Friday, March 28, 2008

An Anniversary of Sorts; Over 600 Blog Postings

I was enlightened by way of scripted look at the Blogspot total of all my postings, now 603. That isn't any big accomplishment by my standards; it shows that I have way too much time devoted to detailing the daily travails, usually while noisestalked, and often when the perps have scripted a transitory writer's block as to my vocabulary, assuming it is mine.

This being a Friday, there is no scheduled activities, and it might be all about keeping me inside for the most part, save a later short grocery shopping visit. I got screwed out of getting milk yesterday, and with the milk going off early as it now does, it could ruin the entire cereal I have readied in the bowl. Been there, done that, and at least once when my defensive knowledge was blocked from my recall.

And as this was the first day of using the Pantene shampoo and conditioner, this time with the labels on them to say which is which, it just might be an exciting moment for the perps when I step outside. This is the kind of thing that they plan for over weeks until its inaugural use merges with other supportive scripted events, like pissing me off, which is a given.

And there are way too many red flashes coming off this LCD display right now, exactly over the line of text that I am working on. Time to cease journalling for now.

As predicted, the grocery store outing of 10 minutes duraton was a big gangstalk event. They even brought on a rain shower to unload on me when walking back, the 2 minute commute/direction that it was. The street vagrant acts were out, as was at least one male "do-rag" act, the latest in strange headgear for males to wear, and at least the third instance in the past two days. The bendover/head bob act was in front of the goat's milk, as were another three gangstalkers "standing around", and they weren't going to move any. So once the head bob act cleared enough space, I went in and got the goats milk. And lo, if the asshole didn't return to the exact same location and configuration and do his head bob with the empty space of the goats milk that I had removed. The before and after gangstalking of goats milk from the shelf of the cooler. Obviously, as they nearly always swarm me at the milk section, there is more work (gangstalking) to follow. And lo, if the "customer" ahead of me at the checkout didn't have milk on the conveyor belt with his brown colored Werthers sweets.

I was tailed when coming back from the grocery store, and the on-street cretins/freaks that I saw when headed to the grocery store were in place on my return. The walker act was the most egregious, but this is getting very common now. The putative schizoid ranting outside while leaning against the local Starbuck's storefront glass over two sightings an hour apart last week has to be the biggest feint yet in that regard. But I am sure there are many more improbable stunts to follow, as that seems to be the intent.

Once I was back and had my coat off, and before I unpacked the groceries, the film director woman came by and gave me the Air Loom Gang book as a gift. She said she would loan it to me on Monday, but made some excuses up as to her change in mind. I indicated my gratitude, honestly given, as she had to depart she said. Anyhow, I have been promoting this book for over a year as it clearly demonstrates mind control being applied in the UK Parliament in 1796, as per the excerpt in the script I published here. It should be good reading if the portion that I read of the film director's excerpt she sent me is an indicator. (This formed the basis of the script which is highly abridged). The parallels of the political situation of the day are nearly identical that the US faces now; a pointless and unpopular foreign war for no ultimate gain that had been going on for six years when the story was written. I wondered why the book was allowed to be published, as it clearly indicates that mind control was being applied to the Prime Minister of the day, and the Opposition Leader in the form of a beam that the central character could see. Any TI would instantly be astounded as to this action-at-a-distance technology being so accurately described in the book, so I suppose the perps want the rest of the population to react in disbelief. (A book review is to follow whenever I get to read it, at least a week I suspect).

That I had tea and chocolate after I put the groceries away was also a bonus for the perps I suspect; they like me to eat brown colored food and put on a sustained and escalated noise campaign while eating and for the following hour of digestion.

The clunking from various sources has become the noisescape for the past 30 minutes. There are at least three sources, and it is most curious how they can all temporally converge, along with the odd overhead thump which may have included a mild zapping with it. I cannot always tell if I am zapped for sure if it is a mild one; my detection level/abilities might be the subject of their efforts to quantify in their realtime measurements of my neural responses.

Another forced nap earlier at 1700h, the sleepies came on such that I needed to nap, and surprise, it was only for 50 minutes, not like some of the two and three hour time wasting events that typify this imposition. I had dinner immediately afterward, and I was still kept in the sleepy state for that, so I am sure this was all planned with the pre-dusk onset in mind as that is a big deal for the perps.

I am reading about Kozyrev and his investigations of gravity, torsion fields, and their interrelationships. It is all very fascinating, even if the perps will only allow me to read the article from back to front, much as they have always done. I thought this excerpt below was most interesting as it explains why the perps don't like me to eat fruit; so to avoid the inclusion of left hand spinning molecules of the sugar. And in another instance when I cleaned up their tar mess on my fridge, images in a past blog posting, there was a surfeit of gangstalkers all over me when I went shopping afterward, a 12 minute walk in each direction from that location.

Subsequent discoveries in quantum physics related to the notion of “spin” confirmed that “electrons” will either have “right-handed” or “left-handed” spin, meaning that movement is detected that will either be clockwise or counterclockwise. All atoms and molecules maintain varying degrees of balance between right and left-handed spin.

Kozyrev determined that strongly right-handed molecules such as sugar can shield torsion effects, whereas strongly left-handed molecules such as turpentine will strengthen them.

The article discusses some current day problems with physics theory, and indicates that the spongy structured solids retain their spin energy the longest, where denser objects will release it. And that may explain why they have trained me to be a fastidious nit about cleaning the counters with a sponge after each use, in the kitchen and the bathroom. I was never so fastidious about cleaning in these locations before, but now it is "routine", per mind-controlled imposition of course.

Anyhow, some scientific articles are allowed to be understood, and this is one such paper. Nothing too technical, but it indicates that high school physics doesn't cut it any more; there are some serious anomalies that require added explanation.

Some more torsion field discussion and links tomorrow as I am running out of gas, as boring as this day has been, even if they were all over me for the 10 minute round trip to the grocery store. The email drought continues, and even the spammers "know" to leave me alone.

Update; I was led through some of my old blog postings in a mind-controlled quest, and lo, if the above details about Kozyrev and the electron spins of sugar and turpentine weren't already mentioned and I was not allowed to recall this as I surely would of. Anyhow, the first posting is here, and at least I am consistent, or more like, allowed to be.

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