get the details on this carpet auction for Sunday, the fourth one, and it repeats at the same location as the very first one, but will be a different outfit from last week's I assume. (Bad assumption, as last week's auctioneers took on the company name from those that had a different auction, surely a piece of managed disinformation, the faked "mistake". I have seen too many of these games to wonder what is for real or not, as the perps like to cross them up, aka "reality" disruption perhaps). These Friday afternoon outings, even if only 10 minutes each way, and three city blocks, are huge gangstalking events where all the Unfavored and the feints are put on after "grooming" me all morning on their noise and other games, one being the ongoing emanations coming from this LCD display as I read and type. I reckon they put on at least 500 parked and mobile vehicles on such an outing, as it seems to be very important to them to swarm me with vehicles as much as the weirds that will surely "pop out" of various entrances, never mind the conspicuous loiterers, doing nothing but looking obviously out of place.

The perps are getting more advanced with the color interactions; for the past two gym days (Tuesday and Thursday, yesterday), they put on the same native Indian woman "bumming" at the street corner, and wearing or holding brown cardboard sign, suggesting that she is homeless). And she had a differing brown coat on each time; this is brown skin, brown coat and a brown cardboard, notice- very advanced "browning around" for the sick assholes, and the culmination of six years of intensified harassment. Imagine how much more has yet to be accomplished; there are East Indian and then negro "bums" to unfold yet, let alone wearing brown colored clothing in my proximity- another six years perhaps?).

The differences of the above "bum" act were subtle at the same location and same jucture, when returning from my gym class; here they are for the record;
  • Tuesday; native Indian woman, full set of teeth, camel brown long coat and brown cardboard sign with black felt pen lettering on it,
  • Thursday, same native Indian woman with some missing front teeth, a dark brown coat and not as long, with a brown cardboard sign with red and black felt pen lettering on it.
And don't ask me about the significance of the teeth count is as I don't know, except to say that there is a substantial amount of "open mouthing" (like guppies) of the perp operatives and shills in my proximity, and invariably their teeth are on display, intentionally IMHO. Two days ago, the perps put on tongue displays for me to see the side of it; what person goes around like this with their fucking tongue on display, except a salared operative of the Surrepticious Sickos (SS)?

It was a big event for the perps, to have me go outside for 20 minutes total, and have all the vagrants and suits arranged and even intermingled. All these suited men in that rubby neighborhood at 1400h is preposterous, especially the games of weaving in and out of each other's path, a pseudo drunken behavoir trait. I had my regular native Indian dude hanging around outside of the building, just like last time, and he followed me inside after a minute or so. Other freaks were the same brown skinned construction worker heading E. from the same intersection corner when I was N. bound, and then S. bound on my return. That he was heading away from his seeming construction site was stupid enough, but twice inside of 10 minutes? Then when walking back on the last leg of the street this apartment block is on, I had a olive green with black shoulder panels coated dude in front of me, and a same color and coated dude on the other side of the street in parallel. Two color and detail matched coat wearing dudes walking the same direction on each side of the street. I don't think I have seen something so obvious before. I also got a "guitarstalking", this time an undersized model, whatever that would be called. Yesterday I also got a same guitarstalking from the seeming cycling vagrant towing a load of red PVC pipe (former street hockey net) in a trailer behind his bicycle.

And I also got a "happen by" stalking of a former work colleague when I was headed back to my place. I looked at him at the last possible moment to confirm it was him, and he "happened" to be looking at me then, and we exchanged cursory greetings without stopping. This seems to be the "new method" of having me meet up with known people of my past these days; a minimal interaction and typically a glance and aknowledged recognition, usually with heads mutually turned toward each other to catch the last possible moments of interaction. Stopping for a face to face greet in the street is too much for the perps to handle, hence most of these interactions being fairly rare. Not that I really know why they are constraining what I am doing in the first place, never mind their rationale for controlling everything I am doing. I also got my obligatory negro dude lounging around and doing his lean forward pose. This is where the shill is seated and leans forward for no fucking reason, and stays that way as if too deep in "thought" to notice their odd posture.

