Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PC Crashing Games

About the most predictable perp move is that they piss me off, and get me ranting over yet another mind-fuck or other incursion. And, it takes place at very specific events where they have a long standing interest, entering buildings or my apartment, handling brown colored food, and when on the PC. In the latter case, they are increasing the number of browser crashes and then jerk me around in attempting to recover, and is always scripted to get me ranting and swearing at them while I deal with this string of managed and dynamically applied adversity. All for playing Window opening games; dialog boxes, full screen boxes, mid sized boxes and the rest of it. Then they take the browser down again when it gets opened. Often a specific site will be sabotaged for a few days, and then they let me in, as if doing some kind of incremental display and mouse action testing. Just like anything else, they like to break it up into smaller segments. A phone call will get interupted, and then it gets resumed with another call; this happens on the TI conference calls quite often.

I got a phone call for another carpet auction arrangement for Sunday, four days from now. I went out to get a bus pass and lo, if there wasn't another gangstalking swarm in place, along with recent "street improvements". This time, there was a trail of dayglo fuschia painted marks on the sidewalk, presumably surveyor's markings. And lo, when I got to this office, why a native Indian wearing the identical dayglo colored pants and a navy blue jacket was loitering outside. There was also an East Indian sitting on the concrete beside him. Call them the "brown (skin) brothers", a dual ethnic test on brown skin color along with that of the concrete sidewalk.

Halfway to this office for a bus pass there a traffic accident was staged between a yellow cab and a black pickup truck parked in a through lane, but parked anyway to "resolve" their problem. And lo, if it wasn't between an East Indian driver and an Asian driver, another case of "browning around" by the perps. This little bullshit skit remained in place for when outbound and on my return journey. This appeared to be arranged as a feint to have these two colors of vehicles parked at a location that is normally a through lane, and of course have them stationed there for a longer duration for me to pass within 10' of in both directions. Having the brown skinned drivers popping in and out of their vehicles was a bonus I suspect. Regular readers will know that the perps like to arrange vehicular egress in my presence, and at any one time there are about 10% of parked vehicles with doors or trunks open.

There were four crosswalks in each direction, and only on one of them was a vehicle encroaching under the ditz driver cover story. Why they have their operatives running through crosswalks on a red light without looking for pedestrians is beyond me, but it is so utterly consistent on every outing that I rarely write about it. The "designated ditz" also "happened" to be East Indian, in a mid-blue vehicle that was 90 degrees offset from the above mentioned yellow cab with the East Indian driver. One can get highly predictive about these stunts and the chosen players. And the perps like to change up the circumstances of viewing their shills; directly, through safety glass (windshields), plate glass (storefronts), as well as permutations of clothing color. And shifting the locale by an orthogonal offset, (90, 180, 270 degreees) is very common. This outing was all of a 10 minute walk at best, and yet they were all over me. One on-street parking section for six vehicles was filled with a file of three white vehicles and then three silver-grey vehicles. Amazing, and again, all for me to walk by some 6' away, along with the shades wearing dudes on this rain threatening day.

At the office, once past the "brown guard", and then another operative who needed to get out just as I was reaching for the door handle, the perps put on at least a half dozen of seated shiftless males, all loitering around, not appearing to doing very much. One of the freaks that was on the bus four days ago, the one "hiding" in a doorway until the bus arrived, also "happened" to be there among the shiftless ones. This time without the fugly red hat for whatever reason.

And there was a localized sprinkle of rain, localized over me, but enough to have at least two tailing gangstalkers bring out their umbrellas, which seems to be another energy assay tool they like to use. Another freak-like ambulatory gangstalker the perps put on was a woman in a long crimson red coat running toward me, as if she was wanting to make a bus. But there were no bus routes on that street, and she joins the 2 to 4 city dressing gangstalkers I see on every outing of any duration running along the sidewalk. Anyhow, the whole thing was so absurd, it is just more of the same, and demonstrates to me that these fuckers have a long way to go. My mantra, or the planted one more like, is "another year". So far, I have been correct.

Some TI's I came to appreciate last night, have been hounded since 1980, where it seems the perps decided to out themselves to a smaller group. So far, on Mindcontrol Forums, there are 620 testimonies of criminal harassment and/or stalking. That is quite a group, and yet this life sentance continues. As I am typing this I am getting orange flashes off the LCD display, so time to end this entry for now.

The dusk onset with a rain shower, and now that I have turned on the two lights, I sure that the perps are doing all they can to capitalize on this time of day to which they devote so much attention. The rain also helps in that the passing vehicle noise is changed to a swishing sound, the noise of tires on wet pavement. Regular readers will know that the perps regularly put on street cleaners ahead of my passage when walking in town, and I suspect the engineered timing of the rain is also serving the same pupose. The perps tell me that the emissions of catalytic converters with platinum catalysts give anomalous electromagnetic readings, hence the rain to change it all. That is very likely the case, but it is not my problem, so why am I nonconsensually involved in it?

