Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Perp Action

It is a post-parent's place stayover day, and if it runs true to form, I will be kept awake an hour or longer in bed before I am allowed to sleep tonight. I even told the shrink this near always consistency, and he wasn't moved any to conclude that my external conspirators' model of harassment by unconventional means just might be closer to reality than any clinical cause. But as I said in a past posting, he claims to be giving me medications to "help with dealing with the harassment". Big joke, that, as it is plain to me that the color of the medications is more important as affirmed by recent accelerated depletions of my medication by unknown means. A supplement and a white color pill medication were depleted faster than my own use, all to have only the yellow and white pills remaining.

I get noisestalked each time I ingest the medications and supplements, so it is no surprise that there is significant perps interest. There have been past managed refill need situations that lapsed into a long weekend which provided a five day medication interuption. As always, there was no clinical effects noticed from being off medications. And significant yellow color stalking will also erupt should I run out of the yellow and white pills, and then drop back to normal frequencies once I resume the medication.

My email on MCActivism (here) started a chain reaction of opprobrium again; I don't try to create any controversy, but only weigh in on technical issues where it may be useful. As the "MC" is shorthand for mind control, it is very likely that the audience is monitored and controlled as much as I am. There are at least two standard bearers who routinely get cranked up over what I say, and then continue into personal trashing. I find the best way is to drop out for a while, and let the "issue" lie fallow until it is forgotten. Even my premise that most of the countermeasures are taken to serve the interest of the perps, playing puppet masters, was ignored. This has been my experience for the non-pain or intense sufference avoidance harassment countermeasures, and even that is supect. When the assholes were beaming pounding head pain at me, I would go driving, often all night, and that relieved the paint assaults. As soon as I stopped, the head pains came on again. Then the pains would relent at work.

Only later was I aware of the fact that the perps appear to have fundamental problems in remotely assaying one's energetics on concrete and ashphalt surfaces, also in determining color interactions (clothing and vehicle color), and interactions with tire rubber. That "my" solution to avoiding head pain was a (planted) notion to serve another aspect of the harassment and nonconsensual human experimentation agenda. So much for my countermeasures, when everything I do was scripted. They would have over a 100 vehicles out on the I5 at 0300h, in two clusters, one ahead, and one behind. Then they would send one vehicle by me from the rearmost cluster to the one ahead, in differing colors of course.

And when at my parent's place earlier today, my mother was up to her typical feints of "recalling" something just as she got in the vehicle, and adroitly leaving the vehicle door and the adjacent house door open so the interior of the house was visible from the driver's seat. This time it was a printer cartridge which is total bullshit, as she rarely prints anything. And as we have done this one before, she "decided" to bring out the LED flashlight to help, even though I got the cartridge out before she had returned with it. As one can discern, abruptly leaving a location/situation and then returning to it is one of the most common gangstalker moves going. Hence my more unusual take on Paris Hilton's woes of being in jail, out again, and then in again, albeit over a course of a week in this case.

And in the case of my mother's games with the printer cartridge, it then became the cover story of opening and closing three kitchen drawers to find a plastic bag to put it in. The needless opening of cupboards and drawers has been going on for years at their place and on occasion, I get mind-fucked into doing the same, as a "mistake" in going to the wrong location in my kitchen. And for the record, I never, ever make that kind of "mistake" past the second day of moving into a new location.

Another example of out-and-out mind control was last week, where I was mind-controlled to leave my breakfast dishes in the kitchen, and head to the bathroom for showering and shaving. I even came out of the bathroom with my pills in hand and went back to the kitchen to get a glass with water for pill intake. Only afterwards was I allowed to be aware of the fact that I had violated my decades long practice of doing the breakfast dishes immediately following breakfast, and in the second instance, walked by all the dishes and "didn't notice" that I had violated my habits. If this is not blatant and wanton mind-control, then I don't know what is.

I made a short shopping trip and was swarmed by the gangstalkers in two stores. They put on at least "just stand there" sentries enroute, and made sure the female white haired "customer" in front was another lead-ahead gangstalker, mysteriously delaying her egress to end up in front of me on the street. And once past her, an identically color dressed (all black) male gangstalker then took over gangstalking duties and followed me into the apartment building and then into the elevator, being held open by another fucker who appeared to be readied, as I did not see him arrive ahead of me.

Then the perps would not let me open the cookies I purchased, dithering my finger coordination to protract this activity to then enrage me. Again, they don't want me eating chocolate bars now, but instead, have directed me to chocolate cookies which are just as expensive. They also depleted at least two other items I had intended to purchase out of mind, and it is rare that I am allowed to fulfil a intended list of aquistions.

