Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wallet Unload Excitement

Today I went down the ATM and deposited some cash I had acquired, legally. It was a yellow colored check, 20's (green with embedded holographic strip) and a 50 (orange with a holographic strip). Not a big deal, but as the perps manage me for my wallet contents extensively and everything for its color and proximity, it was a big deal for them. Then I was off to the LD store to supply a new prescription (white paper, kept in my wallet), and lo, if the doctor hadn't pulled his practice (seemingly) and all his Rx's are invalid. Somehow, the pharmacist knew this without even looking it up. And of course I was mind-fucked into buying this bullshit and of course no alternatives were availible. (Like phoning the replacement doctor and have the pharmacy fax the original Rx to them for the new doctor's signature). It is amazing how many impasses get "arranged" like this where there is no suggestions to aid the (orchestrated) "problem", and no alternatives "come to mind". And lo, if they didn't screw my recall around and have me think the pharmacy retained the Rx when they gave it back to me. I once called those fundamental mistakes of recall "brain vapor lock", but now I know it is a managed situation, courtesy of my mind-keepers and their games.

After all that excitement over reducing the bills in my wallet, the perps had me go out again to buy a hot cooked chicken, and make two outside excursions when one comprehensive trip would of sufficed. I don't get the luxury of being efficient or thoughtful about planning my activities. This is also a big gangstalk event, and the cummulative summary of the notable freakshow gangstalkers drawn from the Unfavored demographic groups was:
  • red hatted ambulatory gangstalkers,
  • a lead-ahead gangstalker 15' in front of me with an avocado green jacket pulling a180 degree about face stunt,
  • placing five commercial trucks and/or tractor units in a cluster and plugging the entire street with them, including a tractor trailer in the center of the road,
  • the split pair vagrant dudes gangstalk move,
  • the split pair policemen at the inside entrance of the apartment building,
  • the big hatted middle aged geriatric dudes (>4),
  • the carved faced black dressed vagrant pacing back and forth,
  • his counter (opposite) pacing Asian dude in the same colored clothes, same store area,
  • the geriatric standing around the jam area of the grocery store with a shopping cart over five minutes, doing nothing but "looking" (looking fucking stupid),
  • the cell phoning dude in place beside the Cling Wrap, a notorious perp harassment object, when I was to get some,
  • geriatrics standing around me in the lineup at the pharmacy,
  • the geriatrics standing around me at the chicken counter, shopping basket placed on the floor,
  • and the rest of the weirds that collect around me, then I was done.
The perps even narrowed down the sidewalk to 3' from 10' with the ongoing construction and street work, and lo, if about five of them weren't swarmed around me at this location, one being the odd tight suited (ill fitting) dude repeating from the first excursion, seen two blocks away, the second repeating male gangstalker this morning.

I had five 100g chocolate bars in my shopping basket at the grocery store, and mysteriously none when I emptied my grocery bags at home. Nor was I charged for them, and I am allowed to recall that I put them on the checkout conveyor belt and "somehow" they got missed by the checkout cashier. Fucking bizarre. And many more gangstalkers are on their cell phones within 6' of me, sometimes one each side of me. I have never seen so many people on their cell phones of late, and especially at street corners, or else as a sentry job. A blonde woman did a mid-sidewalk "stand there" stunt with her cell phone while another gangstalker 10' further away, a brown skinned and brown coated female was 10' away, also doing a "just stand there" stunt in mid sidewalk. The arrangement that I was walking toward the blonde who was closest, and then the browner, or perhaps in my cynical code, the double browner (Asian woman in brown coat) was standing there to have me pass between them while both were standing still.

I went to my gym class and back, a 30 minute walk each way, and the usual 500 to 1,000 gangstalking vehicles were arranged in color and vehicle style formations. I got a four freak foursome in my class, Mr. Ethnic Gut in yellow, Mr. New Bald in a burgundy sweater, Mr. Alkie, the seeming ex-alcoholic look of being exceptionally thin and drawn and Fat Boy who "happened" to arrive behind me one block away and tail me inside. He must of been teleported as it was very windy and he was on plastic bag duty, carrying one that somehow got within 4' before I heard the bag flapping. This is nothing new to have assholes arrive on my tail from nowhere, inside or outside. They all "happened" to converge on me when I was in the change room, attempting to get the fuck out of there, having been gangstalked the entire time, though not as bad as some times. No one was planted beside me doing nothing but look around, an improvement of a kind.

