Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gym Swarms and Other Freakish Public Behavior

A late day start to blogging for reasons my mind-keepers only know. This dusk onset time is approaching and they go silly then, and like me to be occupied in an more engaging task such as typing this blog posting.

I am back from a gym class trip and a stop-by shop at the local grocery store. As always, I had my 500 to 1,000 gangstalking vehicles coursing about in color coordinated formations, and then the ambulatory gangstalkers on the street and in the gym. My two class members who are full freaks from the Unfavored were upon me, always managing "somehow" to be in my vision whenever I looked up. Both now have fully shaved heads to be doubly disgusting, and also loiter in my presence. My single aim is to not look at them, but "somehow" I "forget", I look up, and there they are. There were plenty of other ambulatory "thuggy buddies" loitering around, and at one point, five males were hanging around me looking elsewhere,but not doing anything. Part of the deal is to keep hounding me and disrupting all my free weight and exercise machine routines. I got 11 minutes on the treadmill, and lo, if one of the yellow shirted "thuggy buddies" hadn't relocated himself two machines over, hiding behind a woman beside me. The treadmills look outside to the street, and there were countless shills and operatives parading around in red shirts, and some as couples, one in red and the other in green. And more hand holding bullshit too; this is getting absurd, and sometimes it is so incongrous as to be funny. One gangstalker smelled exactly like the carpet auctioneer I helped two days ago. Other Unfavored freaks at the gym were a negro hanging about and a major fat boy in black garb as a new class member who got the personal trainer treatment from the ever nice and nice to look at, Ms. L. This would fit the format of the Unfavored (fat boy) accompanying the Favored (attractive woman) to be in their "auric glow" or whatever is the reason the perps use to put these folks together for their benefit.

Call it a regular Tuesday event, as the perps had me "noise groomed" all morning with incessant jackhammering, chainsaws, backup beepers, high pitch whine, sirens and the rest of it. Then when I step out my apartment to head to gym at 1350h, they are all over me. There was nothing too unusual from my perspective as the same orchestrated swarms were everywhere, and more on the street "walking". One semi-vagrant male was putting on a pathetic jogging show, eventually running ahead of me, as the perps don't usually put on their gangstalkers on my tail to walk as fast as I do.

And I am always amazed as to how much I can leave out about my circumstances and the respondent (shill or operative) seems to know what I am talking about. On my way back from gym I stopped at the heavily gangstalked grocery store, and lo, if one of my 10 year ago swimming team buddies didn't "happen" to find me and say hello and ask how things were going. (He was the dude who swam in my lane that kept running me into the lane ropes despite my complaints, and quit government work to go "consulting" in the telltale year absence). I said to him that things were going as well as the last time we met, which was a cryptic reference to the fact that it was fleeting and we didn't really talk about anything. As this was beside the dairy case, I was looking for the goats milk, that ended up being my stated goal as more gangstalkers arrived around me. Then I walked off, and he didn't say anything except to follow me to the next area of the store I needed to go, which was heavily gangstalked as well. Anyhow, the upshot is that no one seeks to find out a real answer whenever there is an oblique reference that either I, or they, make. It is most weird they aren't keeping up the pretence to be engaged.

I see my updated version of my story has made it online in some fashion; I don't know how that happened as I only supplied it to the web manager some three times who never updated it and never replied, and yet the file has now been found online. I won't get into this in detail, but it furthers the notion that there is more going on in my circumstances than I control or direct. Not that I mind, and am in fact grateful that this was made web accessible. (Indirectly, it is here). The 35+pp. document is in a doc format, and I recall when typing it up that I got totally screwed around in attempting to put intermal links in it so one could conveniently navigate from the table of contents. Anyhow, it is no big deal and provides a more current perspective (to 2005) on how all this harassment has unfolded. And for the record, I do not getting anyone asking me how I am doing if they had read my earlier 2003 version on MCForums.

More incessant loud mufflered vehicles each time I remove my fingers that were blocking the noise before. A never ending train of obnoxious noise, and the perps know exactly which and at what volume, and blocking the sound out. The hearing protection is always defeated, and may be arranged to have more noise in them, and at my ears, than is occuring outside. No relief as far as noise goes, the second most predictable event for neural research gains after pissing me off, say, typing sabotage as I write this.

An all-quiet order went out to limit the noise, save the overhead pounding with a zapping to piss me off, and have me yell at the assholes yet again, and it occured exactly at the moment I read the word "psions" at this link, The Perversity of Physics, by Arthur Koestler. I cannot say I understand the physics owing to certain learning disabilities, but am able to get further with this piece than so many other articles on physics. The author has an interesting title to his book, The Roots of Coincidence. Given that the perps expend no limit in arranging coincidences around me, even down to individual words that "come to mind" for no reason, and then "happen" to be mentioned by someone I know a day or two later, this should be something that I will attempt to procure. Obviously this is a very key topic, given that I got the pounding noise with a zapping while encountering it. It is time to read something less controversial so not to elict yet more abusive juvenility.

A slow evening looking for a quality sweater online at firesale prices; the shopping bots have got Google hogtied when it comes to clothing keywords. Some shopping bots are so organized that they appear to be a store until one digs into the individual item only to find multiple vendors. I have also been getting some orange and red flashes across my LCD display.

Time to blog off and call this day done. If the weather looks good I will be digging my parent's garden over. My working boots are kept there now that the danger of snow storms is over, and it seems to suit the perp's needs to have my soil contacting footwear there. Yesterday, when I came in from the garden into the garage after finishing up on the pruning, and while changing out of my boots, the perps flashed a yellow plasma splatter in my central vision for some 30 to 60 seconds. It could of been the lighting condition change that stirred this annoyance, or it might of been the footwear changeover. The day before on the strangely packed bus (Sunday), there was an Asian in his white socks with his runners taken off.

Anyhow, time to blog off and post it.

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