Monday, March 17, 2008

A Navy Blue Day

I did my time with the gangstalking and perp-abetting parents last night; my father was exercising his dementia act to the extreme last, standing up in front or beside his chair, and taking one inch forward progressions every minute or so. Way too controlled and calculated to be dementia IMHO. And he popped up at one point when I made a realization that something on the TV was a made in perpland prompt, (e.g. black silken hair of the shapoo commercial), though I cannot recall exactly what the "rogue thought" was, as it had to be unscripted to warrant and immediate pop-up by the putative dementia act. Pathetic, and here is the man who sold his children into this, and cooperates with them all his life, and he is assigned this despicable act.

And on TV there was the usual death reportage; at least two Canadian troop deaths news happened on early Sunday, and is reported when the three of us are watching the TV Sunday evening. Regular readers and all TI's will know that the perps have an obsession over exposing, or even threatening, death events. I had about 10 percieved near death experiences in 2002 and 2003 before the perps "settled down" to non-debilitating harassment games, much of what they do now. Lucky me.

I am routinely noisestalked when I read news about deaths or injury, and this has been so constant that I am getting rather blase, unfortuneately, which may well be a perp managed "reaction" for whatever reason.

As part of the above mentioned perp interest in demise, and having me exposed to it, the documentary No End In Sight about the Iraq war was on TV last night, too late to watch more than 40 minutes. My opinion that the entire event of the Iraq War was intended to be a long running insurgency and of total incompetance, and of course, still is. The US forces did not secure all the Iraqi armories for at least three weeks, claiming they didn't have sufficient resources. Then, the UN attempted to help out, and were sent packing with that huge bomb that took out thier headquarters and key diplomatic staff. I don't know why the war was "designed" to be a long running fuck up, but it seems that is the real objective. Regular readers will know that I maintain that when the harassment ends, the Iraq War will end, as there are so many linkages in the form of "designed coincidences".

It was a navy blue colored gangstalking this morning, and the nature of the setup and the rest of the at-a-distance fuckery suggests the perps have a least two more years of this unmitigated abuse by my amittedly crude estimation before they are done. Screwing me over for six years of this doesn't bother them a bit, especially when they have the entire city bought up, and spent 3.5 years getting this city and its citizens ready while I lived in Seattle.

The setup was that my mother "forgot" how to identify junk mail in her Shaw (ISP) security application, and "needed" me to show her. (It was a right click, select Junk Mail). And lo, if the perps hadn't sabotaged the PC while I was going over this, causing about four error messages and a reboot so we could be exposed to the same rundown of displays as well as being delayed over a simple exercise. Then the perps decided to sabotage that command, and pop up a grey colored dialog box with instructions to go to another one which did not fix the problem. Eventually, all that could be done is delete them, as the junk email command was totally blocked. All the while she was using a navy blue and white colored piece of paper to point to various areas of the CRT display. On and on this went, the same old bullshit of waving this paper, or her hand, in front of the PC display while putting on the dumbshit act. Much of the Windows headers and selected lines are also navy blue colored, and I am sure that was it all planned along with the interveinig grey (greyscale?) colored dialog boxes. And the perps managed my "reaction" to be over-reacting to this blatant fuckery as an excuse to rile me up and piss me off. Sound familiar?

Anyhow, she also had a navy blue colored sweater on, and then we set off to the lumberyard to look into some untreated landscaping ties. More of the wood touching games again, as if I haven't done this enough for the sick fuckups that are jerking me around. So.... lo, if there wasn't at least 20 navy blue colored vehicles on the way, clustered around us in her Ford Escape for less than 10 minutes of driving. Then at the lumberyard, this navy blue coated and grey panted dude walks in with some kind of black note book, walks past, then reverses and walks out. Then when going back to our vehicle a hippie woman and her kid "arrived" and were standing around looking totally stupid and out of place all to stand there while my mother passed on one side of them and I on the other. The navy blue and grey clothed back and forthing dude began a second trip to walk by and then made out that he was a store assistant, and told us about the office building, which wasn't visible from where we were. This navy blue coated dude then proceeded out of the compound again for the second time. (This was the site of a building supply business that burned up in a fire, and only the lumber yard and contract builder's goods are supplied. So it could of been that we were standing over the location where the original building had been.) All this to find out the price of an untreated landscaping tie for which my mother had only some vague idea as to quantity, intended design and the rest of it. Burdened by dithering dipshits I am, and have been, and with a phalanx of sickos to enforce that vexacious state upon me.

