Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mustard and Ketchup

A busy day are Thursdays with yoga and gym and today was busier yet; I was awakened inordinantly early at 0700h, and had time to do the laundry before heading out to yoga. And lo, if they didn't place six gangstalkers around me at the apartment lobby when headed out for the first time, one holding the door for me no less. It must of been that just-laundered mid-grey colored shirt I was wearing under my olive drab colored raincoat.

It has been a day where the perps have been putting bright yellow and bright red together and making sure that I see this horrid combination. These are the colors of mustard and ketchup for all you fair goers, seen around any hamburger or hotdog stand. I don't care to see either color, let alone in combination. But I don't have much say in that, as there is an overarching organization that makes sure I see exactly what they want, which is of course, anything that I loathe, per the Unfavored of the Favored and Unfavored list. This is old news, except that the color games are getting more complex, and the brown gangstalking vehicle colors have become more frequent.

Yesterday's Amnesty International canvassers outside the grocery store were also displaying red and yellow colored binders in the same loathsome combination mentioned above. This was a step up from their white plastic and black lettered binders in the past. The ruse is that they are pretending to be canvassing for new members when in fact they are gangstalking me, and everyone else, from a fixed postion, whether entering, leaving or passing by. Regular TI's will know that Amnesty International is absolutely no help whatsoever for this situation (harassment by remote means), when in fact it should be foremost in their agenda; that is, supposedly democratic countries are sponsoring abusive, relentless and highly invasive mind control related harassment of its citizens. To TI's, it is yet another altruistic organization stripped of its supposed honorable objectives.

At yoga they put a loud red shirted woman behind me and to my right, the usual place where abulatory gangstalkers stand at traffic intersections; assymetric, and behind me on one side or the other. She is a newcomer to the class, and no doubt I was destined to see her vile shirt color all the times it "happened" to be in my peripherial vision. This seems to be a time honored method of the perps; put any Unfavored beings, colors or things in my peripherial vision first before attempting to introduce it into my central vision. It is all very curious this "turnover" of class members; one comes for two visits and then drops out the day another newcomer arrives. Regular readers will know that I have good reason to suggest that the perps are morphing (shape shift) their operatives and shills, and it could of well been the same woman as last week, getting closer to me in a more annoying getup, her shirt color. I suspect my parents and brothers are also in on these morphover games as there is way too much consistency in their behaviors to gangstalk me, usually across town and not only in the gym.

One of the class regulars preceded me out the door while I was talking to the instructor at the end, and she should of been long gone when I saw her only 60' ahead of me on the sidewalk. And if that wasn't odd enough, she did a 180 degree turn and then walked toward me and passed by. This is at least the second time she has done this very peculiar move, but I have seen other ambulatory gangstalkers do this too. And it so "happened" that our pass-by location on the sidewalk was littered with white kleenexes, something else I find disgusting, public litter. especially of that kind. White kleenexes have been used as gangstalking and harassment aids from the get-go, and this wasn't any different. I suppose they serve as a color and material reference, and being as portable as they are, they can be used to reference one's nose and hands. It is when the shiftless males start packing them to put them under their hand while leaning on a glass case next to me that it gets highly irregular and blatant. Been there, done that.

There was nothing too unusual about today's gangstalking, save the emphasis on yellow colors, and making sure that I see them. One member of my gym class who I call Mr. Ethnic Gut, which describes two salient feature, was wearing a bright yellow shirt, and was the "go-to" gangstalker, always "happening" to be in my vision, either directly or in reflections. Should I happen to avoid looking at him, and thereby evade my "yellow dose", why, the perps flash yellow plasma in my peripherial vision as a surrogate. Not very sporting of them. A new trick I noticed today, was to also have a yellow sweat topped woman (attractive) circulating near Mr. Ethnic Gut, adding more yellow into the mix. She would criss cross paths with him, and if I was avoiding looking up, and then "decided" to, it was either her or him in my sight. I am sure this was a fascinating exercise for the perps, to plumb my reaction as to seeing who was in yellow, and observing all my neural energetic correlates to detect the difference, again, one being mostly Favored (attractive woman (good), in yellow (not so good), and the other being Unfavored (large gutted loafing shiftless male (unfavored) in a bright yellow shirt (unfavored because it is patently ridiculous color on a man IMHO). The perps also put their business dudes/operatives in pink shirts sometimes to get a reaction out of me, which they do. My reaction is that it is a loathsome color on a male, and that is what they get.

Other similar street gangstalking action in disguising hair and hat colors was putting on a woman with a black and fushia colored scarf with matching hair, the fushia being dyed in to look gross. The big "excitement" for the perps was to fake me out into thinking it was a hat on her head from 60' away, and then when I was closer to this couple standing in the sidewalk, why, it was her unnatural color dyed hair with a matching angora wool scarf. This kind of setup might sound juvenile, and that is what it is IMHO, but it represents only one of thousands of such games in presenting objects to confuse me, usually aided by them planting the wrong notion in mind in the first place. My normal reaction to would of been to wait and get closer to find out what she was wearing, but instead, the perps inserted the notion that it was a hat at first, only to have me find out a short time later that it wasn't. They get such a kick out of me making, or more like, being forced to make, incorrect assumptions, assertions and conclusions, and it extends to all facets of my existence.

An example of "getting it wrong" (because I was mind-controlled and had my recall deleted) was two days ago when I "thought" (read, planted notion) that the pharmacy had my prescription they wouldn't fill because the doctor had left the province. But no, only after I made the phone call asking them to send it by fax to the replacement doctor did the perps allow me to recall that the prescription had been given back to me. Small matters such as this are constantly being played on me, obviously for some kind of energetics comparison to getting the facts right.

A new jerkaround today was to delete my recall of a person who had arrived at yoga. I had noticed the person putting their belongings down, and then they were out of my sight once they had located their mat behind me. Then the perps planted the notion that that individual hadn't arrived, and lo, if I don't find out a few minutes later he did arrive and that my recall had been fucked with when he spoke up at the check-in.

I had my usual gym class freakshow; four of the strange males, and the largest blonde woman also showed up today, for a freak count of 5 out of about 10 class members. I thought it was interesting in the gym class two days ago when there was some in-class banter going on, and the word "freak" got a laugh within the context of what was said. Funny how that happens, others making reference to some of my often used words or intrusion methods, e.g. crumb inundation.

I am getting simultaneous vision impairments and/or plasma projections off my LCD display, both making seeing something problematic. And in concert with this imposed annoyance I am getting the much loathed knee torquing, the torture of twisting my lower legs and causing pain sensation in the knee. Presumably, this pain connects to certain primative brain centers, the brainstem perhaps, and this is to correlate my neural bioenergetics in combination with the vision impairments. Something like that, and plain fucking annoying.

Time to call this day done, without the exhaustive detail of the perp games of today, though nothing spectacular other than what is detailed above.

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