Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Rx Games

Today's visit to the pharmacy was a near identical repeat of yesterday. I was allowed access to my recall eventually, and "discovered" that I had the prescription still, and not the pharmacy, and could take it back to LD with the doctor's card so it could be faxed to the new doctor. Having been woken up later so the time of visitation was about the same of yesterday, I duly went to LD and lo, if my loitering weirds weren't in line for prescription filling like yesterday. And get this, one avocado green coated woman was packing a 12 pack of Diet Coke, that ever portable means of having a brown colored substance in metal cans. Regular readers will know that the perps have an obsession with the color brown and planting it in my proximity, and the use of cola drinks is another very common orchestrated activity. (As is planting the Coca Cola delivery truck along my walking route, often of no apparent business reason).

And the line did move slowly so a female gangstalker dressed in brown could arrive behind me, and she made sure that I saw her greenish tatoo at her neck, and it had the same shape as that of her hair that was hanging over her cheek some 2" away. About three minutes later I looked behind me and she was gone, but instead I got a withered granny in dyed yellow frizzy hair applying her kleenex to her face, also dressed in brown. When I finally got served, after some advance blonde patrolling by one of the pharmacy staff in her white coat, I got the same brown skinned woman as yesterday, which wasn't too much of a (legitimate) surprise, two weekdays in succession. After she made about five misinterpretations as to what I said, what the doctor's business card said, and the Rx frequency, she volunteered to give me a prescription for my medications for today and tomorrow, a two day prescription to "tide me over". Not that I needed it as I have found the medications to be ineffectual, and they appear to serve the yellow color games that abound any day I don't take it, usually Monday mornings when I "forget" when staying over at my parent's place the night before. (The medication is a yellow and white colored capsule and a white pill).

Anyhow, I wasn't quite done yet, as the pharmacy tech vacated her chair to make up the prescriptions, and then the parade of white coated pharmacy techs really got going, passing in front of the chair, and behind the woman who was making up my prescriptions. And at one point, the perps spun the chair about 12" and moved the phone cord while a pharmacy tech passed by, BUT without contacting the chair in any way. In other words, more blatant displays of applied unconventional forces from a remote location with total observance of all proximate objects and parties. And while this wait period was scripted, the Diet Coke packing "customer" then decided to sit behind me, 90 degrees offset, under the cover story of waiting for her prescription to be ready. Call it portable brown substance referencing, moving around me with a case of Diet Coke, the on-street equivalent of the Coca Cola delivery truck loitering around on my walking traverses. The prescription was filled in short order, and then I was "compelled" (read, mind-controlled) to acquire more chocolate bars after yesterday's theft/jerkaround of having it "disappear" off the checkout conveyor belt, and I was also "compelled" to get Cadbury's Creme Eggs, those chocolate eggs with a sweet white and yellow goo inside. Ergo, yellow Rx pills, and then yellow filling of chocolate eggs with bar chocolate as well. A perfect yellow-brown color interaction setup. After passing by the excess of shiftless males in shades outside (cloudy day), when I got back to my apartment there was a woman of about the same build and with the identical avocado jacket standing around, but no case of Diet Coke with her. Then the perps planted the notion of going to my mail box, but lo, if there wasn't a red fleece jacketed gangstalker hanging over top of where my mailbox was, checking his mail (seemingly). Then back to my place with no weirds in the elevator waiting for me, or at the elevator doorway to my floor. Sometimes, it does get to be like normal, but never for long.

That was the story of my big outing today, and just might well be it for the day. Anyhow, hopefully the above story supplies some degree of detail as to how tightly my life is managed, and how weird it can be from all quarters.

I had my tea and chocolate break, this time eating the Cadbury's Creme Eggs, something I wasn't allowed to do for the past weeks. The perps had me eat this source of chocolate in addition to the regular 100g bar they have me eat then. Small differences are under constant scrutiny, and the variances are one way to notice what the perps are working on; i.e., what is important for their small minds.

Like yesterday's post tea and chocolate period, I am getting a succession of loud mufflered vehicles from outside, some being the most hated Harley Davidson motorcycle noise, the chopped variety. As before, there isn't a bikers bar within five miles, and yet they seem to converge in this neighborhood. And if a motorcycle does arrive, it makes a turn into the parking lot opposite and sits in the driveway for 30 seconds with its engine idling. And it has done this both times since it began. And 10 minutes later when I look outside expecting to see it parked, it is gone, just "somehow" silently departing.

