Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Street Cleaning

The ever vigilant city works is back onto Sunday street sweeping with the specialized vehicle that scrubs the street surface at the gutter, curb, and one adjacent vehicle width of street surface. I have commented in the past as to how unusual this; Sundays, daytime hours, and consistency of this. I was likely lead to an article online, for which I cannot recall the link, which indicated that there is a very fine dust of platinum on the street owing to the exhausts of vehicles with catalytic converters that contain this element. As the perps like to inform me of their methods and challenges, by way of planted news stories, I can only assume that this must be the case, as it has now become a regular event. And the street sweeping also precedes me on my walking beats, and early in the game, was even present when I was streetside once.

The noisescape has been off and on, and has currently subsided for the most part, the overhead rumbling noise excepted, as it "travels about", placing itself precisely overhead. It is more like a normal Sunday, rather than the continuous progression of loud mufflered vehicles trailing off to the distance.

I got a nightime test of my knowledge energetics again; this time the perps seem to have successfully defeated my ability to know and correlate events to my current reality. (That being harassed and constantly jerked around by extra-gravitational energies, gangstalking and being the poster-boy for their mind-control capabilites). They woke me up enough to hear some street hollaring at about 0400h, and I heard it, and didn't make any determination as to the reason (more harassment games), and only two seconds later was I allowed to know that it was the usual perp games). They have been working on this front for weeks, pulling similar stunts; e.g arranging shapes and shadows on the wall to look like a bullet hole, and other immediately facile games.

The bottom line is that the perps can now mess with my knowledge and associations of being constantly harassed and manipulated. Which means they have attained the holy grail of mind-control; being able to covertly and remotely recast one's perception of their reality. And in my case, it is living in two worlds, borrowing a phrase of Carissa Conti's; one being the harassed and manipulated world, and the other being a Potemkin Village world of pretense, deceit and scripted games that operates around me, 24x7.

And another jerkaround that has being playing in mind, as in planted thoughts, is a (their) "fixation" over one of the women who regularly attends Thursday yoga class. (She is routinely "featured", as in planting herself discretely in my way). I have complained about this in past blogs, and usually the perps play this stunt for an hour or so, but today, they have been at it since I got up at 0630h. I did yell at the perps once over this, and they backed off for a half hour.

And it "so happened" at yoga that this same woman asked the instructor about a beginer's yoga book, and I overheard the instructor mention the DK book, Iyengar Yoga, which then lead to "my recollection", and then interjection that I posess this very book. The instructor asked if I had read it, and I hadn't, as the book is virtually untouched while I have been kept "off" reading, and the book has been in storage over the past five years, except now. This book "happened" to be one that I retained from storage when I went through all my boxes over the last six weeks. Some might call this synchronicity, but having been kept in this state by my mind-keepers by constant daily "coincidences", I now take the perpspective that there is no such thing, at least in a TI's life. (This might even be true for anyone).

And as a side note on this book, I bought it at a good price when I was in Seattle, cruising Costco's book selections. That was at least six years ago, and it does suggest that the perps have been planning my current yoga (begun in early 2007) activity since then. There have been other indications of long term planning in past blogs. Oddly, I only went to yoga only once in the 3.5 years I lived in Seattle, as I favored the more energetic cardio-kick and aerobic workouts. One can assume that was planned for me too, knowing now the depth of mind-control being applied then. And one can also assume that all the spine twisting in yoga is for an ulterior purpose, consistent with the gangstalkers who are prone to bend over in stores, twist themselves to look at things of no consequence (especially when turning a 90 degree corner), crouch down or look up for no seeming cause, lean-forward acts when seated and the rest of their quasi-normal public back flexing routines.

As for these planted fixations over romantic prospects (as defined and scripted by them), this has occured once before, with my then new dentist, and the notion of any such prospects was not even rational, let alone plausible. At the time, and in the privacy of my suite, I verbally went through all the sane reasons why this was a manufactured and planted notion, and the telepathic answer I got back was, "trust us". No thanks, not then, not ever, not on my shift. And that remains my position; the perps are planting needless and inauthentic notions in mind for no reason but their own depraved agenda. Call it the mind-field, one that is invaded by one team only and who make all the rules up, and won't inform me of them until long afterwards . And it just happens to be my mind, which I do mind very much, so to speak.

I am getting sucked into a sleep (almost) while sitting at the PC and reading with some difficulty. And meanwhile, the clunking and thumping has been going on, likely to noisestalk and obtain deeper neural correlates of my energetics. I am still the subject of various text size and weight games on web pages. Invariably, there are loud motorcycle noises trailing off as I read, and often I, in the collective mind controlled sense, place my fingers over my ears to reduce the sound trail. As this habit is now established, I suspect that it is a method for the perps to better assess my energetics from their remote location, as what could be better than touching one's self, as in self gangstalking almost.

Back to the whining "neighbor's faucet noise, this time only from the bathroom. Before teatime, there were indentical fauct/water running noises from the kitchen and the bathroom, and then the fridge compressor jumped into the sound/noise mix.

I was almost asleep while reading online before tea, and this is a recurring pattern and I am always reading a screen full of text at that point.

I am going to go to my parent's place shortly, and so I am going to call this a posting and blog off. There hasn't been too much excitement this afternoon, save the harassment of opening a package of biscuits again. I had sworn off biscuits just to avoid this very jerkaround, but in a familiar refrain, I "forgot", when I never ordinarily forget such an emotionally charged event such as the fucking imposed hassle of the last bicuit package opening. If that doesn't spell mind-control, I don't know what does, but I am always open to other interpretations.

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