Saturday, June 09, 2007

Browser Takedown Recovery Begets Faux Sirens

That is a stretch for any normal person's life, but in this netherworld or constant harassment, orchestrated noise, unconventionally applied physics, masers and plasma beams, any noise is usually related to other events.

Sure enough, after some four Firefox browser takedowns in as many days, this time the sirens came on (no actual emergency vehicles of course), the overhead rumbling noise started up, a maser zinger (fuzzy bouncing cluster of greyis-blck) jumped into my vision, and the typo fuckover started up. My guess is that the now standardized harassment routine of the changing colors, windows, logins, and the rest of it was being correlated to long running noise events, and that there is an attempt to neurally map the energies of the common event (noises) to that of the Firefox takedown, a rarer event, but with three prior "warm up" takedowns. This is one example of what it "routine", as some kind of hyperactive "neighbor noise" can also "happen" in the night. Last night as an example.

The perps woke me up for an hour sometime around 0500h, and then started up the noisescape, as if there were all manner of vehicles out then, especially with loud mufflers, and the "neighbors" using their water in very faint noisemaking ways, and repeated again as if coming from their kitchen. As a finale, they jabbed me in the ass to which I complained out loud. Then I got some more sleep for an hour or so.

I am getting the street rabble sounds; woo-hoos, horns and the pretense of something in the street to celebrate. Sorry, the Stanley Cup series ended three days ago. This is the post tea and chocolate digestion period, and that begets perp interest, very often in the form of noise, though maser and plasma action is also high.

It has been raining off and on all day so far, keeping the light levels to a consistent level of dim, a situation of substantial interest to the perps. Past blogs have detailed the astonishing amount of timing of weather with my outings, and when I consider the lifelong record, it is even greater. And these haven't been "fairy rain", but gales, huge snowstorms and the like, and all very destructive. I am sure that they mess with the weather, and one can even hire "weather engineers" to mess with it for you.

I was hoping that the current chocolate "need" was going to cede, and that I could actually live within my means, but no, I was mind-fucked into buying more this morning. Past blogs have detailed a one time event where I didn't want to eat any, or even smell it. This lasted a whole week and then the perps put me back on a chocolate diet again, in service to aid them in determining the solution to their brown "color problem", as it is one of my least liked colors.

And in support of this quest, they put a lifesize negro portrait on the second page of the newspaper I bought today, and then colored in the remainder in blue. As blue is a preferred color, the perps attempt to ride the coat-tails of blue in order to extract some kind of quantification to that of brown. This is frequently done with blonde women; they often get planted wearing brown while gangstalking me as a "starter" gangstalker, or for their auric goodness and whatever that confers for the perps' interests.

Now, for that, I get the siren bullshit again; this city has become "busier" for emergencies than Seattle where I lived for a time.

Now that dinner has been eaten, it is time for the noisescape to fill in and sonically pollute my existence. The rains have stopped immediately before dinner, and I suspect that the entire weather today was arranged to be dim all day, and have this post-dinner (digestion) period lighted with sunlight, even if it is strangely reflecting off adjacent buildings. In other words, the perps were saving this time to recieve the most sunlight of the entire day, all while my brown colored food is digesting. And as a consequence, the perps have put on the 2 cycle motorcycle noise as the streets have dried up.

And I did get another siren show after dinner to no great surprise, likely to correlate the neural energetics over the same noise for pre and post dinnertime. The perps' obsession over my food digestion, food color, diet and its timing is not my problem, and yet they continue to inflict this depraved torture on me.

An interesting news item was planted for me to read, MIT team experimentally demonstrates wireless power transfer,and it appears to have some relevance to this ongoing harassment, action-at-a-distance energies and pranks, and the constant swarm of gangstalkers anywhere I go in public; some excerpts and comments follow:
WiTricity [wireless electricity, albeit magnetism] is based on using coupled resonant objects. Two resonant objects of the same resonant frequency tend to exchange energy efficiently, while interacting weakly with extraneous off-resonant objects.
I know for a fact that I am being contained in a strong magnetic field as I have measured it; the meter read 200 Gauss in late 2002, and I am sure it has been substantially upped since then. Which suggests that the perps are attempting to get me to resonate with all the objects around me, anywhere I go. (Hence the limited activities that I am allowed to do). All three of my gaussmeters have since "crapped out", meaning that they have been remotely disabled, which is nothing new to me, as they also have done this with four CD players and three pairs of headphones.
The MIT team used one particular type of resonance: magnetically coupled resonators. The team explored a system of two electromagnetic resonators coupled mostly through their magnetic fields; they were able to identify the strongly coupled regime in this system, even when the distance between them was several times larger than the sizes of the resonant objects. This way, efficient power transfer was enabled. Magnetic coupling is particularly suitable for everyday applications because most common materials interact only very weakly with magnetic fields, so interactions with extraneous environmental objects are suppressed even further.
This statement isn't real clear to me, but what it does say is that efficient power transfer is effected only between resonant objects. And it did so "happen", only two days ago, that there were a series of plasma beams in the outline of our respective profiles, that were flipping between me and the fitness instructor in the exercise room. I could see it in the mirror, and likely had a better view of it there.
Karal is, a graduate student in electrical engineering and computer science, points out, "Here is where the magic of the resonant coupling comes about. The usual non-resonant magnetic induction would be almost 1 million times less efficient in this particular system."
I could never accuse the perps of having a limited scope in the process of harassing me; they have the entire city irradiating, they have me vibrating with some kind of energy, and are totally beserk in terms of their committment to gangstalking and hounding the living shit out of my existence, and have been doing this in covert form for 47 years and overt form for a succeeding five years. And they still aren't finished by a long shot IMHO. What I surmise they are doing is getting me to "resonate" with all the objects and shills and operatives around me, and additionally, attempt to detect the psi energies related to the human experience. One such experience being war, as they are constantly noisestalking me, masering and plasma-ing, vision impairing etc. anytime this topic comes up, usually by reading online.

More plasma flashes, distraction dazzlers, maser zingers and annoying visual interference. About 20 minutes ago there were two massive thump noises from the hallway, and no one out there as the putative "causal" agent.

It is time to blog off and get this published, all for another day of being fucked with.

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