Monday, March 03, 2008

Not Yet Halloween

I had a new member of the freakshow tail me today; a male Arab act with flowing black colored gown and a white head dress that hung down to his mid back. This is totally new, seeing anyone whatsoever in traditional Arab garb in this city. (Recent blog postings by other TI's have noted the an increase in black and white exposures). This was in the LD store with my mother who duly pulled a stalling action to have me look behind and see this fugly creature tailing me, and the fucker kept it up for the length of the store and another 10' after a 90 degree turn. The feint/shopping objective was to get a new universal remote control, and after having the "manager" (seen before gangstalker act), a Caucasian male in white shirt and black pants hover about, and then another seeming male staff member "advise" us on the better one. (Never had I service like this in LD before). As it "so happened" there was one of those ubiquitious stocking carts with brown boxes that "happened" to be in front of the remote control display, and the second male later removed so so I could stand over where the stocking cart was. My mother asked enough dumbshit questions to protract the exercise, and then it was onto the back of the store to get a medication at the pharmacy, and lo, this is where the Arab act "erupted". The perps managed my "reaction" to be a significant visceral one, another lifetime first. I repeat, I have never, ever, had such a reaction to seeing Arabs in traditional garb ever, so this reaction was not my own. Then behind us at the line for the Rx, was another dude/freak in a navy blue touque with some kind of welts and wounds on his face staring at me in readiness for me to look at him, likely a stunt to have his blood close to his skin surface. (I noticed my father had facial wounds yesterday, and I wonder if it was him morphed over; the furious stare is his trade mark). And all this to calibrate me and my blood/body contents, as I later found another post-shaving "pore bleed", (not a razor nick) on my right lip area that could of been there at the time.

I also noticed for the first time that the LD store has "shopping totes"; plastic shopping baskets on wheels with a handle to pull them along. The basket is blue plastic and the wheels and handle are black plastic. This surely has to be a "development" of the perps and their ongoing obsession with plastics of various kinds, and the energetic interaction with humans, me especially, and the flooring substances of concrete and linoleum and the cleaning agents that are used. I cannot count the number of luggage totes and steel hamper baskets that regularly sweep ahead of me on the streets, and this looks to be an in-store specialization of this particular research method. About three years ago, one often frequented supermarket had new linoleum laid down, likely in my honor, and it had many differing colors and sinuous shapes to its design. Then the employees would drag plastic wrapped foods along in my proximity. Not my problem, so why am I getting harassed over it?

A busy day yesterday with no posting, and then I stayed at my parent's place afterward. Between the events there was a First Feral Family dinner at my in-town brother's place, and he "guided" me to consider taking the bus direct from the carpet auction I was helping at in a distant suburb (Langford) to his place. That way, my backpack with all my overnight stay things could make a trip to the carpet action (via bus) then to my brother's place (voa bus) for dinner, and then onto my parent's place (driving them) as I do the nightime driving for them.

I had my usual freakshow on the bus yesterday, and the strange dudes who get off after two stops, this for a longer distance route. I got a few stares at me for no reason, even if the perps are weirder looking than me for the most part. Any local would know not to get the Langford bus if it was in an in-town destination, but oddly, this never seems to happen. The gangstalkers have a specific time allocation to be seated around me and then they get the hook. I also had my "plastic bag person", the faux vagrant hauling a filled plastic bag onto the bus, and orange colored one this time. I had my Man in Grey (MIG) with white hair opposite me for three stops before he mysteriously got off. Later, I had my brown clothing wearing dudes, now in two shades of brown, and lo, if they weren't doing plenty of pointing outside to nothing much, and posing with a side profile view of their face. The perps like me to get these reduced facial poses for some reason, and then give me a full face look at the fucker later. I got my blonde gangstalker after I got off the bus, walking down this road with no sidewalk, making herself obvious.

