Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wall Bashing and other Hallway Noise

This is the big two event day, Thursday, with yoga in the late morning, and then gym three hours later. It seems that the perps are getting me "ready" by pounding on the wall outside my apartment and creating other hallway sounds, one being the manager's voice. The outside noise has been abated, and this is the noise and harassment fuckery instead. Sounds like living in a boarding house all over again, all this hallway "activity" again. Funny how it keeps following me all over town no matter the level of clientele/tenant.

I suspect the perps will be all over me once I head out, populating the streets with at least three times the usual level, all carefully orchestrated for noise, color, vibration and gangstalker proximity. Maybe they will put on some color coordinated running stalkers today, say red and yellow, the same color as my Google page enhancements. The perps turned off the normal multicolored display of "Google" on the search page for the last week, and then allowed it to display today for the first time with this extra colorization. A whole week's absence of a standard everyday computer graphic, and then they place a new version for me today.

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