Friday, June 08, 2007

Rogue Processes

For the second time in two days the perps have caused my browser to go into an endless loop, requiring a process shutdown. Why they need to do this is beyond me, but too much efficiency isn't allowed. Normally I use the "Restore Last Session" choice from the Firefox browser which puts me sight back where I left off before shutdown. For some reason, the assholes decided that wasn't suiting their objectives and decided to fuck up the browser and force a new session while in the middle of one. Onto the Task Manager, and the copius and the log of the strange processes and users that appear on this PC everytime, and are not deletable, and shutdown Firefox. Then I restart it. All for what?

The perps have a little stiff today; their way of saying that I got too much exercise in yesterday. So says the covert assholes who have governed my actual running time down to 3 minutes on the treadmill, the remainder being warmup and warmdown.

I also noted a common game that has happened in the past, and was arranged yesterday at yoga. The perps like to feature this one woman named G, using a single letter in place of her real name. In the past, she hung around more and was planted by the doors in my exit path. Anyhow, I have no issue with her and no interest. Yesterday, instead of being the last to arrive as always, I was the second to last. I was indicating where I should put my mat, and I mentioned that G had not yet arrived, and then within three seconds she does, and someone said something to the effect of "here she is".

Normally, I would not thing anything of that, where the real person has arrived shortly after I mention their name. But, this has happened often in the past, and I have now come to realize in this hyper-harassment aware existence that I lead, that these near-coincidences of the person's arrival and mention of their name are orchestrated to the nanosecond, and with me being mind-controlled, every utterance that I make. Not a big deal, but I do wonder why in the fuck that the perps go to so much effort to arrange this event in this way. And it certainly represents a whole lot of planning, as all the class members at yoga have been aloof, or had an aloof session to present to me. It seems that the perps are still angling as to how to acclimatize people to me; at first in very small doses, then four months later they might say hello, then they have them walk past me without any recognition, and now the odd hello again. More who knows, as I don't really care, I want to be left alone.

Another forced nap earlier, an hour and a quarter and totally needless as I got all the sleep I needed in the night. This time the perps didn't trash the shit out of me and "cause" another hour of nap recovery time.

I also notice that I am "remembering" things from the very long past, back some 30 years, and it has to be these assholes playing games again, because these thoughts/recollections were long gone. And I am not the least bit appreciative of having a band of out-of-control sickos aiding me in recalling things that don't matter one bit; just get the fuck out of my life and then let me deal with my own recall. Now that I have been noisestalked on everything I have recalled for over three years, the assholes have a near complete inventory on what I know.

I was reading an interesting web site before dinner, and when I returned to it afterwards, the contents had been largely eliminated. Someone doesn't want to expose me to any more articles that run against the grain, say, debunking climate change. It is called Brother Jonathan and the archive is here, (as Feature Articles) where the interesting information is found, or at least sometimes. It was worth over an hour of reading about diverse subjects as tarot cards, Vitamin B6 and its contribution to obesity, HAARP (antenna in Alaska), world oil monopolies and other fascinating stories not in the usual news sources.

More dull moments; I noticed that I was getting jabbed in the ass while keying in my username and password in Yahoo Groups. For whatever reason, and likely and orchestrated one, I don't get the benefit of a single logon to Yahoo Mail and Groups, but am corralled to log in separately. Just more barriers to convenience, nothing new from the perps.

I am getting the vision impairments coming on; it would seem that this is the regular evening time harassment, and not the post-workout irradiative "recovery" that I mentioned in yesterday's blog. There has been plenty of loud mufferled vehicle noise from outside; it really gets going once the curtains are pulled, as does the "extra" bus service (projected noise). The perps went silly on sirens before dinner along with some flashing white light. The pre-mealtime is their witching hour, where they make extra effort in putting on noise and harassment. It seems to me that digestion interferes with their intended aim of understanding and quantifying all the brain energies for total mind control. I regularly get noisestalked should an unbidden thought come to mind. Vehicle beepings and a soft backbeat thwack to the floor above are two typical noises that have followed me over two cities, 10 living locations and two cities. It is hard to explain that one clinically.

I am getting cognitively sabotaged; I am attempting to read some writings of Charles Tart, long a scenetific researcher of psi energies and I am getting nowhere in being able to take anything in. These later day cognitive fuckovers, reading online or from a book, are becoming a pattern. Generally, this is a clue that the fuckers are going to make this worse, as they hack at all kinds of visual, spoken, read, deductive and other abilities to comprehend something.

Another trend that I have noticed before, and continues, is the presentation of people images in a dimly lit manner. Any film excerpted images are almost invariably darkened by the perps. I can only assume this is for some kind of grey scale testing, as they have a racial aspect to their games as well. Something else that cannot be trusted is how any online image is rendered, as everything is vetted by the assholes, and modified to conform to their substantial and varying objectives.

Time to call this a posting for the day, dull as it has been.

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