Saturday, June 02, 2007

An Odd Noise Downturn

Weekends are usually the time when the perp's second tier assholes get their licks, and it almost invariably worse than the weekday 9 to 5 crowd. This being a Saturday, I expected worse, and just to confound expectations (what they do all the time), they have backed of on the full noise assaults. Today, so far, it is "only" the absurd swishing of road traffic as if on a freeway, when in fact is is a pokey two lane section outside, with traffic controls each 120' or so. There is other associated traffic noise, but nothing like the nonstop grind of heavy duty vehicles, buses, two cycle engine motorcycle noise, loud mufflered vehicles in profusion and the rest of it. Very strange.

The maser action is continuous, and abiding, especially when shaving, as they sit on or over my face and the razor strokes right through them. "Ordinarily", the masers emanate from my face toward the mirror and then dissapate. A big deal for the small minds that keep this relentless cowardice going, as if that trait were bred into their DNA, along with the propensity for being a sick minded jerk. There is a huge employment opportunity for this mindset, and the best of it is that one needn't disguise the fact, as it is my contention that the perps can get a decent character analysis of anyone of their choosing by remotely evaluating their brain function and related energetics. I have often wondered how sometimes fellow psychopaths "find" each other, to then go onto exponentially worse escapades, and it seems likely, that it isn't such a coincidence at all. Not when for some targeted individuals, when nothing has been a coincidence since birth, and that I have a battalion of sickos running at 24/7, managing every aspect of my existence. Right down to the brown colored crumbs that erupt overnight, and are positioned to provide some kind of color reference in locations that are widely different than that color. (Today, a 1/2" brown crumb arrived under the table, and after I had eaten brown peanut butter, with brown coffee, only then was I allowed to notice it).

The noise downturn didn't last long, and it sprung back to the normal appalling levels after I made a local half block trip to the LD store. And just for that, an entire freakshow was arranged.

As I am writing this, a whole round of street shouting has started up, along with hallway noise, outside vehicle noise, and the erstwhile fridge noises, which has a repetoire of at least a dozen noise variants.

I am coming off an afternoon nap, not needing one in the first place, and I suspect the following tea and chocolate time was also arranged. As the perps have a huge interest as to what color of clothing I wear, and that of their operatives who are coursing around me, aka gangstalking, and as well as vehicles, mobile and parked. I was lying for an hour on my bedspread, which is predominantly yellow, over a navy blue futon matress. This is at least the fourth forced nap in a month, and normally I don't need one at all, especially when I get at least an hour of extra sleep each night.

There were three of them in the elevator with me, which is rare, as to date, there rarely is someone joining me in the elevator. All were in the under 25 y.o. demographic, one of greater gangstalking significance of late, though I have no reason as to why.

Anyhow, back to this morning's freakshow at LD. After the elevator accompaniment, I got a few weirds enroute to the store; one was a seen-before female stalker, who looks suspiciously like one of my forestry classmates of my UBC 1979 class. So far, I have indentified at least eight of the fuckers on gangstalking duty, and I assume the fuckers are full time operatives. She was putting on a show of clutching the brown painted steel hand rail, as if she was physically unable to negotiate the stairs without assistance.

Then another fucker was coming down the stairs straight at me in some kind of crabbed style, where his body was skewed from the normal front-on position to stairs descending. This fucker was in a red shirt and a black leather vest, the latter item's fabric being one of the most favored for ambulatory gangstalking. And this fucker took pains to cross my track as I ascended the stairs, but no big deal.

I went to the dental hygeine area for mouthwash, a section some 12' long, and at the far end was a gangstalker posted exactly opposite where I got my usual brand and color. Once I reached down, the fucker took off.

Then onto birthday cards, as my daughter's birthday is coming up soon, and I do loathe this process as I can rarely find what I want in short order. As I was looking, the perps put a show of freaks passing behind me every minute or so; a grey ponytailed male with no chin did a pass by and then a reverse to come behind me again, a geriatric woman in a bright red coat (way to overdressed), an Asian man in a navy blue parking enforcement uniform and a peak cap, a male in grey clothing with a red ball cap, and a few more that I cannot recall.

I went to the checkout, and the male with the red ball cap was ahead of me, and I then decided to get a newspaper from the opposite stand. Lo, if there wasn't a fucker standing exactly in front of the stack I wanted. Anyhow, I paid with a $50 bill, orange colored, and one that has been in my wallet for a month or so. This became a big deal, as it had to be checked, and the cashier put out a call for change. Then, as if by magic, a woman in the same color of orange came through the nearby entrance, and passed behind me. There were at least four more gangstalkers coursing by me as I waited, and the cashier attended to the next person in line. Then two more "staff" came by to ask the cashier someting, these serving as some kind of expectation fake-out. Finally I get my change, but not before the orange dressed woman was in the checkout line, some 10' away. Anyhow, I got out of there and encountered a few more of the assholes before retreating to my apartment.

I passed by a section of parked cars where there were six grey colored vehicles in the center, a black and a white colored vehicle at opposite ends, and dark green colored vehicle at each end, next to the black or white vehicle. It is simply amazing how much effort goes into arrangements around me.

Once I began reading the newspaper, there were plentiful more orange colored ads and pictures, but that is how it goes. It was an orange themed innudation morning, with some black, white and grey dressed fuckers enroute as well, I reckon these are for color referencing purposes.

I am back to web surfing for the remainder of the afternoon, and I can now vouch for the fact that the usual excessive and amplified noisescape has been applied for the rest of the day so far. And the maser and plasma action has been at the usual intrusive level, And as I typed that using the "m" and the "p" words, the loud "performance" noisy engine and tire chirping noise erupted, to be followed by a siren.

The perps like me to use the terms that they use to describe their phenomenon, and then situationally noisestalk me when I use those same terms. And related to that, they also like me to see pictures of copper (the metal) and wire (as a stereo system component), which I assume is integral in fucking their victims' lives over, as very likely these are the elemental components that deliver their irradiative fuckery in all its aspects.

More forehead numbing irradiations, never to my liking. And the fuckers like to tension or press upon the tops of my feet for some reason.

"Someone" blatantly started the faucet in the bathroom running, and as "I" put on my earmuffs to block the first instances of noise, the perps kept the water running the entire time, some 30 minutes or so. Thank goodness I don't pay for water here, as the fuckover stunts over excess electricity usage will be quite enough.

The usual noise flurries, and vision impairment games tonight. And in repairing broken links, I found that "someone" had inserted a mispelling in the link title, and then fucked me out of knowing that, when reading it.

That is another loss in freedom; I am not always allowed to read what is actually printed; the meaning and spelling can be fucked with to arrive at a totally illogical conclusion. And when I trap these errors, the noises go off again, noisestalking me over this capability.

I see that my inbox counter for my yahoo email has been increased from 3 to 4, even no actual emails were recieved to bump it up by one. And as part of this, the fact that I have 3 unread emails in my inbox is incorrect, and yet this counter cannot be fixed, and there are no seeming unread emails. Some time ago, in the days of the pre-Windows computers, we had email at work, and the same thing would go on there; the counter "somehow" got out of sync with the unread inbox emails. Nothing new in other words, just a juvenile prank that is way too tired.

Anyhow, I am getting fucked over for typos again, and the maser zingers are bouncing around in my visual field, and other vision fucking is also coming on. Which is my way of indicating that it it time to blog off.

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