Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Sunny Shut-in Day

Shut-in so far, as Saturdays are the dog days in my regimen of containment. The perps sometimes let me out for buying a newspaper and some grocery shopping, but of late, most of the latter is accomplished on Thursday when walking back from gym class. (And getting the usual extra ambulatory gangstalkers swarming around me, especially if I purchase a new product). There has been a big run up of noise since lunch and now it has receded. Perhaps they need me to blog some, and then have residual "blogging aura" around me when I go outside. I have noticed more of these tightly timed events, where an online routine, say reading a category of blogs, immediately precedes me heading out to gym or perhaps an unexpected family call. Other variations of this are having me correspond with a specific person via email, and having me finish up and sending it before I head outside. This happened three times in one day, the same correspondent who is infrequent, but then who suddenly begins replying in fast turnaround mode for that day, and then isn't heard from in many weeks. Again, the timely closure of a common online event precedes going out into the gangstalking world, that being public places of every description.

Other more unusual games of late are planting obsessive-like notions in mind, sometimes over 24 hours in advance of a trivial event, and then pouring on the noisestalking while I attend to the event, often of a routine nature. Certain smells or messes created by the perps, but nothing too significant, are played in mind for hours, or even days before I (read, mind-controlled me) attends to them. I am not obseessive, and yet these trivialities are being planted into thought all day long sometimes, another "never before" behavior. I don't know quite what the agenda is, but the perps appear to be looking for more energetic information associated with an event, past or future, and therefore plant it in mind, or sometimes in my dreams in some kind of correlative exercise.

Any of the regular blogs I visit are often extra noisestalked the moment I click on their bookmarked URL or description, and often the extra noise flurries will continue as I read about their thoughts and travails, especially if I make some comparisons in my mind as to if this is a perp instignated event in their lives. With my radically altered perspective on what is controlled or not, especially after seeing all manner of action at a distance stunts being played on me, I usually make these mental comparisons that anyone else would, comparing them to my own experiences. Of course mine are quite different than they used to be, as being harassed over what I see, hear, think and do 24x7 gives one a new darker perspective on concepts such as "coincidence", "luck", "good fortune", "accident", "happenchance", and the like. Even my forced keystroke "mistakes" are invariably arranged to incorporate letters and phrases from the next few intended words, or else a new and unplanned word is substituted if phonetically similar.

Just when I was readying myself for a blue funk all afternoon, the "urge" to get a newspaper and chocolate came upon me and so I went out to the local supermarket, all of 3 minutes away. I even was treated to some spectacularly stupid driving; the man in the beret, (current vogue gangstalker hat), in the white pickup as the lead vehicle in the only lane did not respond to the green traffic control for at least 30 seconds, and no one behind him complained via the horn. Unbelievable that he could "space out" and not be reminded to progress forward in the busy vehicle traffic. Anyhow, I got my items at the grocery store with my gangstalking swarms set up in advance of where I intended to go, and then got out of there after the parade of goofs swept the exit door. Outside, there were a couple in red anoraks, and lo, if I didn't know him from my Ministry of Forests working days prior to 1999, and I thought I was going to get by without saying hello and all the "how are you doing?" bullshit, but no, he "somehow" spotted me looking at the back of my head from 15' away and called out my name to then have me turn 180 around. Like I say, all moves are planned for maximal fuckery for the perps.

To make a long story short, this was an orchestrated situation, and as he was working where I used to work, I told him all about my days of building databases for the forest sample plots that were designed for tree growth information. (The same sample plots and trees are revisited for measurements every 10 years or so). That was the pretense to contain me outside the the silver-grey painted grocery store with groceries beside me for some 25 minutes while the freakshow parade passed back and forth, as well as the vehicular gangstalking some 40' further. Anyhow, as I don't have a choice in these matters, I got to do much of the talking, mainly history of my days there, and he intimated that my long ago database work might have been resurrected and is currently being utilized. But of course the perps could not let me know that for sure, as the history of my work there was that no one assumed it, even if it was of vital importance as I had been told for the previous six years. And it seems all my pals that are left will be retiring in a year, and much more of the knowledge base will slip out the door.

As he and his wife were dressed in red anoraks, (same color red), and they sat 90 degrees offset, I can only assume this was an extended color and teflon (PFOA pollutant source found in polar bears even) testing arrangement. Anyhow, he did ask how I was and I gave him a very brief description of my existence, and once that was over he talked shop (forestry) with me, though it probably had more bearing on someone else we mutually know who is employed and dealing with the data. For his part, he told me about some of the director's games that got him an (extra) early retirement. I don't think I told him anything new, as he probably went to a rehearsal over all what "I" (per collective mind-controlled sense) had to say. It was then, and still remains, mighty curious that I and my system development colleagues expended six years to get the database fully built and referenced with much of the "tribal knowledge" of the business as possible, and then the business users sat on their hands for 1.5 years, refusing to use it. My systems development colleague said that I "took away all the excuses", and yet the users balked at making any effort to implement the database they said they needed. The director didn't go to bat for me for all his earlier support. Today's conversation has created a new round of internal dialog as to what really is transpiring related to my past efforts, which is probably the perp agenda. Little did I know that the perps were sitting behind all these players and jerking me around over the database development work, and then directed some kind of effort to make it all seem like a sham. I often wondered how the intended database users always seemed to find the one item I had left undone with such regularity. Then once resolved, they didn't give a shit as it wasn't important. Now I know, the entire episode was scripted and they were advised and rehearsed on what to say, their objections being scripted. Anyhow, it is a long and involved story and in some ways I feel exonerated as my puppet masters would of been well placed to advise my database user community about the real state of progress and technical accomplishment more than I could. Very interesting, these orchestrated "don't show up" games that passed for the business climate I was immersed in, while having me kept like a hampster in a treadmill as to the proclaimed urgency of it all. The joys of going over old ground with a new perspective, one where a script has been written, and all the players of the day, save me, had been rehearsed.

Back to reality, the overhead pounding has started up while typing the above paragraph, so it is time to end it for now by having dinner, a seeming problem for them to deal with for whatever energetic reasons.

More troving over web sites I have visited before, and as always, the ongoing selectively applied cognitive impairment games, substituting a different meaning of words that I know, and then noisestalking me at the exact moment I detect the error. This looks to be another evening of listening to the street whistling and shouting, a method to have me listen to human voice which activates more neural activity than non-mimicing mechanical noise.

Here is an episode from a person who isn't a TI it would seem, but appears to be targetted, having a sole other standing bus passenger keep moving toward them, "inadvertently" (my interpretation per above mentioned perspective), jabbing them with an object in a shopping bag. I personally haven't experienced anything so bold, likely because they know I would go orbital. It makes one wonder how many others are covertly assigned to this grand experiment that I am informed of by way of overt harassment. It is normal for anyone in these dire circumstances to read more than most into "random" events, but when one realizes the totality of the perps' efforts devoted to me, then the magnitude of other initiatives could be just as substantial. Interesting, how paths cross, and the degree of freedom that maybe imposed.

Music while typing; surely another neural depth plumbing effort from a remote location somewhere. Time to call this blog done for the day and post it. A short post tomrrow, carpet auction time again.

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