Friday, March 14, 2008

Dwell Time

Dwell Time must be the perp supplied word in place of "shut-in" time, as this automotive term never occured to me until just this instant. There is always a big game going on with the perps everytime a new blog title is "thought about". First I get blanked out as to any relevant title, and then I get a string of remotely applied insertions into mind as to which will be acceptable. Usually the perps go through three to five such suggestions before I accept one. Or, at least I think I am making the decisions, as they may well run that mind process for me now. The amount of noisestalking in relation to unbidden thoughts is getting less by the day, which really means that they are co-opting my abilities to reason and think creatively.

Shut-in time is when they have me all day or more in my apartment and keep me here with online diversions through out the day, usually with several "what to do?" intervals, and then an "idea" comes to mind that they seem ready for as it is consistent with the themes they like to harp on about. See the Perp's Objectives 1 and 2 blog posings listed at the right under the Essential Introductory Reading for a brief description of the perp's prominent themes. Though the real story is that they seem to be functionally dissecting my life, right down to mouseclicks and web page changes, and forced keystroke errors that re-occur in exactly the same way for years at a time.

Often Fridays are shut-in days, and then they like to surround me with gangstalkers the first time I head out on Saturday. This is so frequent that it is predictable, another "anomaly" in the clinical story I got stiffed with. And it seems that some foodstuffs are running low to warrant a visit to the grocery store tomorrow, though one can never be too sure, as they like to change these activities to ensure that I got it totally wrong, another ongoing theme. The "dashed expectations" game, where all this mental buildup around some expectable event gets suddenly changed owing to some variable, often a perp-abetting family member, and very often with some noisestalking at that very moment of new realization. Usually the outcomes are minor, say, taking the bus home instead of walking, or no rain when there was a 90% chance of it (yesterday, when walking to gym 60 minutes of outside time). One gets very blase about promises and expectations, and if I had my way, I would not be "thinking" (read, planted notions by remote means) about such matters. Though of course, some events unfold exactly as anticipated, and these are when I wonder if the orchestration operative who is running me had goofed up.

The latest progress in remotel applied brain invasive harassment methods was made apparent to me this morning. The perps had me ranting about some affrontive action, and then they had me using the wrong word and all the while thinking it was the correct one. Normally these word insertion jerkarounds leave me with the immediate impression the incorrect word was used, which pisses me off enough. Now, the perps have upped this jerkaround into controlling me to think that I used the correct word when in fact I didn't. Confused?, that is what it is like, as one's total faculties are totally controllable and mutable by another agency that won't identify itself and can apply mind-invasive methods remotely. All to sustain more torment and to further yet more research into screwing me over in new and different ways. It should go without saying that the perps can apply this to anyone they chose to target, and one will never know if this is the situation. After all, they had me targetted for 47 years and I did not have a clue. (See at right, My Story, 2005 version)

A constant engine belt whining noise has been going on for the past 10 minutes since I finished up with tea and chocolate, and now the extra bus noise and car alarm noises have been added to the mix. This must be the big moment, this digestion time of "foods", this being Cadbury's Creme Eggs, a favorite item for me to eat it seems. One perp abetting feature is the color combination; brown chocolate with white and yellow goo inside. I suspect that it is wrapped in tin foil is also a bonus as the chocolate is tagged with the foil rub-off, and it might be more traceable than otherwise.

Anyhow, here are some more pictures, though nothing too exciting.

When one controls the town, then one can park in any configuration one wants, and here it is. The two "service" vehicles in white blocked by a silver grey sedan immediately in front of them. Taken 03-05-2008.

Here we go, a once per week event at least; four red colored vehicles parked in file. I don't think this is normal for those free folk, frequent as it is.

A managed image exposure problem it seems, as it is washed out. What attracted me was the symmetry of the two parked vehicles closest to the left, one on each side of the street and the same color. But as the exposure didn't come out as planned, you will have to believe me on this one. And the 30" green PVC pipe is what they laid under the street, but for "some reason" a piece of it was kept around for me to see and take a picture of. The street has been paved for three weeks, and it would seem that the perps are putting this out for more of their long standing games in exposing me to various kinds of plastics, vinyl (PVC) being one. All ambulatory gangstalkers are heading the same direction. And no less, I get the odd gangstalker on the bus carrying vinyl records. Taken 03-05-2008.

Same street scene, one day later, 03-06-2008. The gratuitous green colored PVC pipe got cut up for "some reason", likely for more color and plastic spread, in crumb form. There isn't anything too self-incriminating about this photo, though there are a few "regulars"; two blue vehicle parked in file on the right side, one on "woodstalking" duty, (carrying exposed wood), the massed excavators for no apparent reason, and the white commercial truck on the left side, the 90 degree offset white color reference. The flagperson is in dayglo lime green/yellow, and I see them most of the day, "needed" for guiding vehicles to the underground parking on the left, past the excavators.