The the two men who run the carpet auction came to greet me outside, as if I was some long lost "friend", as I was a repeat helper. This time the perps put on two Asian "helpers" with me, and one more dude with a mega gut which the perps made sure I later had a look at even if I didn't want to. One Asian was already there when I arrived early, and another followed about 10 minutes later. The second Asian arrived to help, and yet the auction manager seemed to know who he was, with an abnormally low key greeting. There was plenty of later exposure to being between the Asians, behind them in various spatial combinations and permutations, not to mention tight on my heels at times. They seemed to know exactly where to position themselves for upcoming reversals of position, which way to pull the carpet aside to roll it up, and the rest of the seeming choreography.

The auction was the same sad sack event as a month ago; not many bidders and and fire sale prices for what the auctioneer was looking for. Most of the carpets were the same as last time, and one addition was a half finished carpet, the backing being in place, but no pile on half of it. The carpets are displayed in front of bright halogen lights and I am sure this is a big attraction for the perps for color test games as I would be standing behind it, holding it up, along with the rest of the helpers. The auctioneer paraded back and forth in front of the carpet, he in his suit after changing up from his red shirt, jeans and leather jacket. There was a lunch break beforehand, and lo, if I didn't have my skateboarding dude/gangstalker "happen" to come by wearing the same color of clothing as I was, and then he tailed me over the railroad tracks and the rough area to get to the stores in my search for lunch.

My lunch was unsalted cashews, a nut the perps have long liked me to eat, and so it was, along with some purchased mineral water. While at this grocery store the perps put on the gangstalkers, and lo, if a negro didn't arrive behind me at a checkout. Negros might be 1% of the population in this town, but I have never seen one in the suburbs of Langford before, and here he was. Langford was once the hick suburbs of Victoria, but is near gentrified now with the intense development of the past decade. (They have a 48 hour turnaround time on house building permits apparently). And lo, if I didn't score some inexpensive chocolate at this grocery store, and later put that in my backpack to carry around along with my usual overnight stay belongings.

Anyhow, the auction was all over at 1600h, and I caught a bus to then transfer to another. The bus was near full which was a total crock as it was Sunday, and there really isn't many bus travellers then. I got a seat that faced rearward after the woman opposite took her feet off it. And the Asian dude beside her had his runners off and was in his white socks just to add to the bizarreness. Once I got off at my transfer point I had a few more dudes "happening" to be taking the bus at the same overpass stop, and it was a prime opportunity for the perps to pass masses of color coordinated vehicular traffic past me, most of it turning left in the two lanes.

One blonde woman was on the ambulatory gangstalking beat, and walked to the opposite side of the road from where the bus was to come. And lo, if she hadn't "somehow" recrossed the road and "happened" to be at the next stop and sit in front of me. Also at this same stop was someone in an orange hoodie that "somehow" came from the first bus without getting off and then "arrived" at a later busstop for the second bus. This grey skinned weird was so unmistakable that the perps must of wanted me to know that this teleporting fucker was on my case yet again.

When off the second bus I had two "fellow travellers" also got off, and I walked to my brother's place where there was another surge of color coordinated vehicular traffic, including one tractor unit that encircled me. Imagine, taking a tractor unit for a Sunday gangstalking drive. The usual First Feral Family banter ensued, and my brother's on/off native Indian girlfriend arrived later to fill out the party. I swear she is only there for brown skin color comparison games, as there doesn't seem to be any great affection for her on my brother's part.

This has been an afternoon of sunlight ambient lighting level games; darkening down the sky and brightening up the off-white tower that I see 120' away. The vacuum cleaning games have also erupted as I am typing. Earlier, an overhead slamming noise with a zapping, or at least I think so, as the perps had me yelling about it before allowing me to know how bad it was. Another first; complaining about a physical assault without having felt it yet. Only in perpland does this get to be important. And my voice was tuned to be extra loud, as normally they suck the air out of me to govern down my "vocalizations", (read, mind controlled "response").

