Thursday, March 27, 2008

Brown for Down

This being Thursday, it is yoga at 1130h and gym later than 1430h, and this is the hour break between the two.

The title refers to the fact that the perps had me covered for the color brown when going down in the elevator. An Asian man with his navy blue tubular framed like folding chair was in place when the elevator came. Two floors down the large gutted manager gets on with a grey plastic bin on wheels full of pizza boxes (brown cardboard). He goes one floor down and gets off and a navy blue coated Asian woman gets on in his place. Once the elevator arrived at the first floor I was "pig in the middle" between the two elevator Asians heading out the door. Regular readers will know that the perps' brown color obsession extends to skin tones, and they have even tested me out on brown skinned Caucasians and bleach white Asians. The all time ludicrous event was putting on adult Asian twin males, one dressed in light blue, and the other dressed in a mid brown color, identically tailored garments, walking in file when I was hiking in 2004 through 2006.

Once outside of my apartment and headed to yoga, at the first intersection (only 100' away) there was the navy blue coated bag lady act pushing a shopping cart, and "attempting" to get it up the 1" rise in the curb ramp, creating a pinch point on the sidewalk. Then Mr. Operative comes sweeping toward me and through this 3' space, and with the bag lady still "struggling" with her shopping cart, I had no other place to go but to pass through this pinch point that had already been swept.

Then another shopping cart act after I turned 90 degrees to head to yoga, about 80' away, the bearded wonder in the ball cap and shades pushing a blue plastic constructed shopping cart with a large plastic bag collection on board. Then other feints and dodges before I got to the church where the yoga class is, and lo, if there wasn't four white vehicles parked in file in the street parking stalls outside. Just the usual. And when I got out, a white and green commercial laundry delivery van parked in the driveway 10' outside the exit doors, sitting there for no apparent business reason. (And nearly identical to a recent past situation where the dude was sitting in his running vehicle in the very same location for no reason whatsoever)

At yoga there was the check-in and I mentioned the film and film script activity of this week, all to peals of feigned "wonderfulness" among the class. It was fucking absurd, and it isn't the first time a positive event gets an overly rapturous reception. Anyhow, that was over with and then the first thing we do in yoga is move our mats 90 degrees to have our backs on the floor and feet up on the chairs that lined the room. These were with brown colored vinyl seats and wooden legs and frame. I was truly browned again as the adjacent (3') grand piano has a brown canvas dust cover.

Then the yoga instruction began in earnest for a few minutes before the instructor decided to relocate herself to the opposite end of the room, and mentioning to me that I needed to turn around on my mat. So I did, and it seemed that everyone else knew it was coming and did not need to relocate or reorient themselves on their mats. The interesting thing was that the person who caused the instructor to not see them, and the seeming need for her to relocate her mat, was advised over three weeks ago that the instructor didn't want her to locate her mat there. I think she tried this again the next week and was also rebuffed. So she tries it two weeks later and the instructor doesn't say anything, and instead moves herself across the room, dragging her bright pink mat behind her. I have noted extensive mat moving in the past, and this wasn't too exceptional. The instructor relocating her mat put this woman who was formerly in front of me to behind me for the rest of the class. Obviously the perps needed some in-class re-orientation for whatever reason; I suspect this woman is someone whom I know, as she has been given a lot of attention in the yoga class of late.

Yesterday I "happened" to be reading about yoga mats and their recyclability, to find that they have extensive PVC content as well as phlalate content, both of which the perps have identified as pollutants that are giving them a whole lot of "problems" in being able to read me from afar. Not that I care any, how about leaving me out of it; why does a covert agency concern itself over such pollutants residing in me and yet lack the gumption to face me in person?

As usual, there won't be any answer to that while they keep up the brown stalking, bread stalking, wood stalking and the rest of the nutters and feints.