I don't know whether this book , Mind Control for Dummies by Iona Miller, is serious or not, but it seems to connect so many of the dots of the harassment experience I cannot ignore it. It also incorporates the notion of psi energies, what it seems the perps are after, as mere 100% mind control isn't enough as I have come to know. This is from the author's web site:

My expertise is in creativity and extraordinary human development. For good or evil, I am a creative geyser. In past decades I have fallen in love with painting and collage, magick, archetypal and transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy, subquantum physics, consciousness studies, multimedia, and chaos theory. I can't "marry" any theory, since there is no consensus in physics or consciousness studies, though I argue many points of view.

Still, I've always remained faithful to my main interest: the interface of psyche and matter ~ that point where psyche matters. As in chaos theory, all the creative action is at the boundary of any field, the creative threshold, the leading edge. It is in finding meaning and expressing that meaning that we exalt our humanity in our individuation. We don't actually change but our experience of reality does and this experience is largely outside of our "conscious" grasp
I am not sure I understand all that, but I did spend plenty of web browse time looking at the author's website. She has an interest in putting the pieces of MKULTRA together, and especially the company Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. (MRU) that appeared to have MKULTRA like purposes. It's central researcher, Carl Schleicher, has a murky background that is difficult to put together as he is deceased. It seems as if he was successor to Thomas Townsend Brown by way of his military service, but of a psychology training background. I don't have any association with this organization or person that I am aware of, though there are some very strange memory lapses from ages two to five that I cannot explain, and nor can I explain the ongoing orchestrated harassment in attempting to re-invoke notions of seeming past traumatizations. But I do wonder why the perps made me sneeze twice when creating the above link, as well as forcing me to navigate the page from the blonde woman in the bottom image (Iona Miller, author) and then back up to Dr. Schleicher's image at the top of the page. Another case of "blondeing" perhaps, putting Favored images (attractive blonde woman) next to Unfavored images (scientist of neural energetics; maybe I met him once). I find this quote to be directly applicable to the perp's harassment, going back to my blog posting on pondering the perps' objectives:
MRU's capability and experience is divided into four fields, including biophysics --

  • Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields,
  • Research in Magneto-fluid Dynamics,
  • Planetary Electro-Hydro-Dynamics" and
  • Geo-pathic Efforts on Living Organisms.
The latter focuses on the induction of illness by altering the magnetic nature of the geography. MRU first researched the area of Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields focusing on the induction of illness by altering the magnetic nature of the geography
All four of those research fields seem to apply to this current harassment, and lo, if he didn't work for the Navy Intelligence organization, as did Thomas Townsend Brown.

Here is another quote from someone who knew Dr. Schleicher at this link;

Iona: Just how did you come to work for Dr. Schleicher? Did you ever do any SpecOps, PsiOps, or BlackOps projects? What were your qualifications for such work?

STONE: I was not with Carl until seven years after he was publically exposed in 1980. But MRU was a front for the most advanced mind control technology at that time.
Amazing, and this is not well known, and no documentation can be found. As I type this I am getting noises from the right (hallway banter), and the left (faked water usage noise).

More about the goings on at the US Naval Weapons Research Lab;
Eldon Byrd, Psychotronic Weapons Expert
Byrds of a Feather...
Scientist Eldon Byrd, who worked for the Naval Surface Weapons Office, was commissioned in 1981 to develop electromagnetic devices for purposes including riot control, clandestine operations and hostage removal

Anyhow, it seems that the folks that were overseeing this work are still at it, perfecting their methods, and are still attempting to attain 100% mind control. Given tonight's many noise flurries and coincident phenomenon of jabbing me, faked touches on my arms, pissing me off with typos, pulling on my shirt as I sit at a desk, sending vibrations up my feet, and other incursions, they remain highly active in using nonconsenting humans.

More sirens, a zapping with an simultaneous overhead knocking, and some extreme visual distortions where the orthogonal lines go wavy and out of plumb or level. Not to mention plasma coming off the LCD display, these transitive fogs as if a corneal problem, which it isn't.

An interesting evening spent reading, despite the harassment fuckery, as there are plenty of mind control research references attached to Elizabeth Rauscher, a name that has been at the forefront of mind consciousness, mind control and quantum research. Funny how I keep finding these pillars of credible research six years into this purgatory. And even more odd that when I select, copy and paste their names between browser tabs that the noisestalking starts up. Other related games are forcing me to scratch my nose like a gangstallking operative at the instant their photo is displayed on the web. Usually the perps like to have me read about a person at some length, say, 20 minutes, and only then do they allow a photograph of the person to be displayed, ususally associated with noisestalking, plasma and maser phenomenon and the blatant forced nose scratching I didn't need to do. Seems like psychic research to me.

A car alarm has just erupted while I had the earmuffs on, and was not attenuated to any degree. Hence, the earmuffs come off and I get to listen to this at full volume instead. It is never dull around here, even if the action is of a juvenile nature. And quite the car alarm too, now going for over a minute and counting.

After pummelling me with loud mufflered vehicle noise in serial for some four years, now, a new variation; two loud mufflered vehicles at the same time, with widely variant noise frequency between them. Could this be the new noise profile I am going to get? Stay tuned for that and other like excitement.

And it is time to call this day done and blog off.

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