Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Continuing Stunts

After yesterday's big event and having a film crew in here, it makes sense the perps want to continue their run of escalated jerkarounds. So far, they planted ugly dreams about suicide bombers, increased the outside noise, including the logging whistles of no ostensible origin, had a bulldog clip jump out of my hand and fly into the filled cereal bowl that then sprayed cereal flakes all over the counter and the stove top, then pulled a few other stunts to keep me pissed off until I was "reminded" that there were no quarters for the laundry, and I was obliged to make a two block visit to the bank, replete with10x the normal street population at 0900h, all arranged to be freakish, boorish or otherwise strange. They had some six pedestrians (gangstalkers) come at me who were in left hand drive mode. It is fucking absurd that anyone does this in North America, and here were six weirds in succession walking on the wrong side of a 10' wide sidewalk. Fucking assine, and some were so totally spaced out in doing this as to be even more absurd. Anyhow, I got my four rolls of quarters and got back to my place, only to wait excessively for the elevator, and then the manager humpf the bright yellow plastic vacuum cleaner out of the elevator all to give me shit about catching it when the doors almost prematurely closed. It seemed he and his stalking pal came from the top floor, to the basement, and then up to the main floor, and the buddy accompanied me as far as the 6th floor where I live. And the other elevator is mysteriously not working, along with the sixth floor elevator button lights today.

Laundry day is also a big perp excitement event, and I assume that forcing me out to get quarters was all part of the prior arrangements. As they had me up so early, they effectively created a "normal like" morning before I set off; that means at least an hour of web surfing beforehand, reading the regular news events, all of which get noisestalked.

The sickos are hacking the Windows display vertical scroll to the point of pissing me off; they do this all day long. The scroll wheel doesn't work, then it does, then the same for the mouse arrow, all to have me rant at them while the chosen image stays longer on the screen, usual a freakshow member of the Unfavored. It never ends; the PC is constantly hacked like this since 2002, and seems to be real important for the assholes to have me look at images I don't care to see.

I am getting the airhorn noise from outside while each time I attempt to get the desired web page is thwarted by the assholes, now three times in succession they have sabotaged web page access. The links are name of ionizing radiation researchers, and I assume that this detail is important for the assholes, as they have been heavy on the noisestalking anytime I mention a name, read one or recognize a picture of someone as well as ionizing radiation (Xrays, gamma, alpha) being of intense interest to them. An interesting interview with John Gofman here; I didn't know much about him before, but came away highly enlightened.

And on the grim side of the news, although old, is this piece on Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake who suicided a week apart, after a long run of suspicions that they were being followed and obstructed in their respective professions. They were darlings of the NYC art world as they were successful, as well as a lively and engaging pair who had been devoted to each other for 12 years. All that changed when they moved to Los Angeles, and after a stint there, they moved back to NYC, although seeming more paranoid, and shared between them. A sentiment shared by many was, “Why would a couple who seemed to be living such an ideal, urban, creative life make this choice? I am an English teacher, drowning in papers with five kids at home, too, and I can only dream of such a life.”

As I am been extensively noisestalked as I write this, I can only assume the perps have some kind of interest in my reaction to this story. To keep it brief, it is highly unlikely that either of them would commit sucicide in their circumstances, as not only were they both successful, they had a strong and vibrant relationship, and many friends in NYC. No one knows what happened between them for each to take this tragic step, including me. All I can say is that it fits a pattern of remotely applied energies to suck someone down to the depths of despair, even when they had no genuine reason to. I have once been in such a deep hole, and it was remotely invoked, like all my moods and actions that I have come to know. Anyhow, it doesn't make any sense, and the perpetrators, which I believe there were, don't particularly care about a decent cover story. Nor does it seem that they were a career threat to anyone, as they were each self employed artists who attained success. This story will always be one of those strange ones, and all the more that they each became paranoid over events in their lives, when it is highly unlikely that would occur without genuine provocation.

This being a Tuesday, it is a gym day, in the afternoon. It is a 30 minute walk in each direction which leaves plenty of time to bring on the vehicular (500 to 1,000 round trip) and ambulatory (~100 on the street only) gangstalkers. The gym class was a five freak event, and one normal plus the instructor, the dishy Ms. Lh. The freaks like to bask in her glow for me to see, or else they align themselves behind her so I see her in the centre of the floor exercise room, and then the bald fucker some 6' behind her, usually one side or the other. Regular readers will know I call this "auric glow"; have the Favored as an attractant with an Unfavored (freak) aligned or beside her. I kept my head down as much as possible so I would not see any of them, but with five freaks out of a class of six, or seven including me, it is difficult to attain at times.

