Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bottle Bashing in the Hallway

As I am cruising through a big list of links related to psi energies, consciousness, quantum energy and the like, bottle bashing with coughing follow-on has erupted in the hallway. I thought that when I moved from the putative boarding house last year that these identical traits/noises would not follow me to this semi-classy apartment block. Not so, as it turns out. The kerchunk sound has followed me from Seattle to here, all my residences since the harassment began in 2002, numbering eight in near succession. The only place it didn't happen was when I lived on the top floor of an apartment building, but that lasted only seven months before the assholes pushed me out of there. I suspect it was all about me living under the flat tar (asphalt component) and gravel roof. Regular readers will know that the perps have a total fixation over the major substances of road and sidewalk construction, ashphalt and concrete. I notice my in-town brother is getting his house re-roofed, going from duroid (tar based) to fiberglas shingles. And this is likely the underpinning of why the perps hounded me while driving my vehicle until I gave it up in 2006. They still hound me with gangstalking vehicles, 500 to 1,000 everytime I walk to the gym (30 minutes) and back, twice a week. The number of seeming arranged parked vehicles is likely double that number.

This will be a short blog posting today as there isn't anything too exciting to convey, and that I will be heading to my parent's place later. (As I typed that I got typo sabotage, and then while swearing out loud to the assholes, they whacked me with a noise in the region of my right jaw. As always, their timing is impeccable). Now some head hits from some strange source are coming on. Nothing like riling me up to higher levels fo rage all to fuck me over some more).

The perps choked down my chocolate supply, and aren't allowing me to have any kind today. This is not too unusual, as it seems they like to prepare me for eating brown colored food at my parent's place. The sacred teatime, and all the carbohydrates that will incur. I get to travel on the bus later, another freakshow of regular occurence; all my Unfavoreds and the "lost" passengers asking me questions as if I had "tour guide" on my back. Funny how they ask me all the time; which suggests that the perps need me to vocalize more when I am out, my permitted social interaction for the day it would seem.

The masers and plasma games have been ramping up today; they will even have a maser course around me for a few seconds after I relocate myself in my apartment, "inspecting" me for my magnetic properties it would seem. In other words, the furtive flitting in my peripherial vision is not doing the job anymore, so on with the blatant games of having unusual objects and fields around me.

More stupid games; while doing some troving through consciousness research sites I came across the name of Iona Miller. The instant I saw her picture, some guy from outside yells out. Now the hallway coughing, hacking and jocularity has erupted as I type this. Theutter bullshit never ends it seems.

An ambulance passed by, per siren noise, just as I read the very word. Time to blog of.

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