The highlights of the First Feral family gathering last night, first at my brother's for dinner, and then onto my parent's place was the deliberate standing in the way of the TV. Just planting themselves, my brother and my father later. In the case of the latter, I have alread reamed him out once before, but he has the Alzheimer's act as a cover story. There is a substantive magnetic field coming off the CRT type TV's, and of course there is the color interactions as well. With that combination, it is no surprise that the First Feral Family members are engaging in this level of blatant fuckery.

And he routinely puts on extra space outs whenever there is company; he did the same as last night, putting on a major "forget". All I know is that someone is running him or he is playing the script, as there is no way with Alzheimers that one could be so routine in flaunting how muddled he is. No one in the family seems to be terribly moved by all the possible ramifications of my father's purported dementia.

And while watching televison with them last night, they put on their duelling coughs last night; first one, then the other, and trading back and forth a few times. Another regular routine is for them to move their legs together in unison, crossing and uncrossing. And the next absurdity in this was that in doing so, and each pretending to be unaware of the other, their feet even clashed together a few times, this while sitting some 4' apart and moving their legs in unison. Neither mentions anything to the other is this extra-obvious feint.

When I am at my parent's place I am watching the TV while further back than they are, and I am viewing it between them. This is a similar setup to the perps games of creating "tunnel views" where the sight of someone, usually a unfavored demographic member, is planted between two gangstalkers.

This happened last week, when walking to my yoga class, where a black and white dressed ambulatory male gangstalker "met" an oncoming all black dressed gangstalker, and they did their usual discussion breakout, as so often happens. I looked away for an instant, and lo, when I looked again, there was a white and red color dressed woman further back, just standing there, who was spatially arranged between them. This little "threesome" of designed coincidence lasted a minute or so until I was getting closer to this arrangement, and then they split apart, all going different directions.

I am getting a near constant stream of loud noise from amplified (or faked) vehicles with no, or perforated mufflers, as well as the chopped motorcycle noise that the perps put on for my benefit. This is a bureaurcrat city, and there is rarely much action on a weekday at this time. The attraction might be that I am reading a very strange, but true, as far as I can tell, story of strange energies and the life of a brother and sister trying to deal with poltergeist like stuff. The story is here, The Vortex, though it seems that they could leave this physically behind. No such luck in my case.

I have also been getting the light flashing games; where white light is strobed and flashed on my wall behind the LCD panel, on the desk in front of it, and even on the keyboard. The perps are sticking with a cover story on this one, trying to make it seem that it is a "reflection" of the W. setting dusk sun off a tower building some 120' away, and that someone has gone hyperactive with moving windows to aim a reflection into my apartment. And as this happens most days where the sun is out, it does stretch the definition of probable. And it would seem that the real "need" is to have me pull the curtains to block it, and thereby gain some kind of differing light condition under which to study me some more.

The vision impairments have also been imposed while reading, and the noisescape of extra loud vehicles has continued in serial form. A siren cascade came on, though no actual emergency vehicles.

More throbbing and very loud 2 cycle motorcycle noise from outside, and along with this, a tonal ringing noise from inside somewhere that changes pitch, almost as if music.

More harassment over filling out the time; three attempts before I was allowed to get it correctly. Meaning, typo sabotage; all the time now. There is some patterns in it, but the topic strikes me as too detailed to convey a readable journalling. Or is that the planted thought to tell me that someone doesn't want their methods advertised?

A good read on the unusal numbers of premature deaths among UFO and abduction researchers, and then adds in microbiologists at an extra. The one prominent missing name is that of John E. Mack, a Harvard psychiatrist who took alien abductions seriously. It is likely he was deceased since this article was compiled. Titled, Is Someone Killing Our UFO Investigators?, and the answer that I would give is an unequivocal, Yes. And ditto for physicists that are pushing the edge in determining that Einstein's theory of relativity is a dead end, and there is a virtual sea of energy that we live in. Many of the "free energy" researchers have suffered similar fates, or at least continued spates of "bad fortune". I have mentioned the premature deaths of four physicists at the end of this past blog posting.

Enough of the vision impairments and the rest of tonight's hassles, time to blog off.


James F. Marino said...

John, your writing is already dramatically improved. What perp's subject people of intellect to is
extremely cruel. It's as though they envy you for what they do not have.

Just remember that no matter what they do, you are their superior in everyway because of the indomitable human spirit that even their technology and sadism are no match for.

Keep on fighting the good fight by exposing these miscreants. But remember never to let them take your natural gifts from you (God given if you will)including that of using your common sense to reason situations out.

And thankyou for listing my Website on your blog.


AJH said...


Thanks for the compliment; I lapsed into some bad habits for sure.