And the First Feral Family got to see 60 Minutes last night, and lo, if it wasn't about the Active Denial System, a method of targeting individuals up to a half mile away to cook them in their skin until they run out of the beam. Even holding a mattress in front of one did not offer much escape, it only took an extra five seconds or so. It was all too genteel, these demontrations for television, as one could create total mayhem among a crowd, and target one person at extra length no matter where they went. None of that of course, and it was all very familiar to me, having been pounded with targeted head pain for 9 months in 2002 by some means that was evadable for a few seconds at a time. I wonder what the perps' purpose was in seeing that technology that they have long used and denied until recently.

I was also treated to the "help brother on the PC" again; he is a luddite when it comes to PC's, and his supposed girlfriend bought it for him about three months ago. I suspect this was to have me, him, and his native Indian girlfriend all look at the same website under the guise of "helping" him to make a decision about purchasing some custom furniture online. The real reason being to calibrate each of us on the same colors on the LCD display, green and light brown in this case. The perps have been making bolder attempts to place brown colors around me of late, and will even mass three light metallic tan brown vehicles togehter sometimes. Regular readers will know all about how this is a confounding color for the perps, as they have being beserk over it for nearly six years. Check the Essential Introductory Postings to the right for a reference to the brown color problem they seem to have, all of their making going way back into my developmental years and their abuses of the day.

I also noted that my brother bought a used guitar for which he showed us and then strummed the strings while on our way out of his house last night. He doesn't play any instruments, and he has virtually no music in the house, and is still on vinyl records without having made the transition to CD's even. I take this to be another case of "guitarstalking", a common perp prop for their "coincidence games".

More browser crashes, all over accessing I can usually count on the PC to hang after attempting to access this site. And I can count on extra noisestalking while I yell at the assholes for doing this. It is so repeatable that it must mean I am not to go there. Who would be deliberately keeping me from this site and does it have any relationship to my interests and current state of governance?

My hallway voice noise has arrived outside my door; the male jocularity banter, still a noise that the perps wish me to hear, now at this post-dinner digestion juncture. As this is leftovers from lunch, much the same digestive processes take place, the major difference for the perps being the ambient light level, now getting dark. Regular readers will know that the perps are often increasing the stunts, aka "research" at dusk onset. I have not yet figured out what their problem is, but I suspect it relates to color rendition and response going by the long distance vehicular gangstalking games of long ago. One was to have blood red colored vehicles surrounding me while on the highway at this time in the last year of vehicle ownership, ending 06-2006.

Food smells are being applied in a near indetectable manner over the pas few hours. This seems to be another neural stimulating activity, and has some important differences than the faked body ordor and fart smells the assholes typically jam up my nose. Such is experimentation of human subjects. Not all harassment games are as easy on the senses, and even the ambulatory gangstalking freakshow has its downside; easily 50 freaks to one attractive blonde shill/gangstalker.

It is siren time after reviewing my MC site; so little email of late, and not even spam. It is all to strange, especially when the lastmost correspondents "drop out" without confirmation. I don't know if it is blocking or just a managed lull. Or am I too "hot" for TI's even? One never knows what the reality is, and then there are versions of that: conventional (physical) reality, the consensus reality, and the apparent reality.

I finished off the garden maintenance at my parent's place first thing after breakfast, and before we set off to the LD store, per above mentioned "events". This was the third go-round at the pruning, and I managed to finish the job. Only the yellow handled lopers could be found. I have used wood handled, red handled and now yellow handled lopers for this task, and can only assume all this is of vital importance to the perps. I also used leather gloves for the first time on this job, and lo, if they didn't take on a uncharacteristic squeaking sound as I operated the lopers. Each time I cut a branch stem, the gloves would squeak. Another never before experience. I suppose all this activity was of some benefit for the resultant games in the LD store and the full-on vehicular gangstalking in getting there. They put an obnoxious bright red vehicle on my tail for the latter half of the journey, a first for this color to have such an extended vehicular exposure. They haven't done this for yellow yet, and that seems to be at least a year away before they figure that one one out.

Time to blog off, and call this day done.

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