Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Four Hour Sleep

My usual short Monday night sleep record was kept intact by the perps keping me awake in bed in attempting to go to sleep, and then an inordinantly early getup time of 0700h. I reckon I had four hours of sleep. The usual parade of noisy vehicles was scripted while awake, for the hour before getting up. As soon as I got to the window and opened the curtain, why all the "traffic noise" suddenly abated and there was just the odd sedan. Nothing new there, and the likely scenario is that the traffic noise was projected and artificial, and then when the deemed causal source is investigated, then no more noise as it is patently absurd to have that much passing by at 0700h, and to have it that loud six stories up.

There were some strange dreams added into the nightime mix, nothing too dramatic or perturbing thankfully. The earlier than usual awakening has given me plenty of early online time this morning, and it fits the progression of some of my regular news and blog reading to be slowly shifted from evening time to post noon. There are certain categories of news, e.g. cinema, that were only read at the evening time going back a few months, and of late there has been plenty of morning time where this last resort of news and blogs reading has progressively been "happening" earlier each day. Not a big deal for me, just a note of the very careful goings on in this scripted life.

My perps let me in on why they are so cranked up about the dusk onset, and pull all manner of stunts then to test me all the more. This is the period at which one's vision shifts from the use of cones (see in color and detail), to predominantly rods (more light sensitive). Anyhow, it is not a big deal to me, but ask the perps and you will get a different response.

This is a Tuesday, and is my gym day, scheduled for 1430h, and when I walk a half hour to the recreation center with huge swarms of gangstalking vehicles around me, always color coordinated. There have been plenty of pictures of this in past blogs, and now it "so happens" that I "forget" to take my camera each time. Which suggests it was really only for the perps, as it seems they can co-opt cameras for their own remote energy assay purposes, even if switched off in my pocket.

The all-quiet order has gone out for abating noise, save the odd selected one added into the mix and usually timed with select, cut, paste, link and other Windows commands. I see that the perps are getting ready for more concrete pouring within my view, some 400' away, and appear to be working on getting better distance dependent readings of me and whatever energetic interaction I have with concrete. And it seems that having roads and other concrete surfaces left unused is a big deal, hence games like the library strike in town, going on for at least three weeks now. The intersection where the perps poured new sidewalks, paved and patched with asphalt, Fort and Lee streets for locals, is usually arranged to have six or more gangstalkers arranged around me each time I am returning from gym. Before completion of this street works project on my walking beat, the perps had plenty of extra "workers" standing around this intersection, and one even assigned to sit down on the concrete sidewalk while the ashpalt workers were busy all around her. It is simply amazing the degree of careful planning that goes on in scripting my life, only outdone by the need to be surrepticious and furtive. Why can't they come out of the closet? This is a question all TI's have, and there is no specific reason except the generality that whatever the objective is must be so important that they will forgo any efficiency and conduct themselves covertly instead, even if the cost and project duration is at least two orders of magnitude greater.

Now the noise has started up; the faux neighbor water usage in ons and offs, sirens, heavy duty vehicles and brake squealing. In concert, the perps have dried out my mouth, something they often do, as it seems that this facet of the brain cannot be understood in energetic terms. Hence the operatives with their mouths hanging open, eating food, moving their tongue around in their mouth, chewing gum, spitting, or otherwise displaying their mouth contents. This is the "open mouthing" habit/method, and it is near universal for those operatives that are most proximate, say, 10' or so.

I am back from gym, and have finished my tea and chocolate, always a big event for the perps in their "browning around". I had the usual color coordinated 500 to 1,000 gangstalking vehicles and at least forty parties of ambulatory gangstalkers there and back, when half that was "normal". The perps were big on orange colored gangstalkers, on the street, and two buzzing around me in the gym. The gym class was a three freak event; Fatboy, Ethnic Gut and New Bald were featuring themselves in about equal measure, meaning that anytime I looked up or around, they were planted in my vision. There were some other freaks there as too; the Regular Granny, the Down's Syndrome person and another skinhead. Of that group, Ethnic Gut and Regular Granny were on me again when I exited and was headed out. More of the gangstalkers are reprising outside, and then loitering around me when inside the gym. Fatboy was on lead-ahead gangstalk mode when I was headed to the gym for the last block. Yet another designed coincidence.

More gym gangstalkers are wearing their outside clothing inside; these Goretex anoraks and cycling jackets are still being worn when the fucker is circulating around me. And more of the fuckers are going out of their way to come by closer rather than taking the shorter route. Other games were putting on at least two gangstalkers to stare at me for no reason. And the perps kept me off the treadmill, whacking my hands for no reason except to be abusive, and the routine is that I bail on the exercise when that fuckery is applied to me. There was at least one dude parading around in his orange shirt; I couldn't quite figure out why he was acting so spaced out after having done some exercise just before. It seems that the rare energetic gangstalker also likes to strut around and do nothing at specific intervals. All part of the deal, only about 20% of them are actually doing anything at any one moment, the rest are in transit or standing around. Nothing new there since the harassment started, as I have never seen anything like it before, and I worked out in many gyms in Everett, Seattle, New York even, and other locations.