When outside, there were other members and props of the ongoing orchestrated freakshow (aka the Unfavored); more vagrants, loiterers, stacked plastic bins on the sidewalk, cell phoners (vagrants, suits and a young woman in brown), the plastic bag people (carrying a distinctive in the direction to the store), the Coffee Corps (brown coffee packing shills), blue mirror shaded dudes (same intersection when N. bound, and again S. bound), large gutted stalkers, the full dayglo dressed bearded garbage duty dude under the shade of the covered plywood walkway, and a few other open mouthed freaks as well. The very first gangstalker had a significant likeness to my mother, a similarity the perps made sure for me to know, and she did the characteristic gangstalker head twitch at the instant this notion was planted in mind. At least five were in brown clothes, and were "stacking themselves" by spatial placement of them in front of another. Another brown color dressed variant was the UPS uniformed dude without the UPS truck, it was not anywhere to be seen.

I cannot concieve of how much planning and deployment went into that 20 minute there-and-back episode, and what I didn't mention was the vehicular orchestration; white, silver grey, black, mid-greys, and finally the odd red colored vehicle among them. This too was arranged and timed to the subsecond, along with at least one vehicle per intersection stopping 3' past the stop line for no apparent reason, save conformity to the usual games that I see all the time.

Yesterday's walk past the fire department as I do every Tuesday and Thursday on my way and back from gym class brought a "new" departmental vehicle. It appeared to be a fueling truck, but on a 30 year old Ford truck body, the same cab design as my 1978 Ford truck I once owned. I could barely believe it, but it was parked outside for me to see, resplendent in its yellow and white livery and a red Tidy tank on the rear flatdeck. I once visited a fire department two decades ago, and they indicated that they had to keep their operational fleet less than 10 years old, otherwise the insurance companies would delist them, and everyone in the municipality would be hit with higher insurance bills. I thought the Ford truck was all too curious, and I reckon it was one of those extra obvious "mistakes" for me to ruminate over, or for me to generate some kind of sympathetic feeling for their truck cab being the same as my once owned truck. And of course the perps like to follow me with tanker trucks full of gasoline or other petroleum fuel. Perhaps this was a method to separate the color of the tank (red) from the color of the vehicle (yellow and white).

The imposed sleepytime is upon me; this is where the perps like to put me in a near sleep while seated and view the LCD display with one open, if that. This appears to be a continuation of their vision impairment games; having garden variety items seen double, as a blur, miscolored and other abnormalities of visual appearance. I don't know what they get from this, but having a full vision is too much for them to handle. That they poked one eye out of my in-town brother when he was two years old wasn't obviously enough, never mind the supposed blind gangstalkers who seem to uncommonly loiter in my proximity. I have yet to see one who was legitimately blind, as they appear to be capable of sight whenever I view their behaviors.

Dinnertime is over, and I suspect the noise activity is all about the digestion process, and the remotely applied research that it incurrs every day, as well as the color transitions. e.g. food to digestive components, whatever color they are. And I am being put on a bored spell, with no great insights as to what to do, though invariably, "something" comes up.

More reading through the plasmic and maser haze, aka distance between me and my LCD display. This time about the online book in progress, The Parallel World of Thomas Townsend Brown that has a certain commonality with the harassment assholes, extra conventional physics and gravitic manipulations from a distance. I did an earlier post on this topic here. Now onto something else that isn't too dull.

Some music listening interuptions, the perps signature being Windows "beeps" with a dialog box from Kaspersky that never happened before. Call it Windows dialog box stalking perhaps, getting a sound and a visual image in front of my face anytime they want, and there is nothing I can do about it as they have hijacked the deemed causal application. This little blatant stunt occured when reading a paper on Electromagnetics and Gravitics, so it must of been an important ev ent, timing these two together. Some overhead pounding rounded out the perps "need" to create more noise association with this kind of reading topic. Considering that they let me read one paragraph and "skim read" the rest, the fuckers have a long way to go, and will be at this a year from now IMHO.

On that foul tempered note, it is time to blog off and call this dull day done.

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