And after investigating as to why my victim's story got online, I found it online at MindcontrolForums, under a new and mispelled name, and not replacing my existing story. Funny how all those disconnects happened, thinking all the time that it was never posted because the site's webmaster never contacted me. I supplied a html file as well, but the .doc file was put on the web. Anyhow, it is all very confusing, and I will put a reference in on the template to the right. In other words, the old version of my story is here, and the update I submittted but didn't know about is here (doc format, 41 pp.). True to form, I get my browser frozen up when I am attempting to visit this website's home page.

A round of motorcycle noise, hallway clatter and outside pounding noise has just erupted in concert with my displaying this page in editable after navigating back from the blog version after the template fix over which of the above stories is which. Such things are of great interest to my mind-keepers, and they have consistently hounded me over creating links, linking to other websites, copying links and anything else to do with them. In the early days, when investigating countermeasures, the perps put on the infamous (to me) kerchunk sound every link/mouseclick that I made and/or bookmarked for over 40 minutes. When they had enough, they unloaded this throbbing pain in my head to force me to finish. Such is how they dealt with me then, and the attitude or gratitude hasn't changed a bit since then. This same kerchunk sound from my "neighbors" has followed me over seven residences since 2002.

I am also getting my email constrained, or it is being managed to look like it, not even the spammers are sending me anything. Nothing for over two days; most curious.

I am attempting to access The Edge radio tonight as I maybe the guest on Gina Romano's spot on Wednesday. But lo, if my access to this site is restricted and I am not even allowed to find the schedule for tonight. It is fucking annoying to be shut out all the time, especially when the perps likely planted the notion for me to look. It is the same deal as the above mentioned post box gangstalking.

Here is a link to someone who feels the degree of private security personnel is getting out of hand, and that they are used too often and give the impression of living in a police state. This story , Someone's Always Watching Me, could of been planted for me to read, as it is the predominant thought in my life, and my mind-keepers like me to know this all the time. The associated graphic with the back of a lime yellow dayglo jacket brings back plenty of reminders, as the perps like to station their ambulatory operatives wearing this same color of garment. They even have the "parking enforcement" dudes wandering around in this same dayglo color garb, and they also have an alternate navy blue uniform as well. And lo, if they don't put them walking in pairs, the dayglo and the navy blue uniformed "parking enforcement" dudes as a side by side twosome. I had never seen any parking enforcement personnel walking in pairs until the harassment began. Regular readers will also recall that the public street works projects that seem to "erupt" on my walking beats also have a surfeit of "flag people" dressed in dayglo outfits, and one is usually kept in my view from my desk during the daytime, 400' away, conducting pedestrians no doubt.

Wall tapping has "erupted" as if from one of my putative "neighbors", going through yet another round of picture hanging. This would be about their sixth time in the 10 months I have lived here. It is likely the cover story so the perps can slam the shared wall some.

Another rant at the perps while they blocked my right click list from displaying, some 4 clicks in succession. All to have me rant at them using the same stock words each time. This is what they were screwing me over, the fate of those who dare investigate the CIA, UK top cop who led CIA probe found dead. They even come to get you if you reside in a location other than the US. This person "fell" off a steep incline while hiking. As one who has experienced the intensified harassment of those playing with action at a distance technologies, I can personally vouch for the fact that there could of been two ways to making taking a hike an deathly experience. They can mentally dither one to take the wrong trail or route, dither with recall and awareness and even have them "happily" step off a cliff edge. This could also be combined with the thickest fog one will ever experience to aid in the "confusion" that was created. A no-big-deal event for the sickos to arrange as retribution, and they aren't making any bones about it from a statistical likelihood perspective.

The tapping noise slowly tailed off, and now the concrete pounding noise from above has started up in its place. The overhead pounding and coincident zapping abuse hasn't been applied in the past week, maybe the perps are over that particular torture. I wonder what it is about, zapping me. Perhaps it is the low volt version of being tasered, something that is happening with increasing frequency all over North America. A past blog has my ruminations on this topic. For the record, I am being kept in a densified magnetic field, it was 200 Gauss in late 2002, and I cannot imagine what it is now, as there is so much plasma and maser action in my vision, both being magnetically controlled phenomenon.

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