Saturday, March 15, 2008

Feigned Male Jocularity

As I type this a burst of faux male jocularity has erupted in the hallway outside my door. Shades of living in a rooming house again, this time in a concrete building. And all because I was visiting a TI blog; one notes the simultaneous activities to get a handle on what the perps are after. Or at least, that is a good clue. Sometimes it is the mention of a name, color, theme (aka trigger) word, Windows activities and the list goes on.

And one can be sure that when the noises, normally delivered in serial fashion, are arranged to be simultaneously, that the moment or activity is of vital interest to the perps.

A sudden rain shower with an attendant swishing noise of vehicular road traffic, should it be that fast and frequent. Regular readers will know that I doubt the normality of all that I hear, as all too often these noises have been projected by unseen means, as the source of it wouldn't be that loud, make that noise, or otherwise be causal. The perps have the means to make a noise of anything anywhere, usually contextual though not always as I learned this week. This goes on all day and night, and usually is reserved most for objects that I cannot see, as I don't have a street view immediately below where the putative road traffic is. In the past at other residences where I had a view of the street, and upon hearing inconguous street sourced noise, I could "talk the noise down" by simply looking outside and asking the perps were the noise source was. If I heard the moaning bus noise, and there was no bus in sight, I would keep asking them to put a bus into view, but of course they wouldn't, as there was none readied (usually, though making incorrect assumptions are also a perp objective). Then the bus noise would drop off, and then I would ask where all the high speed vehicle traffic as there would be a characteristic swishing sound. Again, there would be no vehicles, and the noise would immediately abate.

Now, with the desk removed from a street view, I cannot be entirely certain that the noise source is there unless I interupt my web surfing, blogging etc. And of late, especially as I wrote about bus noise above, the perps put on more bus noise while writing about it. This is getting all too common of late, the object of my interest "erupts" into its augmented noise as it is in mind.

Before lunch I went to the local supermarket to get groceries and a newspaper for my Saturday read, and I got the street sweeper treatment in advance. The street sweeper appeared to have been run around the street corners that I traversed, except that it did not clean the street so much as lay down tracks of soil, as if it were say, a "dirt jet printer". Nothing new there, as the street edges (asphalt concrete interface) seem to be of such intense interest, and this is a common method they have to give them a differing electromagnetic signature. Sometime the perps have their operatives sit on the concrete curb with their legs projecting onto the asphalt, "waiting" for a bus or like excuse.

I got my usual street gangstalking posse, and even some of them "joined" me in the grocery store no less. And in what maybe a significant perp advance, they went through the other main exit, and then "met up" with me in the store at least twice. I got held up at the checkout so more of them could enter the store from outside and then cruise by me at full walking speed, not even putting on the pretense of shopping. Then the over talkative "customer" with the grocery cart finished up at the checkout and then took the same path, heading back into the store instead of heading out. I have never seen anyone who finished up at a grocery store checkout, especially with a large quantity of groceries, head back into the store, especially when he was 6' from the exit. Always more public behavioural "firsts", a few of these a week now. The outing to the grocery store was all of ten minutes long, and the freakshow component was on the low side, and no "starter blondes" this time.

Another stunt was that the perps arranged for a woman "customer", at a checkout some 20' away, to suddenly collapse into a heap on the floor. As I was almost finished, and as I know these stunts to be feigned, I was not too moved to care. And of course, one of the perps often used words and themes was mentioned for me to hear, that being the word/theme "ambulance". I don't know what their interest is in subjecting me to this, but it goes on all week, at least a half dozen times of seeing one (or more), or having someone mention it, or it appearing on a web page in my regular news sites. I wish they would give it a rest, but instead, the perps are laying it on all the more. I would surmise the entire purpose of that "collapsing" stunt was to have me hear the above mentioned selected word. And lo, if no ambulance came or was heard, as I live such a short distance away.

A dull Saturday today, and all-day shut-in save the shopping trip this morning. The usual routine is that I get a national newspaper to read, and most TI's will know there is something the perps obtain from this, as if were an energy radiator of some kind. It becomes a game for the perps to have me read over the mid-page fold where they have arranged extra shadow and wrinkles of the paper, and invariably noisestalk me at this very moment. Other games the perps play with the newspaper is to either stiffen the page to make turning it problematic, or alternately, causing the page to flop usually at the location where I am reading, and lastly, foil my finger control to turn the page. And all the while, they ramped up the outside sources of noise, and later changing the arrangement from serial to simultaneous. With both hands busy, or else mucked up from ink rub-off, I don't get the opportunity to plug my ears like I usually do to abate these annoyances. Either I find these noises annoying or else my mind-keepers are controlling me to react that way.

Some more pictures. This is s shot directly down from my balcony to the apartment parking below, Nothing too weird save the unusual count of blue colored vehicles, 5 of 11. (The lower left vehicle I am counting as a silver grey, going more from recall). And three more vehicles are grey; two silver grey, and one mid-grey.

This was a gimme from the perps; as I was taking a picture of the unusual parking of two white vehicles in the field past the central red/white/blue van, a postal vehicle, a second postal vehicle comes into play, the uppermost one, at a 90 degree offset. What I find most interesting is that the white vehicles parked on the soggy grass of the field "arrive" there without making any tire tracks, everytime. Taken 03-07-2008.

Here are two of the above vehicles, again, the ladder packing vehicle parked on the grass when there was an asphalt space availible. Again, no tire marks for the vehicle on the grass to have driven there. The grey plastic garbage bin has been taken the corner of the driveway and the sidewalk and "left" there, presumably to test out my reaction to grey colored plastic from my apartment. It is very common for the perps to plant various plastic objects around me, the "Plastic Bag People" been the most obvious. I suspect the nightime light was also left on for perp purposes, another common method. Taken 03-13-2008.

All this vehicular traffic is stopped on the street and awaiting the green light. Note how much space is left between many of the vehicle, a more common occurence now, as if there is a contagious element to being gangstalked. Also note the lead mid-grey colored vehicle on the left side, stopped well into the crosswalk, and over one vehicle length past the stop line. Again, a common occurence wherever I go, a new public behavior since 2003. Of the vehicles on the through street, from left to right, 5 of 11 are red colored, 4 are grey colored, 1 is black colored, and 1 is white with red livery. In the parking lot, foreground, the vehicle configuration and color mix is often changed up. Here there are four vehicles, 1 red, 1 white, 1 silver grey, and the VW van, white and orange. The arm swing of the gangstalkers is also the "norm" as if marching, and applies to both men and women. Taken 03-14-2008.

No meaningful email since Mar. 09, 2008, a whole six days. If anyone has sent me anything, I also check the comments of this blog as an alternative routing.

Time to call this done for the day; I was listening to music while reading about the travails of an interesting psychic researcher, Andrija Puharich. He is no longer with us, but he wrote an widely respected book, Beyond Telepathy. There is plenty more to discover about him, his associates, and his book, as I have only just begun. All this having relevance to the ongoing harassment and mind-fuckery that goes down. Tonight, I can barely seen what I am typing for the maser and plasma beam games.

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