And lo, if the above mentioned Fort and Lee street intersection wasn't the site of more street works, which must be the fourth or fifth time that they have "reworked" their maintenance and upgrade of the sidewalk, crosswalk, adjacent asphalt, and on-demand pedestrian traffic control. The dudes were cutting the asphalt with a specialized cutting device, and shut it down as soon as I was proximate, and then the dude followed me with the asphalt cutter and its leading rotary blade, and then "needed" to cross the street with it, even if he hadn't finished his task at the first location. And the setup was that he shouted out to his (purported) buddy across the street and the perps managed me to jump in reaction to hearing this from close behind me when I did not expect it. And I don't jump much as I am quite familiar with all the ongoing fuckery, but the perps managed my "reaction" again, a stunt that is becoming of increasing use. Two weeks ago they used a kid to scream for no reason some 3' behind me, and again fucked me into a shocked "reaction" with a turn around to see what the source of the noise was.

On this particular project, the perps have put in new sidewalk at each corner, about 80' total, and have paved at least three times, maybe more. They even repaved over their paving, lifting up about a 2" depth and repaved this as a patch, all for no discernable reason as far as I could tell. So here they are, cutting up the asphalt, and then chasing me with the asphalt cutter. This stunt has been done before, where they walked past with the concrete cutter on their way to the work that had been completed. This project does not include the adjacent house they tore down, and having left it for at least two months, they put the excavator on today, that big yellow mass behind the green steel mest fence.

And as predicted above, the perps put on at least 10 ambulatory gangstalkers around me when I crossed the Fort and Lee intersection. This seems to be the one where they have invested the most gangstalking of all the three public works projects that "erupted" on my walk to the OB Rec. Center for gym. They even put on a wretched cyclist gangstalker, riding on the sidewalk when there was a cycle lane. Can we get any more fucking obvious than this?

And at my end of town where there is still a block long public works project in progress, seen in some of the pictures, and also augmented with pointless ashphalt patching as well, the perps have poured some more concrete for the new sidewalks, which is something they wanted me to see between the gangstalking vagrant parties they put on for the last half block. Not only were they vagrants, but also native Indians with large guts, another case of "gutstalking", with brown skin. As an accompaniment, they also put on a young attractive woman in a goofy brown hat and a light brown jacket as a seeming reference for "aura" or what ever is the reason the perps interleave the Favored (she) and the Unfavored (vagrants, brown skin (brown anything)). And to add to the moment, they also put on siren noise, and followed up with more once I got to my apartment.

And I notice that the perps are putting on more large excavation equipment around me, or other large mass vehicle. Yesterday at the lumber yard they had a forklift with a load of cedar fence sections on it and ran it past me. Today, they put on a huge Caterpillar loader for loading up the steel mesh fence for separating the street works project some 20' away. They could of used a pickup truck, but no, they had this large logging-like loader with forks mounted on it rather than a bucket. As mentioned above, they also had an excavator working behind a steel mesh fence on my outing. All were yellow colored, and I am sure this was part of the arrangement; attempting to tease out my neural yellow responses with a high mass yellow painted vehicle.

And speaking of responses and testing; the perps were flashing a red plasma beam at me as I was walking toward Fort and Lee intersection, the above mentioned locus of perp excitement over their asphalt and concrete construction. The plasma beam stayed about 4' in front of me and was pulsing about every two seconds and it did not matter where I looked, it was in the same place in my central vision. This is not the first time this has happened at this location, but it is getting fucking tedious.

Time for some unsubstantiated news, but making some very curious assertions. The author claims that the Rwanda genocide event of 1994 was directed by US military mind control aircraft, and even has some pictures of them. Then he further suggests that the same kind of activity is going on in Bagdad, particularly the looting of the antiquities. While speculative, it is interesting in that it seems to fit a pattern that I have noticed, that there are too many odd events going on that defy rational explanation.

The aspiring fim project took a new turn tonight; she came by to lay the task on me, something I thought was going to happen, as why would she write me a script and no one else? This project is detailing the lives of the residents of this Chelsea Apartments, in a fashion that Warhol did in the Chelsea in New York City. I have to pull a 10 minute script together for next week.

She did purchase the book titled the Air Loom Gang, one that I promote on the panel to the right, as it refers to organized harassment over 200 years ago, a little more on the blatant side as the regular harassors used a loom part that they directed toward their victim, James Tilley Mathews. An excerpt from the book is at this site. The concept is that I develop a script which draws from the Potemkin Village metaphor, the Air Loom Gang and my own experiences.

And while talking to her the perps were doing something horrid to me, making me feel "floaty" which means they were de-energizing my temporal lobes again. I cannot count the number of times they have done this to me, and they appear to want to do this in more critical situations for them. And for the the ten minutes she was here, they sucked the moisture out of my mouth and also added some kind of off-flavor too. Just another day dealing with the sickos.

I made some updates to the template and added some more TI stories, one being a dairy. It is unbelievable what the perps are doing to Matti Koski in Finland, and Canada before that, and it has gone on since 1979. All the while I was adding his sites to my template the perps were pounding the floor/ceiling overhead by dint of some fuckery, as it is 10" of concrete. And they were adding in street shouting and hallway sourced clunking sounds as if it were noisey locks and door closures. This is common; reading other TI's blogs or stories will always get me noisestalked in some way, and usually multiple sources.

Time to blog off for the day, and call this one done. Maybe I will get some sleep tonight, and I seemed to have not missed any sleep on account of last night's jerkaround.

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