Thursday, March 06, 2008

Moron, More On and More Games On

The title refers to various words and statements the perps have me use, as they continue their research into how I speak, and all the energetic connotations associated with each word/phrase. They don't get me to say each in turn thankfully, but over the course of a week, they have me say each one at least once in some context relevant event, usually when running my "reaction" to them planting more crumbs or other annoying debris, or even aggravations such as an exasperating string of assaults such as faked touchings, faked noises etc. This description serves as an example of what they do to me, planting these words with some kind of hidden agenda to parse them into something meaningful to them, whatever that is.

Anyhow, onto other games; it is Thursday, the yoga and gym day, and this is the interim between them. Before that, the perps awakened me at a rare 0700h which allowed time for me to do the laundry before heading out to yoga. Not out of any concern or accomodation for me of course, but because they wanted to change up my routines, they allowed this. Regular readers will know that the perps have a fixation on me doing laundry, and even have my out-of-town brother running a commercial laundry. Other change ups in the routine were laundering both regularly worn pairs of jeans in the same load, and having me wear the backup pair that is a very faded light blue. (The dye in my jeans has "variable" properties, sometimes it leaches out in a month, other times it persists). And it won't be any coicidence if there are gangstalkers wearing light and dark blue clothes together, as this has been "happening" for the past week. Off to the gym.

I am back from gym, a stop by shopping, and tea time with chocolate, always a big perp deal, eating brown colored food. I was correct in predicting more yellow color games; at least a half dozen cyclists were out in their yellow jackets, even if no threat of rain. And the perpetual oaf that always plants himself in my vision at the gym, Mr. Ethnic Gut, was in a bright yellow shirt today. He makes himself out to be more loathesome by standing around and doing nothing at the gym, save gangstalking, and "flakes out" whenever he attempts to do an exercise. I don't think I have seen a more unmotivated person at the gym than him, and he always manages to locate himself in my view, often aided with the mirrors. The other major freak in the class wasn't there today, so that made it easier to avoid just the one, as mentioned above. The perps didn't hound me as bad as they have been usually while at the gym, but instead, increased the ambulatory gangstalkers on the streets. They had me in a swarm of 8 teenaged boys clustering for some strange reason on the street outside the gym when I was headed back to my place, and they kept up the pace of "pedestrians" happening to step in front of me. I got the usual 500 to 1,000 gangstalk vehicles in color and vehicle type formations, and they clustered the whites around red and brown vehicles for the most part.

I see the perps have taken on two new public works projects on my walking beat to the gym, effectively extensions of two of the three jobs they have been working on since September 2007. A new sidewalk for some 500' it looks like, with a possible road widening of a major traffic artery that they converted from four lanes down to two (one each way). Then I see that they have removed the sidewalk on the nearby street they repaved, one that has been worked on since 12-2007. I don't see why they have jackhammered the concrete sidewalk up, as it was the route past all the road rebuilding they were doing. Now the newly paved road is the pedestrian route to go past the adjacent sidewalk that has been torn up. Regular readers will know the perps have a total obssession over concrete and asphalt, and in gangstalking me with road re-development activity as well as exposure to the soil and deeper soil materials. I suspect there are some fundamental energetic interactions that they don't yet understand that occur between me and the soil (or Mother Earth if you prefer), and are constantly re-working local streets and sidewalks to continue their quest. They did this in Seattle too, along my walking route to work, Capitol Hill area over 2000 to 2002. They also put up two highrise buildings while I lived there, one beside work, and the other beside my apartment building. The former had a 120' deep hole dug as part of the foundations in downtown Seattle and its foundation was the biggest concrete pour job in Seattle history. It was to be the IDX building, but then they got bought up by GE, so I don't know what its name is now.

Now that I have finished dinner, the post-dinner noise flurries are ongoing. I have assumed this to be related to the perp's interests in food digestion, something that they began with in the early days (2002) of thinking this was about harassment only. Little did I know that the color of everything I see, wear or is proximate was of vital interest. Then add the complexity of food colors and the digestion process, and they are all over me, and have been for close to six years of overt harassment. As mentioned in the Essential Introductory Postings, I eat much the same food every day, and here they are, still harassing me over this. All my life has been constrained by the perps' surrepticious experimentation and surveillance, and yet they still could not figure it out. Now, everything is exacerbated because they still want to continue the research/harassment remotely. What underlies that decision must be such a huge payoff that it defies imagination. Or, more like, I am not allowed to contemplate that part of their research objective, as I always kept as the last one to know.

More YouTube listening; actually Myspace which has better sound quality, but no video. I don't know how some 20 Myspace bookmarks arrived in my bookmarks organizer, but they are all keepers, and have supplied an evening's worth of pleasant listening so far. And relative calm on the external noise front, a welcome relief.

More dynamic blocking of audio sites; obviously I am not sticking to the script. enough typo sabotage in attempting to blog this, and time to call this one done for the day. There really was more I could write about, but "for some reason" I don't feel moved to.

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