There won't be any answer to that, save the overhead concrete ceiling/floor pounding that "happened" as I wrote that, which in perp terms, is as good as an answer that I am going to get.
I had some email blocked I discovered from the film maker who came yesterday, as I had sent her a reply that she didn't respond to, and took this to mean I wasn't interested it. I haven't quite figured out what this stunt is about, and if she knew of the email blocking games or was sideswiped by them. The perps have me on a new "idea", a planted one that is, that some of the shills are unaware of the full contents of the script, and that their reactions are genuine. Could be, and I would never know for sure; I am going to stick with the all scripted veiw on how the perps manage my affairs, as they devote no end of effort to every moment of my existence, so why not the shills who front for them? There is no sense in attempting to differentiate between levels of scripting, as I cannot tell.

The post-dinner digestion games are upon me. The perps are keeping to their stock method of keep-me-ranting again, aka, pissed off vocalizations. While they have me doing this, the noise flurries start up and provide simultaneous standardized noises with my mouth open and me complaining. Often they will impair my speech while complaining to serve as a springboard to piss me off all the more. It is fucking tiresome, and plain abusive. Now the car alarm noise has "erupted". As part of this, the rain shower passed by, and lo, if the darkening ambient light levels didn't increase, so it is still about the same degree of natural lighting as it was at the above blog entry, about 1700h, except that my lights are still on. They haven't put on the outside lights that face this way yet, which is very curious as they like to illuminate me as much as possible. Or, they could be playing games with light addition and subtraction now, and the directionality is important too it seems, aka, the ansiotropic properties of light and other energies.

The noise parade has been going, artfully arranged to just be long and loud enough before I will plug my ears. It seems they want to find the neural signature of my tolerance threshold for enduring these sonic impositions. They also keep creating the noise to be annoying; loud mufflered vehicles, the ongoing "hotrods" that tour by every three minutes. These are all projected noises coming from some remote location, as the actual vehicles rarely pass by.

I have blogged on this topic before, but I thought I would introduce this link as a near comprehensive site on detailing human nonsconsensual human experimentation. And as I do this a noise flurry has "erupted", a usual tip-off that this is of high perp interest. And more noise at the moment of inserting the url for the link, one of those annoying throbby engine/muffler noises, kept short enough that I did not plug my ears because of it. Just imagine that all of these experiments were unknowingly conducted for a covert agency; that is my suspicion as I have encountered a number of similar harassment stunts that seem to serve the same purposes, the stuttering study being one example. The perp like to have me stutter sometimes, and likely imposed this upon my father for all of his life, he thinking that he was cooperating with them, and as a consequence he wasn't getting fucked with. Little did he know, and may never know if his dementia is for real, though I doubt that. The cover story on his stuttering is that his family moved from Wales to London, England when he was about six years old. He had to learn English as he only knew Gaelic, and that appears to be the "reason" for his sometimes stuttering. All my experience suggests that young children of that age can pick up a new language very quickly, within weeks if they have parental support. So I don't know what the real story is here, and likely won't get to find out.

The perps also devote plenty of stunt time to screwing with my YouTube listening, causing the video and the audio to become dysynchronous, usually progressively over an hour or so. This suggests they are attempting to separate speech from visual cognition, and assign the neural energetic correlates for each. Hence their interest in stuttering as the thought has been formed, but the articulation is delayed. The perp also like to have me speak in "word clip"; dropping the lead word of what I am about to say, usually vocalizing my reaction (or the planted version) to their harassment. Sounds like a major perp fuckover theme to me.

I cannot believe this story of two commercial jet pilots falling asleep together in the cockpit, but here it is. They overshot their destination by 20 minutes because they fell asleep. I cannot vouch for how this happened, and at the risk of being excessively conspiratorial, it does have the perps' fingerprints all over it. It fits the stated work of a mind control researcher Carl Schleicher who worked on "Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields". Time without fail they keep jerking me around as to the order and timing of routine activities, often causing them to be prolonged. I assume they can gain some kind of energetic profile they couldn't get otherwise. It would not surprise me with their interest in geographic energetic variables they are doing the same thing to a regular scheduled flight. Just an oddity to say the least.

More fucking games; the perps change my file location when I go to another tab to get a link. When I get back to the tab where I am editing they have lost my place for me, and then fuck my recall as to what the topic was. I don't know what the deal is about fucking me out of my place, but this has "happened" in the case of books for decades.

The excitement of doing laundry this morning was "somehow" forgotten, not that it was too interesting, at least for me. Regular readers will know the perps have a total obsession over laundry, and actively harass and foil me in making every possible move. Perhaps they have made progress on this front as my mother got a gas clothes dryer, her very first dryer, using the clothesline all these years until a month ago. Obviously the perps must be able to make all the correlations between the drying methods between us, and perhaps laundry has been fully understood by the perps. Who knows, but they are still keeping me on the acrylic underwear, which I prefer over cotton anyhow, as it doesn't get soggy when working out.

Listening to DustySpringfield on YouTube; most of the videos have been blurred since last time, some 2 months ago.

Time call this one done, blogging off.

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