Monday, March 10, 2008

Post Weekend Ramble

A constant grinding and cutting noise is going on, ever since I stepped out of my mother's Ford Escape outside the building before lunch. There were three vehicles converging on where I was intending to cross the two lane street, and there was a red and white colored tractor unit, the tractor part of the tractor-trailer. Why are these large vehicles are parked around where I live is rather mysterious; why would they be using metered downtown parking? As always, the test is; did it happen before 04-2002, Before Overt Harassment, in any city you have lived in? The answer is no; I have never seen haulage tractor vehicles parked in my neighborhood at street stall parking locations ever, until the past year. This one was a red and white colored, and that also fits the color scheme of the current harassment games.

And there were at least four ambulatory gangstalkers who also converged on me as I entered the building. I have experienced double that number all to get out my parent's vehicle, get my pack from the rear cargo area, and cross the 30' wide street to then walk another 20' to the apartment block entrance. This 10 second long walk from vehicle to apartment lobby is of continuing intense interest to the perps, and I have been gangstalked similarly when I had my own vehicle.

Yesterday I helped out at another carpet auction, the fourth since the begining of 2008, and it pretty much follows the same lines; have me touch, lug, roll, stand in front of and otherwise attend to Persian carpets of varying colors with various other "helpers" for some 4 hours, and put up with the varying games of delays and other "fallow moments" while various masers and plasma beams flit about. I noticed the Asian helper came an hour late, repeating the later introduction of the brown skinned individuals of last time. I also had my bald and big gutted associate again, all to feature these body features in close proximity as we lugged these large and heavy carpets around. The helper that came with the carpet van decided not to do any work, but play with his Gameboy instead, and that was strangely OK with the very fussy guy that was running the operation. There is great amount of detail I could go into over being hounded (gangstalked) by brown skinned women dressed in pink and red, the four time attendee who also hung around me, the insulting (to the potential bidders) auctioneer, the tatooed thuggy boys who came to "look" and never stayed to bid, and the rest of the ongoing arranged freakshow. The only decent diversion was conference on in another building room, that being about wine making and grape growing, once a hobby of mine. And lo, if they didn't have two farm tractors outside with the other displays. Wine and grapes do figure prominently in the harassment scenario, though I am not sure exactly why, save the games that go on with provenance of produce.

I had dinner with my parents last night (Sunday) and stayed there for breakfast and did a stop at Home Depot with my mother. And lo, if there wasn't a Volvo wagon on each side of the parking stall I used. (I owned a Volvo 245 for 15 years before giving it up in 2006; there is a prominent Volvo component to the vehicular gangstalking show that surrounds me everywhere I go, driving or walking on city streets). I had my usual 500 or more vehicles arranged for me in color coordinated formations, oncoming and around me, as well as at intersections. One could double that to include the parked vehicles which appear to be also similarly arranged.

Now ongoing for close to four years, the perps prevent me from changing the time on my watch to conform with daylight savings time. At first, each time I looked at it I would make the extra hour conversion, but that ability was soon dithered, and now I "forgot" and used the hour old time in my notebook (paper journal). I am sure this "mistake" was a big deal for the perps, as they constantly manage for these situations. Other routine mind-fuck games relate to planted "misperceptions" from reading and double entendres; at least 50 of these mind-fuck jerkarounds every day. And as I type that, I got the faux coughing noise in the hallway, always outside my door, and the deemed "person" never ever getting better, having the same cough for over 10 months now. And always strategically timed to coincided with specific theme words.

Getting back to the watch setting hassles; I take my watch to the location I bought it some four years ago and have him change it for me, twice per year. And I still have to set the date as well, as the watch "somehow" skipped the leap year, something that didn't happen four years ago. That he is Asian may be part of the scripted plan, as the perps like me to have face time with brown skinned individuals, but only in small metered amounts. Invariably, blacks and East Indians get pulled off the bus in short order, but Asians seem to be OK for the perps to place them around me for the 25 minute bus trip to my parents or back. As I have said before, I have no issue with any particular race, and these perp games seem to be related to their color games, the color brown being of intense interest to them. Which is why they have me buy and eat so much chocolate, and noisestalk me each time I eat it.

I have been getting the forehead numbing torture today in good measure; it feels like one's forehead isn't there, as if it dropped out, as the are feels numb. This has been intensified of late, and it may relate to the perps games of de-energizing part of my head. They do this with my temporal lobes to create a "floaty" feeling, one of their signature harassment jerkarounds. Often, the real goal is to have me rub my head at the designated moment, as this is an important remote assay technique to which the increased number of itchy ears and face need to be relieved by scratching.

Another game that is ramping up of late is to accelerate food spoilage in my fridge, specifically the cooked chicken. Once, a whole cooked chicken lasted me three weeks, and now it is closer to two, and getting shorter now (incremental pilfering) that they have caused earlier onset of food spoilage. This seems to be about arranging the right things in my garbage; the chicken meat, and packaging from the various ingredients that I use in combination with chopped chicken meat to make the one and only dish that I am allowed to eat for lunch and dinner; tortillas. Just another front on doing war with the assholes. And no, I am not eating any more quantities than I once did; the perps seem to have a method to accelerate consumption of food or other supplies without me knowing if it happened or not. They now have the capability to defeat my recall as to quantities of items on hand and to notice if something has been removed.

I came to know of a new perp mind-fuck stunt tonight; they can now manipulate individual letters of words while I am reading. They had one alphabetic letter wiggle and distort as I was reading it on mid-LCD display. And I am quite sure it wasn't the display they were manipulating but the actual visual neural energies of seeing that particular letter. In the past few months they have been doing this for 2" to 5" patches of what I would see, say, the ceiling, causing it to appear to buckle and distort and then "snap back" into normal visual appearance. All these new ways to perturb someone's mind, and I was never anyone who could dream this up. My ability to write fiction is zero; I have no concept of inventing things and creating new worlds, largely out of limitations owing to applied irradiations IMHO, detected in school-wide tests in 1960 and 1962 which documented learning disabilities.

More music and video listening, replete with the glitchy video games that is the new "norm".

Time to call this day done, and ponder how many hours I am going to be kept up until sleep is allowed.

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