I am getting the sleepies, the barely aware state with minimal engagement. Hopefully this blogging spell will bring me to, rather than having a nap. I did my gym class in the afternoon; a five freak showing and a couple of normals. It was the disgusting bald headed act that was mostly featuring itself; it was there every time I looked around, there he was. And Fatboy accompanied me for the last block of my walk when headed to the gym, getting ahead of me by 10' when inside and in lead-ahead gangstalk mode, all the way into the change room where he keeps his clothes in a white plastic bag. I haven't seen anything quite so gauche, but there is always a first time.

The instructor made sure to "mix up" his vinyl workout ball with mine at one point, a cute trick that. The seedy Ethnic Gut dude was beside me in the floor exercise room today, normally they keep him about 10' away with at least two intervening class members. The usual 500 to 1,000 mobile gangstalking vehicles in formation while I was walking to the gym and back. The navy blue and mid-blue colors were highly favored today in the vehicular gangstalking formations as I had a mid-blue shirt on with a navy blue jacket. Just too exciting for the mental cretins that continue to hound me all the time.

I got another bait and switch stunt when walking back; the blonde (Favored) in a black puffy jacket about 20' in front of me, was walking toward me, and then about 6' from the right side a negro dude (Unfavored) "happens" to arrive and crosses in front of the visual line I had on the blonde. He wasn't the only negro on gangstalking duty today, there were at least two others. One was with a Caucasian dude, side by side and coming toward me at the doors to the gym, and then they turned 90 degrees 5' in front of me to head into a side door, a common dodge/stunt they arranged when the expansion was completed in 2005.

The upgrade to the OB Recreation Center was begun about the time the perps decided this was going to be a long term harassment project in 2003. After the illegal incarceration in the hospital for five months where the all the fucking "patients" were on gangstalking duty, and the rest of the nightmare goings on, the perps must of figured out that this assault and criminal harassment was going to be a long term exercise, and then the OB Recreation Center was given a big expansion. As the perps expect some kind of gains to be had in having me work out, they decided that I was to be doing gym work and that gym was upgraded. I had already been working out for over two decades in swim clubs, and aerobics in the two years prior to the harassment onset, so it is a big part of the entire fuckery operation.

Other onstreet stunts and appearances was a "workman" with his PVC white bucket with a 12" band of coated in tar on it in lead-ahead gangstalking mode, 12' ahead for about 20', and then he went to the base of a telephone pole and slammed some black PVC pipe sections into the pole. Like who in the fuck would do that, as he slammed them all the way into the pole at and angle. I assume this was more PVC testing, stressing it (by hammering on it), while also getting a reading through the telephone pole. Fucking bizarre to say the least. And the ashphalt/tar on the white bucket act was likely to emulate PVC pipe in the ground, underneath the asphalt pavement, like the recent street work projects that can be seen in past photo images.
When viewing myself in the exercise room mirrors the plasma coming off me was so thick that I could of sworn it was a fog. It was an energized cloud of much greater clarity than some two months ago; the other class members/gangstalkers were less fogged. The perps also treated me to some new plasma displays while in there, different from the myriad straight line beams I get all the time, though there was plenty of them too, emulating the brick red 30' long 4" baseboard vinyl in three differing projections. The new plasma display was a bright pink spatter of plasma 1" dots corralled as if in the bottom of a window, 12" x 12". Why they treated me to this I don't know, but it was on the spectacular side up in the rafters of the room.

On my way back from the gym I stopped in at the local supermarket and had my posse of gangstalkers around me; one Asian woman doing a bend-over at the chocolate section was a little over the top, but she was not alone as the near ubiquitous stocking cart was beside her with a Caucasian "staff" (gangstalking) dude and the prerequisite stack of brown cardboard boxes. Brown on brown again, and not too different from the elevator ride mentioned above.

I had a threesome granny swarm at the doorway of the supermarket when heading out; less than the swarm of about five or more at the same location and circumstances as the last time. There were eight of them ringed around me on the main floor of the apartment once I got back with my groceries. One pair was on plastic bag duty, having two large garbage bags of tin cans and coming from the elevator. Time to cease wearing these bright blue shirts it seems as it attracts all this unneeded attention and stunts in public.

