Sunday, March 30, 2008

Post Meal Clunking

The post mealtime silliness has started up; the clunking from putative neighbors again. Not only are they the one apartment "with" noncarpeted floors, (otherwise there would be no clunking), but they are perenially moving them in the same way, most often after meals.

And a rain shower also unloaded at this time, changing up the noise of passing traffic, duly amplified as always. The seeming excitement for the perps was scraping my left knuckle again, one week after blatantly cutting it in the night and delaying its healing all to keep a red sore there for their color reference purposes. I was making lunch and "attempting", per imposed adversity, to open the plastic tub of tapenade up when "somehow" the knuckle got scraped and lo, blood began to flow. Therefore, a band-aid was placed on it, all to hold up making lunch at that juncture, the tapenade tub being open for longer, and of course, have this fabric color reference object on my left thumb. Regular readers will know that the perps just love to have their not-so-secret agents with band-aids on them, the most absurd to date was the dude in front of me on the bus with it stuck on itself and projecting off his ear by two inches.

So while my left thumb was bleeding, and while the band-aid was being applied, the perps put on a huge siren cascade, but no emergency vehicles, just the noise. It wasn't that big of a deal but the perps made sure that my "reaction" was one of being frazzled and vociferous over the imposition of the added hand shaking fuckery to create extra difficulty in applying the band-aid, which could be named perp-aid or brown-aid. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed over the color brown, and take great care in introducing me to this color, usually incrementally, and begining with tan browns first. Anyhow, I have this fucking band-aid stuck on my thumb for the afternoon, and no doubt is it serves some color referencing purpose.

I had the usual noistalking while reading blogs before lunch; this is a big deal for the perps of late, hounding me while reading blogs, most often on the personal ones. Which does cause me to wonder what is it that they are looking for when I read a blog, especially about someone?

Some pictures for some relief;

Here is what happens to my laundry after coming out of the dryer. I have had this workout shirt for some four years, but that wasn't good enough for them. So they decided to variagate the grey tones on it under the arm, a location they cannot access enough for their needs, hence the ludicrous public "outbreaks" of left hand drive pedestrians, sometimes four in succession. Changing my shirt color under the arms is another stunt to aid underarm energy reading, or whatever it is that they are doing.

Back to the six month long (so far) public works project the perps put on for me in reworking some road levels and adding in large runs of PVC pipe under the road. This is the morning after a concrete pour for the sidewalks, and most mysteriously the plastic that they leave over the curing surface has all lifted up and "somehow" been stuck to vertical surfaces, one after the other. I have never seen anything quite so ordered and ludicrous (must be a theme word today) at the same time. Only the day before, after pouring, the poly plastic was laid over the concrete to keep it moist so it cures properly. The next morning, all the plastic had lifted off by itself and stayed in this vertical position, all with no seeming "workers" around. Nothing new there. Taken at 0821h on 03-21-2008.

The same thing as the above photo, and I was mind-fucked into "thinking" it was different. This shows three outside lights that are still on in the daytime, something the perps do for me everywhere.

These two were taken yesterday, 03-29-2008 at 1608h, emulating a dusk onset I reckon, before dusk though. They darkened down the skies and put in a couple of rainbows, something they also do for me, though rarely. (About the third time in six years or so). The only other significant timing to this show was that I was digesting my tea and chocolate from my teabreak. Regular readers will know about the perp's brown color obsessions, and that eating chocolate seems to be their way of having me place this brown colored substance close to my brain, as it would be less than an inch away from the inside of one's mouth. I never had a chocolate affliction before the harassment started, and it has been a 220g per day "need" ever since, blowing my food budget every month now. Given that brown color is not part of a rainbow or "natural" spectrum must give the perps additional challenges in replicating it, and this seems to be some attempt of "color sampling".

Having the building blocking the rainbow would be another test; to see what light energy, or other energy more likely, passes through the concrete building with the remainder of the rainbow plainly visible as a control. Not that I care much, as this is benign as far as harassment stunts go. The building's color is not pink, and "somehow" the color rendition of my camera is getting jerked with.

This being Sunday means a trip to the First Feral Family tonight, all to be gangstalked by my parents in this ongoing quisling fuckery that I am mind-fucked into putting up with. The perps even run me to be extra derisive and critical of the fucker's feints and dodges, especially my father's back and forth walking, all for no seeming purpose, and usually in front of a door frame, and then from behind the adjacent wall. Another regular stunt is to have him stand in a doorway, but not in view and with a table lamp behind him casting his shadow into the room I am seated in. I suppose the perps want to calibrate his entire bad vibes, and maybe a shadow is an interim step between seeing him, and not seeing him, but knowing he is lurking just out of sight. It is fucking absurd to say the least, and I have reamed his ass about standing in my view of the TV, and he gets pissed about it, but somehow knows exactly what I am complaining about. This situationally variable dementia he has is something the perps have me monitor all the time as well. His purported medical condition is a fucking fraud and he knows it.

On Monday mornings when my father goes to adult day care, there is someone like him who often "shows up" if I am in a public area, and the asshole is often staring at me in readiness when I turn around and observe my proximate gangstalkers. Other likenesses have also "showed up" in my proximity, often to replicate only one aspect of him; posture, height, appearance, age staring habit etc. More of the fucking idiot show as far as I am concerned.

A yawning "outbreak" with simultaneous plasma projecting off the LCD display while looking at it, and some overhead tapping and clunking. Other than the PC, there seems to be an all-quiet order in effect where the usuall litany of noise goes quiet save some selecting noise at the specifi moment, augmented by yawning no doubt.

I had my tea and chocolate and the overhead clunking duly started up in short order. I am going to get picked up in half an hour, so I suspect that having 100g of brown chocolate in me will be the gangstalking attraction. The number of dweebes in the elevator accompanying me is also a good "tell".

Time to call this one done, even if I am getting the forehead numbing torture currently.

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