Anyhow, onto dropping me off at my place, and there had to be another 30 navy blue vehicles enroute, usually in clusters of two or more for another 10 minute drive. There was the all too-usual partial road blockage on this main thoroughfare, where oncoming traffic were squeezed down to a single lane on the opposite side of the road and the lane I was in had to stay rightmost. And it "so happened" that there was one of these "traffic calming" islands that the traffic was driving around too. A bit complicated to explain, but in a tranverse line across the road was; road maintenance vehicle, hole dug in road, concrete island, oncoming traffic, then me sitting at the traffic light. All the "armor" was brought out, the boom trucks, the tractor trailers, and the rest of the vehicular gangstalking "big guns".

And I got my usual criss crossing flurry of vehicles when I dropped myself off; at least four at the moment I wanted to walk across this backroad, and then an ambulatory gangstalker who copied me by stepping out from the curb at the same moment I was about to step out and cross it. Then he pulled back for no reason and continued on the sidewalk. I invariably get plenty of perp attention for this 10 second "adventure" to exit my parent's vehicle, cross the road, enter the apartment building, and then wait for an elevator. This was no different, and as a "bonus", they put on the lounging negro dude, talking to yet another "pal" and having me walk between them. I cannot count the number of times the perps have me walk between a couple that conveniently split apart before my arrival, or else their pairs of male operatives who part for no reason. I think the unique negro count
for this building is around five now, which is a considerable number given their 1% population.

After a half hour in my apartment the perps reminded me that it was time for the "Chicken Run", an excursion to the grocery store to get hot cooked chicken. And lo, if they weren't all over me again, and having their male fuckers tail me in the street. They had at least 20 of them headed in the same direction that I was headed, "accompanying" me on the last leg of heading to the grocery store, and lo, if they didn't put a left-hand drive ambulatory negro gangstalker walking in my path to obstruct me getting in the store's doorway. It didn't come any more blatant than that, except when I wanted to leave with my groceries when they held me up from exiting by surge of inbound gangstalkers.

In the grocery store they put on one of the most pathetic sentry gangstalkers going; a geriatric dude sitting on one of those infernal motorized wheelchairs at the end of the aisle, and was in place when I first arrived as I had to walk the length of the store to get a shopping basket, as the closest stack happened to have none. He was "in uniform", black leather jacket and black ball cap and was sitting there by himself, no one was attending to him. And as it "so happened" he was positioned exactly opposite the checkout I "ended up" using, on sentry duty while I was checking out, and with no intervening gangstalkers arriving. Just me and him and the checkout cashier. Anyhow, I don't think I have seen a stranded wheelchair and rider before, but there he was stationed for the entirety of my five minute shopping visit around the store, and no one paid him any mind, probably because they knew what he was there for.

I am getting extremely enraged over the onslaught of the typo sabotage, effectively dithering me three or more times per word; spelling, keystrokes, and anything else related to tyoing.

Some reading about mind control researchers, Stefan Thomas Possony, brought up this gem;
Dr. Adey, Pribram, Hameroff and Dr. Moravec, among others, researched the brain and described electromagnetic wave properties of the brain functions as a method of direct communication with the brain. Dr. Possony, the Stanford Hoover Institute Fellow, Stated "Nothing is as yet known or is known publicly, on how the soliton can be aimed to produce desired effects ...will have a crucial bearing both on the body and on the brain and on defense." All of the above are discussing communication with the brain on a quantum level using sub atomic physics and optical biophysics. The development of SQUID, MRI and the developing HTSC are all based on similar principles. ... These are the main principles behind mind control technology. The key to consciousness is a mathematical definition of the brain processes on a quantum level.
The last phrase is particularly interesting, as it would seem that this is the perp's quest beyond "mere" mind control, as there is so much more to the harassment than that, e.g. all the "designed coincidences". Perhaps their objective is control of all consciousness, even in inanimate objects if that does in fact exist. Scary, and they picked me as their entre to this realm, once they figure out their various "problems", borne of past fuckups such as allowing pollutant ingestion that confounds their remote electromagnetic assays, and resident traumatization effects in early childhood (speculative) all in order to dig deeper. Fucking tiresome to say the least; all I want is to be left alone and the cash in my bank account. (The last most terms of the preceding sentence begat me some overhead rumbling noise, the first of the day; obviously a key concept in the perp's fuckover game objectives).

Some more reading about the science of consciousness, all to no substantial benefit as the perps disrupt my reading cognition and then plant thought trains of irrelevant topics, "retrospective" thoughts, planted of course as they were so incredibly irrelevant. This would be another new thought pattern; utter irrelevant memories, often to levels of detail I did not know I had recalled. Seems like a fix to me.

Time to call this day done, and ponder how long they will let me writhe in bed doing head flipping from side to side in concert with the fucking annoying noises they put on, like any Monday night. It seems that the perps have a need to extend my Monday wakeful time as much as possible.

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