Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Freakshow Thursday

Thursdays have yoga scheduled for the late morning, and then gym class mid-afternoon, with a 30 minute walk to the latter, one direction along a major traffic artery that is the venue for the 500 to 1,000 moblie gangstalking vehicles arranged by color and body design.

And it seems to represent an ongoing opportunity for the perps to leverage what they have determined at the yoga class and then apply it to the latter one. With all that spine and body twisting at yoga it represents a big opportunity to gangstalk me all the more, which is what they routinely do. There were the usual plasma beams flitting about the room, and about me, often "complementing" an edge of something, and being projected from it, say, adding a 4" swath of yellow plasma beam to my mat in my peripherial vision to get my attention, which it does. There are also plasma beams projecting 8' to 10' from the lighting, making themselves out to be some kind of flare in the lens of my eyeglasses.

Then there is the weird behaviors of classmates, which is getting more so. The woman who "disappeared" for two weeks has come back now, she was the one waving the bag of bagels around at the end of a class. She made sure to get into my regular spot this time, and brought her yellow plastic bag with her that ended up being 6' from me. She also set out two additional yoga mats for late comers, even if she does not know them at all. One mat got used by a late comer, and the deep burgundy colored one didn't. Totally nuts to my way of thinking, as she had no knowledge of there being more class members arriving, UNLESS she rehearsed the script, which is my contention on how all my family and public life events "unfold", in addition to everything I do in my apartment (web surfing mostly).

After I left the class, within one city block, why a faux vagrant was standing around on sentry duty, hugging a yellow plastic bag. After I passed him, he then proceeded to shout and call out for the next city block. That put me in place to see a repeat of another scripted weird act, a schizo-like performance of flailing arms and shouting by this operative leaning against the glass of a local Starbucks. This would of been at about 1240h. This was the same act that walked into my mother when I was downtown with her about 3 weeks ago. This babbling and flailing limbs act was a bit thick then, but the perps decided to reprise it again. And lo, when I walked by at about 1350h, there he still was, in the same location and putting on his schizo act again. Lets get real, is a Starbucks, or any business for that matter, going to allow a raving mad schizo to carry on outside their business for an hour? Not likely, but again, the perps are not confining themselves to realistic scenarios and street stunts any more.

And no less, the above actor looks suspiciously like the strange dude in a long black coat and a wide brimmed black hat standing at the same intersection two weeks ago, without the schizo act of course. He has also featured himself in other locations in town, and in the local supermarket, making himself to be the ever attendant manager flitting around the checkouts. It makes me wonder who he really is when not morphed over, as the operatives and shills that get the repeat jobs are often those who have known me in the past.

The walk to the gym was the usual parade of vehicle formations, vehicular gangstalking I call it. I had some ambulatory acts, and at certain locations the perps had me with 6 to 12 gangsgalkers around me. One dude was crouched down on the sidewalk, smoking a cigarette, and not even waiting for a bus or like "excuse". In this position, where they stretch their back, it would seem that the perps can read extra energy, or whatever it is that they are after with their remote assay methods. The perps would do this with hikers on the trails, but this is a first having someone look so utterly fucking stupid in a public location as this. A squatting sentry one might say.

The gym class was a full on five freak event today; Ethnic Gut, Alkie, New Bald, Biggest Blonde and Fatboy were all there, and three others who didn't belong in the freak designation. As usual, Ethnic Gut and New Bald were in my view nearly most of the time, and if I am looking away, the perps will even plant an image of them in my peripherial vision. In other words, it is direct vision manipulation. Ethnic Gut was even on "greeting duty", standing at the cubbies when I arrived, all to see the top 8" of his head before I made the corner to then be able to see all of him loitering around, giving me the stare for no known reason. The perps like to arrange the fugly types so I only see a portion of them, say, arm, head etc. I also got three obesers on my outing, one woman walking two blocks had to be over 300 pounds. Another obeser was on red hair duty as well, having two Unfavored roles. She was dressed in mostly black clothing with some white stripes, the uniform of the color resonance testing types.

The perps made sure to put me in a swarm as I got out of the classroom; there were at least four of them all around me, getting in the way, crossing my intended path and the rest of the excuses to place their fuckers around me in quantity. As always, I am glad to get the fuck out of there, but only at the scripted moment of course. Two classmates/gangstalkers were dawdling in front of me when headed out; I couldn't pass by until they stopped at the landing of the stairs to look at the pool. (Translated, have me walk past them at a location of a 180 degree change in direction).

It became apparent in the gym class that there was a scripted arrangement with the members, save me. All but one of them stopped doing half the exercise while I, and an instructor, finished the rest of it. The remainder were to continue as I was, but "somehow" they arranged to only do half of it all together in unison. Amazing, and it appeared to happen at yoga too, where some of the class appeared to know what the next pose was without the instruction. I can only assume that these were purposeful "errors" for me to detect, which is done sometimes.

When I got back from gym, with a short stopover at the grocery store, the perps pulled another fire alarm stunt. While the alarm was ringing they had me change my clothes, back into jeans, and then put the groceries away before putting on my shoes and coat to walk out down the stairs. And lo, if the Red Anorak granny, and all too familiar gangstalker of the elevator and the street wasn't 3' from as I entered the stair well. Then more weirdness as I passed this dude standing at the top of the stairs on a lower floor, making out that he was going back to his place. Once I got to the main floor, why, the fire alarm went off, and the manager went outside the building. Another weird, a man dressed all in white was standing in the vacant and inactive elevator, as if he were some kind of tradesman who "happened" to be around. So I went back up the stairs and encountered the weird dude who was standing on a landing. He had only just entered the door he planned to enter some two minutes earlier. And Red Anorak Granny was also stopped in the stairwell, having taken a break of a few minutes also. Anyhow, this is the fourth time within a year there has been a false fire alarm, and it is always besieged by weirds or other Unfavored individuals. This time, even the fire trucks didn't come, which is odd, as I passed the firehall on my walk, and this would of been a great opportunity to bring their yellow vehicles down to where I live, though they have already done that. And no doubt that was all planed for me to eat chocolate immediately afterward, as I bought a new variety of Easter egg chocolate preceding my arrival in the building. The various theme threads of the perps can get very intertwined, and it is impossible to sort them out these days.

Some loud pounding overhead started the instant I read the word "dollar" while reading about Thomas Townsend Brown's exploits and the shadow world that he lived in.

Another evening spent reading about the black netherworld of Thomas Townsend Brown and the book in development aided by the collaboration of an associated online forum and the help of a few ringers, some who worked with him.

It seems as if this filming plan is firming up, and I am to get 10 pages of text written that introduces and explains my own netherworld, the imposed one. Keeping it to ten pages will be a summary, and once done I will post it to this blog. The film might even make it to YouTube. With my interview by Gina Romano on The Edge Radio airing this month, this is a PR busy time. And I am sure, scripted as well for whatever benefits accrue to my mind-keepers.

The perps pulled a wind howl earlier tonight, neccessitating more drafting tape to cover the gap in the sliding door where it "happens". I had ripped the tape off about 4 weeks ago hoping the last of the winter storms had passed, but of course not; the entire exercise of my life is to repeat the same activities for the perps in all possible combinations and permutations of nuance, task order, clothing color, time of day or evening, temperature, mood state, lighting and everything else they find so fascinating.

Time to call this one done; a statutory holiday here tomorrow, and likely a shut-in day. Maybe I can get both my income tax return and this script done. The latter task will likely be the usual BOH (Before Overt Harassment) travails of excessive rewrites and still not having the script together until the last minute if my history of college papers are anything to go by.

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