Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bring On the Plasma

I am getting more plasma energy displays today, and no doubt that it is because of being in a significant magnetic field, something I once measured with an industrial quality gaussmeter.

I cannot look at anything, even the horizon, without seeing ghosted images, colored speckle, beams arcing in my view and the rest of it. Then there are the constant masers, as if I am swimming in some kind of gel, as these filamentous greyish black vertical lines move ever so slowly together.

My shopping trip got the usual freakshow turnout, even if a 5 minute exercise; two adults flicking their coats at each other at the entrance to the grocery store, then a operative in a red kilt with a red color backpacking cyclist weaving between the kilt act and myself on the crosswalk, and so it goes.

I also got two operatives meeting me (aka gangstalking) me at the elevator and the first floor lobby; it is the same act again, and it is getting tiresome to say the least. And they even lay on the smile, as if were are happy neighbors, which is not the case from my perspective. Given the ongoing behavioral weirdness of the elevator and lobby gangstalking operatives, I am beginning to suspect that I am the only true tenant in this building, in all 14 floors of it, some 10 or so apartments per floor. My reasoning is that this place is absolutely cooking with the irradiative emanations the perps are plying this place with (e.g. foggy plasma hallways), and it is not safe for regular folk to be in this building. This was the case at the last three buildings where I lived. There was a substantive diminution of neighbor activity. Only operatives were showing up in the hallways and in the elevator to cover the more important areas (to them).

Now I am getting the overhead thudding, as if from stereo music, which it isn't, serving as the backdrop for all the other noises from outside, including that fabulous bus service, which is more frequent on a Saturday than a weekday. Same when I go to bed, the bus service increases no matter what time. Which is another way of saying that these are introduced sounds, as anytime I check, there is at least an 80% chance there is actually any source, e.g. a live bus. In other words, these all come from the perp's noise machine, and they can project these sounds to come from anywhere and to sound like the real thing. For the first two years of harassment I could tell the projected sounds from the real ones because there was a metallic ring to these faked sounds. Somehow, the perps were able to defeat my hearing, or otherwise so-opt it, as I cannot tell genuine noise sources from the projected sound. And too, all the street noise has been amplified, as I am six stories up, and the street noise is only slightly less than at the street.

I am being kept on an email drought of late; only spammers are coming through, and even when I delete their email I get noisestalked, and also jabbed in the nuts or the ass at the same time.

I am getting the more painful right foot burning sensation; it is as if a laser is being directed to create this pain sensation in mid-foot, not on the skin. Generally these games are timed to thoughts that the perps don't seem to control, though I don't know why they resort to this and instead use their alternative, the maser strike to the nose or lip. In the latter case, these particular maser strikes were once very annoying as they went on all day and were designed to make me screaming mad, which they did. Once the perps finished that baseline, all the aggravation was ended, and now it is a inconsequent soft strike on my lip or nose.

The vision impairments are also getting more frequent; it was once a end of the day phenomenon, but now it is all the time, especially on these shut-in days. As per above, I was allowed out to go shopping and getting the weekend newspaper, and see the freakshow that was arranged for me.

And it is not difficult to determine who is in charge of my camera when I take it, which I did. "Somehow" the notion of taking a picture of the coat flicking nutters cum operatives "did not occur to me", and hence no photograph.

This is a long weekend, given that it is the US July 4 equivalent, on July 1, which will be Monday. These distictions of holidays and weekdays rarely make any difference in that I don't work, and have endless amounts of time on my hands, and one day blends into another. Only my activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays serve to give me some kind of appointment and activity. I am sure this notion of weekday and weekend day blurring is familiar to anyone who is retired, or suddenly finds themselves out of the work sphere, however that happens.

I am getting another brain assault in the form of making me very floaty with some kind of generalized cranial pressure that is also part of the fuckery. It is very disconcerting to feel intense discomfort and not know of its cause. It is debilitating to say the least, and all one can do is yell at they assholes, and usually they will relent, though not always. I suspect they are whacking at my temporal lobes, and when these brain regions are impaired one gets the floating sensations and cannot also control rage and annoyance. In the latter case, the perps are supplying/controlling my hotheaded reactions, even making it worse than if I was running my own brain. I get instant relief if I rub my forehead and then my hair, changing my energetic signature by changing my hand and skin oil distribution. Another relief is to place myself next to a chunk or steel or iron, and that also begets relief for a short few seconds. In the least it tells me that the "problem" is remotely invoked, and not of organic origin.

And I also had some ginger beer after my meal, and I am sure this has to do with brown color testing, especially related to my post-meal stomach contents. And when I went into the kitchen to clean the drinking glass, the perps put on this 3' ball of apple green plasma that was highly annoying, and most strangely, it lasted for over 5 seconds, sitting there and pulsating with this color. Then the perps supplied me with the idea to turn on the flourescent light to get rid of it, and it was surely abated by this "method". The trouble was that they then shone violet plasma off the adjacent dinner plates in the dishes rack. No winning for losing, at anything.

And while typing this up, I got a white stroboscopic flash on me, and then it retreated to the deck and strobed there, having me look through the safety glass, something that is a big deal for the assholes.

I am still getting the "floaties" and the generalized uneasy sensations, and I supect that my persecutors have taken the slow route instead of hammering me with these debilitating energies in their search of the neural correlates of bookmarking web pages. That activity just fascinates the perps, and I would not be surprised if "I" (in the collective mind-controlled sense) have bookmarked over 100,000 web sites in this cause of theirs. And sometimes it does get absurd; I have over 1,000 books at bookmarked, and at least ten times that in movies I would like to see someday if I ever get out of purgatory, have money and the time. I cannot count on any aspect of my existence being the same, only this ongoing mental trudging while being the poster boy for nonconsensual human experimentation and sadistic harassment. All to serve some purpose for which the perpetrators won't divulge or declare their objectives, as mere 100% mind-control isn't enough.

The current mind-control research area seems to be the brain stem area, as I will often get a maser strike in my throat, above my Adam's apple. The testing that they currently engage is to elicit my recall as to textures, size and appearence of objects. The perps are also intrigued as to how I recall favorite tunes of the long past, and the knowledge that I am being harassed and mind controlled by rampant sickos by remote means.

And for that, they started up the noise again, replicating the goings on of the last two residence locations in this one. Funny how all my neighbors engage in the same idiotic water usage and other games.

I am getting hammered again with transitory vision impairments so it is time to call this one done, even if I haven't had the chance to review and edit.

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