Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Photoshoot

I was given a 10 hour sleep last night with no recalled interuptions or other testing games they like to pull. This all put me at 1015h before I was "game ready", having had breakfast, shower and a shave. The film director came by at 1015h just after I sat in my chair and through about three PC reboots, this little game I get to play with the perps. She told me that the group photo session from the tower across the street was running late, but to watch for her on a balcony. Of course I wasn't allowed to ask here any specifics as to how late, when would she be there and which floor level and balcony. And the perps had totally screwed me out of recalling this event, even if written down in my calendar book.

Anyhow, about a half hour later after being directed to looking at the wrong balconies, there she was with a camera and tripod. And so I "hung out" on the balcony, something I don't ordinarily do as I don't care for heights, and don't find it very comfortable out there. Of course there was no communication as to how she was progressing and why this was taking so long, after all, it was with a still camera. While I was essentially gangstallk bait on the balcony, the gangstalking show began.

There were shifts of N. bound gangstalkers, some three or more individuals exclusively heading the same direction. Then in a few minutes, a S. bound gangstalking troup, wearing red on either side of the street. Then a brown vehicle packing red furniture passed between the gangstalking parties, and so it went, having red dressed gangstalkers walking between black dressed gangstalkers, one on either side in a three abreast configuration. And of course, many red colored vehicles passing by. And as it "so happened", the red light of the power bar that runs this PC was left on, having "forgotten" after the PC reboot sessions beforehand. So, red lights behind me, and a whole lot of street traffic, ambulatory and vehicular in red colors. As part of this exercise there was some sunshine games; sunlit, and then it was behind a cloud. After some 15 minutes this bait show ended, as I then heard the film director's voice clearly for the first time, that she was done.

Ever since, I have been holed up in front of the PC, having a "shut-in" day, and not even an ounce of motivation to go out and get a newspaper, the weekend edition. This is how most Saturdays go; they like me to have at least two consecutive days of shut-in time before Sunday when I often go to visit my parents in the First Feral Family context, having them gangstalk me instead. In other words, there won't be anything too exciting to report today, unless something totally odd comes from left field.

But it seems that sun exposure, either directly or ambiently through cloudy conditions seems to be a big deal for the perps, and it just may be the reason for shut-in days, they want some "sun recovery" time. Sunlight is a big part of the harassment game, and I have no idea, but it fits into the Thomas Townsend Brown story, as he was a naturist. The book in progress about Brown mentions photonic meson interactions, and particle physics was not his specialty. No doubt some huge energetic research objective related to sun and magnetosphere interactions has been heaped on me as well, as it it clear that "mere"100% mind control isn't enough if the noisestalking coincidences are reliable as I think they are. Normally I don't sunbathe, and have found it to be tedious, though the perps tell me that this summer is different. Who knows, and I don't have a vehicle to take myself off anywhere, so it could be entirely bullshit. One never can trust what anyone says, even this telepathic feed that I get, as it often a ruse to set up false expectations, one of their biggest stunts; that is, setting up some arrangement and have it not come off for any reason.

Some relief; pictures from this month

Lined up outside in the street parking stalls are three white colored vehicles and one silver grey colored vehicle, perhaps a little more grey than the common silver grey. Taken 03-16-2008, 1033h. Rather strange for a random parking, but that is nothing new to me anymore.

Around the corner on the street on the left (above) is another arranged lineup of vehicles. On the right side, from left to right is a mid-grey, silver grey, the white ladder truck and a mind-blue. Also note the "secret agent" on his cell phone and holding a plastic bag at the corner. On the left side of the street is a deep green colored vehicle behind the gear on the power pole, two white colored vehicles, a burgundy red vehicle and then a silver gery vehicle by itself. A very common color combination, putting deep green and deep red together with white and silver grey vehicles, but if you are a new reader, or not a TI, you will have to take my word for it. Ladder bearing vehicles, mostly vans and pickup trucks are also a common occurence in my proximity; I have never seen so many ladders before. Taken 03-16-2008, 1033h.

Still the same day, now 1048h 18'sec., a white vehicle "replacement" has arrived, somehow coordinated with the departure of one vehicle and the arrival of the black vehicle. A plastic bag has been stuck in the tree all winter now, and it seems to be another remote assay diagnostic tool.

Still the same day, now 1048h 26'sec., two vehicles arrive and are stopped at the traffic control. The leftmost vehicle is a white colored pickup with a white canopy, and has stopped to straddle the stop line, a routing occurence in this town now, or at least when I am out. And also, a red vehicle as part of the arrangement, stopped some two carlengths behind for some mysterious reason, again, nothing new in my proximity. A strange sequence, and if I really wanted to, I could make a career out of recording odd vehicle color formations. Red vehicles seem to need to have white and silver-grey vehicles around it as a calibration (or whatever) aid. Hence, having vehicles backup toward me is popular, as there are both red and white lights ablaze.

Listening to YouTube tracks and videos; the perps playground of messing with voice and video synchronization, video rendition -smeared, narrowed heads, grungy sound, truncated video and a host of other possiblities to mess with it.

Time to blog off and call this day done.

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