The coordinator made out he was too spent for whatever reason to participate, leaving the duties to Ms. Lh. He then hung around on my N. side about 8' away, and about halfway through and after a pointless discussion with a newby in the class, who I have not assigned freak status to, though I might, the coordinator swapped sides and hung around me on the S. side, again, not participating in the exercises at all. Anyhow, not a big deal as gangstalking goes, though I did get double swarmed at the checkout at the grocery store on the way back.

I finished up at the grocery checkout, and even before I got my bags picked up, the "customer" behind me was on my ass, then as I made to depart, there was a swarm of four of the fuckers around me, and then only 8' further, at the exit, another five fuckers were on me, one doing the broadside with the shopping basket, a powder coated mid-grey color. Of this latter swarm, nearly all were freakish to some extent; red hair and red jacket, brown leather jackets and a few more that I cannot recall. Anyhow, the cluster members knew when to split apart and then let me through the middle of them. And lo, if my parallel walking gangstalker of the prior 15 minutes wasn't out there. She had tailed me parallel for 10 minutes before I went into the grocery store, she was there in the store, and then again ahead of me on my route, now 90 degrees offset, once I got out. It doesn't get any more blatant than that, save adding freaks into the picture, she being attractive as far as I could make out, as she didn't ever give me a frontal perspective, only in profile.

At the gym there was the usual 80/20 rule in force; 80% in the free weight and muscle building machine area was doing nothing, 20% were. I have said this so many times; I have never seen a gym where so many are "stunned out", (actually sentry duty as I call it), and sitting around. The aerobic exercisers on the treadmill, elliptical, bicycle and the like are always busy, as they really don't have a choice, but the N. end is where the volitional use equipment is, and most are not exercising.

I got screwed out of a decent run on the treadmill again; the perps began whacking my hands with force fields as they are not contacting anything on the equipment, and the deal is that as soon as hand whacking starts up, I shut the machine down, and try the bicycle instead. Translated, that means they are energetically comparing me while on the treadmill and don't want me to get truly exercised so they can compare that to my subsequent workout on the bicycle. They keep jerking me around as to what aerobic equipment they want me to work out on, and I am getting fed up that I am not allowed to run for any consistent duration.

I suspect the treadmill incident was for me to view the woman through the safety glass outside in the dark brown duffel coat, as she had been loitering there when I walked into the building. There is an ample waiting area inside, but instead, she was hanging out at the curb when I arrived like any "browner"/gangstalker. Some 15 minutes later, she was still out there, and I was viewing her from the second story treadmill, this time on her cell phone, the instrument of first choice to energetically augment the existent EM conditions. Regular readers will know that the perps attach significant weight to what I see through glass, and what kind of glass it is; e.g. tinted, safety glass (has a plastic panel in it), other float glass and whatever other kinds there may be.

My ambulatory gangstalkers were on a beserk streak today. As per this morning's LH drive gangstalkers, they kept this up in the afternoon as well. I had at least 20 of the fuckers coming straight at me when I was on the right side of the sidewalk or crosswalk. In some cases they ducked into the last 2' of availible space and passed me on the right side, some crossed directly in front of me to obstruct egress, and others "needed" to walk on top of the crosswalk line, a 16" wide white bounding line of the crosswalk and passing me on the right side. It is plain fucking nuts that so many "pedestrians" forget what side of the street/sidewalk that we walk on in North America. We operate in RH drive here, so why the sudden departure in following the fundamental rules of the road all in one day?

Another less invasive gangstalker trait today was the fuckers breaking out into a run while on the sidewalk, or in one case, she ran down the street in street clothes on the road (asphalt surface) portion. It is fucking hilarious as there isn't a bus nearby most often, so what are they running for? As best as I can tell, for their handler and orchestrator. I cannot think of any more vivid proof of all these ambulatory gangstalkers being orchestrated than the sudden behavior changes of these putative "pedestrians" in LH drive or breaking into a run for nothing apparent. At least send some dressed in running gear instead of this utter bullshit about 60 y.o. grannies in tehir downtown best "having" a sudden urge to run on the streets.