I also got a staring when walking past a bus shelter; the act didn't look too convincing from afar, and as I passed by I cased out the dude, and there he was staring at me with his mouth hanging open, the guppy pose. It is fucking bizarre that there are assholes who have me lined up for me to then look at them. Another freak enroute was a very large woman who was at the hospital (2003 incarceration) when I was, just standing on the sidewalk in shorts, doing squat/looking stupid. This was within 6' of the location where a fucker crouched down over the sidewalk two days ago, also having no cover story for loitering there. Anyhow, neither of us seemed to want to say hello, so I passed by this woman without looking much at her. Past setups have taught me that I don't have a lot of choice as to where I direct my attention, and if there was a greeting scripted my attention would of been directed so it would be impossible not to engage in pleasantries. This is the second such hospital (2003) gangstalker that has "shown up" in the last month, the negro dude named "Kenny Boy" long before the nickname was publically known for Ken Lay of Enron notoriety, put in two showings in the same vicinity, the last in his ridiculous burgundy beret, and not having aged a minute from the last time I saw him five years ago. Same for this large woman, she really hadn't aged either.

I also am getting a regular shift of gangstalkers that "show up" in nearly the same location each Tuesday and Thursday when walking to or back from the gym. The putative explanation is that they have regular commitments at the same time as I do, and "happen" to be walking or cycling to them. Not a one of them has a story that holds water, as there really isn't much they could be headed to E. bound, and it isn't very likely that they have downtown work commitments at about 1415h W. bound. This crew of "regulars" has expanded from one to three over the past month, and this week appears to have increased again by at least another two, making five in total. More bizarre games, having these regular "commuters" cum gangstalkers.

Onto some science, or as good as I am going to get under the present information constraints I live under. Here is a piece by Charles Tart on auras, and detecting them when the person is not visible but their aura is. Needless to say, this is a huge part of the gangstalking, having partially revealing themselves, so their aura would be more visible than they are. Which is about 90% of my father's gangstalking when I visit the First Feral Family, usually on Sundays. And he loiters in the doorways to rooms, so I see his shadow before he comes through the door. This is the same fucker who sold me into this fucking outrage from birth, and here he is gangstalking me under the cover of his dementia act. Fucking stupid, and scurilous. A selected quote from the above link;
Now we know that there is a physical aura. For instance, a person is sweating: this means that there are a variety of organic molecules mixed with water vapour in the immediate vicinity of his body. A person is usually warm with respect to his surroundings, so there are thermal gradients and resultant air currents in the air immediately around him. Thermal (infrared) energy is being radiated from the body. There is an electrostatic field around a person, and electrical ion fields (ionized particles and gases) surround him. Electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) in the microwave region of the spectrum is emitted at a low level, (note 5) as well as low frequency electromagnetic radiation of up to one hundred kilocycles being generated by muscle action and possibly radiated (Volkers, 1960). At any given time, any or all of these possible "auras" may exist in a complex mixture around a person's body.
I hadn't quite encountered a scientist declaring that there is a human aura with such certainty, but here it is, though I have yet to find if he has some photographic evidence.

Some overhead sourced pounding with simultaneous zapping while reading about auras. Like I say, everything I do, think or say is noisestalked, all to analyze deep neural bioenergetics, taking it one step further than bioelectromagnetic dynamics.

I cleaned up the Favored and Unfavored posting, as it had grammatical errors in it as I came to appreciate when I got sucked into printing it in anticipation for extra material for the film script. As it happened, the film script went twice as long and there was no way this posting was needed. The "need" seemed to be that the perps wanted me to pack around some extra paper that wasn't read, save once, to compare to the script paper that I read countless times. And of note, the film director did not want to add any of the gangstalking still photos into the film, a reversal of her stated interest. Anyhow, the filming and prior script development went reasonably well, and could of been hacked and sabotaged into a nightmare scene if they so wanted.

Time to call this day done and blog off. I don't know if anyone is using the labels feature to keep up the activity, as the list is getting longer than I can manage.

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