The walk there and back was beset by my own "mini-wind", extra gales that are contained around me, and me alone. And that wasn't enough, as they then scripted blowing rain around me too, even if there was none falling on the incessant vehicles that were passing by. As an added measure, there were significant wet patches of sidewalk that the perps kept wet all day, while elsewhere was dry. They put a rain on first thing this morning before I set off, and that was the putative "cause" for wet patches even if there had been sun and wind since then. After seeing so many of the tricks that go down, I don't believe much of what I see has a conventional basis for happening.

The ambulatory gangstalkers on the street were place to come out of a shaded lighting condition as they were within 8' of approaching me. This was so consistent that it doesn't surprise me, especially the games that go on with manipulation of lighting, vehicle and skin tone colors. My native Indian woman vagrant act was in place again when coming back, bumming from stopped vehicles at the traffic control. After having brown colored jackets twice last week, she was in a grey coat today. Only in perpland do the seeming vagrants go through three coat changes in a week.

I had a party of 30 Asian women "happening" to be walking altogether on the sidewalk pass me by. The seemed to have been let off the bus at a bus stop and then filed toward me, crossing paths at a sidewalk (concrete) street (ashspalt) interface. Regular readers will know how beserk the perps are about studying me with respect to these materials, so having a swarm at this location does not surprise me. And it was no surprise there was a surfeit of Asian women at the gym when I got there, even monopolizing the usual equipment I work out on.

And I was the recipient of a new harassment method; whistling that seemed to come from a close source, say 15' or less, and yet there was no one there to at least pretend to be doing so. This is radical departure from the perp's usual extra-conventional harassment games, as they have rarely gone public with such a blatant stunt. It happened twice while I was walking back from the gym. I get plenty of this noise from the street where there is at least the cover story that it is from someone I cannot see, but today's unabashed noise insertion suggests more harassment without ostensible cause.

Back to the above mentioned wallet issue. As an aside, the perps have pulled off about 15 wallet thefts since I began to carry one some 40 years ago. In some situations they stole it from my jacket at work immediately following loading up on cash at the ATM. This was at my worksite, and I never left the area except for a 3 minute visitation to the washroom, and yet it was mysteriously gone. I could never figure out how someone could of followed me and then somehow loitered unseen in an office building ready to pounce at the one free moment. But as I have had many other wallet thefts and "misplacings" where it could not be found, it all makes sense when one understands that objects can be manipulated and dematerialized from a distance. Or, alternately, one's mental faculties can be readily dithered to "lose" it somehow.

When I walk to the gym and yoga I wear my track pants, with the wallet in a zippered front pocket. Invariably I take it out and lock it up or have it within my sight so the wallet isn't flopping around as I work out. I would imagine that the perps' fascination with my wallet, its contents, and the colors and materials of all contained objects extends to having it elsewhere than my right back pocket, and this "alternative" suits them fine, as they haven't stolen it since 2004. In the latter instance, someone phoned me some 6 months later and claimed to have found it in the bush, without the money of course. That one probably cost me $200. This serves only as a record of the perps' fixation with my wallet, and hopefully as a warning to all TI's that they could have theirs stolen to facilitate the perps' research agenda.

I spent some time looking at Infra Red (IR) cameras and sensors. This has been a perps sponsored "interest" since the harassment began, and I supect that it serves their needs more than mine. (The remote TV control sends and IR beam, and lo, if about 80% of the time my parents don't walk in front of the TV immediately before or after I use the remote control). This interest in IR began because I read that the US Homeland Security (keeping residents in maybe?) has put out a ban on mere mortals acquiring IR cameras, per this link from Earthfiles. It could all be made up to instignate my "interest", but I would not be surprised. Some of my photography has picked up some interesting anomalies, but I never could get into IR sensitive film as the perps had damaged my film camera by then. That might be all academic as it appears that Kodak is not making IR sensitive film any more.

Time to call this day done, and ponder tonight's tossing and turning imposition. Last night, the perps kept me up for an hour before allowing sleep, plying me with noise from outside and then flipping my head to each side countless times.

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