Other gangstalking silliness was a dude packing a horn like instrument, about 4' long and 4" in diameter at the widest end. It appeared to be a strangely hollowed out section of a tree, and not an animal horn. It was lacquered inside and out, and was one of the more stranger musical instruments I have seen the perps packing around in my proximity. I assume this was all in an effort to support the "wood stalking" theme that surfaces fairly often.

I should do a summary of yesterday's filming from the perps perspective; gangstalking, getting people in close, creating energetic interactions etc. Any new event that is unlikely to be repeated is wide open to plenty of games. So here it is in abbreviated form;
  • I worked with the director, Ms. A, on the script on my PC in the morning, trying to get the script shorter, so this would of been about 2 hours total over two visits where she was beside me in my place,
  • I was given the opportunity to speak and time the part, and lo, if she didn't interupt while I was taking longer at the task because I got fucked out of writing down the correct start time,
  • I read the last part twice on film to run out the roll; the perps always like activity to be repeated for them,
  • I had the sound man and the lighting man putz around me; microphones are perp favored electromagnetic devices that can be co-opted for their use, and the light meter readings were taken around me,
  • I "needed" to purchase a blue shirt Sunday while killing time before the carpet auction started, and lo, if that wasn't the best shirt for filming as the black colored one I had been wearing all morning offered too much contrast, (she said) then providing me a vital clue that one's garments get altered by the laundry process and the perps cannot figure it out, hence wearing a shirt that never had been laundered in front of the lights, microphone and camera for the first 30 minutes of its use,
  • while I was reading from my script when filming, the perps created all manner of crackling noise in my mouth, as if it were coming from my jaw, which it wasn't,
  • also while filming, the perps put a zinger maser (fuzzy grey ball) exactly tracking my focus on the script page,
  • the perps had me stutter and stumble a few times just to let me know they were "looking after me",
  • the perps also planted extraneous and irrelevant thoughts in mind while I was reading the script,
  • the tripod was located partially on my plastic office chair mat, and partially off, as was the camera which sat on top of it,
  • the perps sabotaged Open Office Writer, the word processing software I use, stripping out page numbers of the script immediately before two printings, and then removing the software commands to insert them for a third and final printing,
  • games with the plug outlet; turning on the power bar with its red switch light when it was full, and then switching it off to then use the expanded outlet beside it,
  • the perps were also busy running background outside traffic noise while I was reading from the script while filming.
Regular readers will know that my clothing color is vitally important to the perps, so this in-apartment filming was a fantastic cover story for them to get all this gear in here which offers extra remote energetics interaction for them to remotely measure my interactions, which is what they do IMHO. Even the chemical properties of film offers the perps some advantages in energetically interacting, though I am less sure how. I also note that the perps like to have operatives using felt pens in my proximity for similar reasons. And of course I was not allowed to anticipate the shirt changing requirement beforehand, and nor select an alternative workout shirt instead of the new one that had not been either worn or laundered before.

As per above, I did laundry today, and I suppose that was a continuation of the above games, as the three same cotton/lycra blend shirts all "happened" to remain damp after the dryer had finished, and all three were hung up in the bathroom to finish drying. And I "happened" to only have two hangers so the new blue shirt was hung differently than the other two, directly on the plastic shrouded shower curtain rail. I am sure all these plastic interaction details were long thought out in advance and that this was the final play after filming yesterday.

That is correct, it is 0400h in the morning after being awakened and going through a head pain show to drive me out of bed at this hour. Then onto a disrupted breakfast of coffee, toast and chocolate, and now web surfing. I haven't had one of these for a few years, but somehow, the perps think it is due. And of course the usual (faux) "neighbor" noises are happening now, especially if any unbidden thoughts come to mind. That is, my own thoughts, and not a planted one. The overhead rumbling noise that moves around so to be overhead, the faked water usage noise, the hallway clickings and the outside loud mufflered vehicles even. Funny, no bus noise at this time, so there are some constraints in place for whatever reason.

Anyhow, I should post this, and get a new posting for the rest of today, as I got screwed out of posting it last night. This will be a long day, and there is nothing planned to do. It could be interesting as I am allowed more variable events of late, but designated shut-in days are still vogue for the assholes to impose.

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