Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lunch Preparation

As I type this, another siren show has erupted; this event now occurs more often than Seattle, a city four times the size, daily. The placement of the siren noise is now anytime the perps want it, not augmented busy times of Friday and Saturday nights. As before, no actual emergency vehicles materialize, it is a noise only event. Perhaps I am being prepped for noise as the vision impairment fuckery, if not the mind-control games, is about to drive me off the PC for an early lunch.

And with post-lunch yoga on Tuesdays, it seems that the timing of eating food, especially if colored brown, is all important.

I am getting the overhead rumbling noise, the faux sliding glass door that has taken on hyperactive status "for some reason", none related to human habitation.

I came across a well researched article on torsional energies; this is what I figure the perps are able to control remotely and turn my life into nonstop misery owing to their singular fixation on not fronting for this depravity in person. They like to piss years away fucking the hell out of thousands of lives, but won't show their sick faces. The article is at this link, harnessing torsion waves, and it combines the torsional energies with gravitational forces, which seems to be what is happening. The perps will wobble me off one foot, and then cue a noise at that very instant, and may throw in a maser or plasma flash simultaneously.

I went to both yoga and strength training earlier, in that order. The perps fucked me out of getting to yoga on time, and my mat was already in place, and they stuffed some new class members in while they were at it. My sitting up front, and being late, made me unable to assess the new weirds, and they were spectacular, once I had a look at the end of class. One was a negro woman with grey wiry hair, and she had a orange brown 3" wide streak dyed in it. And to hide her embarassment, she was wearing shades inside the whole time. When we were in the final resting pose, she "needed" to leave early and lo, if she didn't spend five minutes putzing around me, clunking her shoes and whatever else, and putting her bizarre look into my face a few times, doing the perp's obligatory head bobbing move at least a half dozen times. I think I will have to forgo classes with any weirds in them as this bullshit is getting out of hand; both the planted weirds (see "burn victim" below, and "my" (read, mind-fucked) reaction to them.

Then afterward yoga ended, Mr. Bright Orange Shirt came to loiter around me and yack to the instructor, and the perps had me cranked up so much "from" this, that I was glad to get the fuck out of there. The fuckers cannot get their weirds and their bright color dressed asshole operatives in close enough.

Ditto at the strength training gym; the fuckers had six red dressed operatives that slowly drifted in closer over five minutes or so (herding me), doing their routine of lining the fuckers up to have their backs facing me, congesting the through way, and then finally clustering and blocking rational egress to get to the free weight area. Then when I am set up there, they slowly trickle back, having their red dressed operatives loitering and passing in front and behind me, doing fuck all at a gym. Another routine is to have the assholes stand over where I was doing my exercises, once I have vacated the area.

It was interesting to note that the first two operatives gangstalking me at the workout area were both wearing navy blue shorts and white shirts, and the red dressed fuckers moved in later, and the navy blue and white dressed fuckers slowly moved away. The bottom line is that the behavior of the "workout dudes" is highly irregular; senseless chatting, congesting through ways by starting to lift dumbells in the aisle, clustering by clothing color, the patently gormless "stand around and look stupid duty", and a few other weird combinations that spell; "gangstalking operatives at work". Later, they planted a black and olive drab male dude into the red mix, and then this fucker, who had already gangstalked me in the change room, then moved beside me and began to workout on the machine next to me.

Before that, this wretched lard assed woman who keeps getting in my face was loitering around me in an olive drab shirt, and wasn't working out. In fact, she and the "just stand there" fucker in the red shirt were silently tag teaming me; both took turns loitering around me before the surge of red dressed fuckers arrived.

This is a section where I am re-writing the preceding for myself to put the gangstalking pattern into a sequence, and isn't meant to be wholly readable. Recalling the locational order of my workout, the fuckers had a consistent pattern arranged around me and the colors of the operatives' clothing. First navy blue and white (two fuckers in loiter mode), then olive drab and red tag team pair (the rag-me female and the sentry kid), then the red surge (six in all) lined up in front of me when I was at the W. windows on a lat pulldown machine, then the blonde woman in a teal top buzzed around me, then the black and olive drab male began working out in the center of the red surge in the through way and then he moved in close to me replacing the blonde woman in teal, then the red surge clustered to the N. side of the aisle turn, while the collection of olive drab and ?? were on the S. side of this throughway egress (a split grouping by color), and then they all left me alone on the E. side furthest from the windows until the blonde woman in a teal top and prominent rectangular glasses arrived nearby, and then she planted herself over where I was doing lunges, and then the olive drab woman came back again (her third prominent repositioning around me), this time with the instructor wearing teal and black. Its all clear to me as I replay this in mind, and is more detail than I will normally supply.

Then our group split into two clusters, with me in between them, to go to the floor exercise room. "Somehow", I wasn't allowed to see that one coming, as they have been splitting their operative pairs in front of me at least twice before that. All my defences of identifying and recalling their gangstalking routines are now mind-fuckable; they can make me forget or "not see" their games coming. It is total fucking misery of late, as the assholes are swarming around me everywhere else in public too.

I had four of the male fuckers on me before I got out of the building. This is the same demographic that is largely employed on weekdays at nonlunch hours, and yet there is no end of them surfacing, and too, being "buddies". I have never seen so many male pairs or triplets out on the street at anytime, never mind the improbablity of so many men of working age "happening" to be outside then. And that comparison includes my two visits to San Francisco, usually the high water mark of male buddies. Another cover for the perp's operatives is parking meter enforcement; I see these fuckers all the time now, even three abreast on the sidewalk, when their normal work is of a solitary nature. Another go figure.

And these pairs know exactly when to split apart; they make no attempt to let on that they notice or hear me coming from behind, and yet they magically part at the exact moment to permit egress without me losing a step or having to ask them. Another fucker did the wander into my path fuck; he was dipshitting along in lead-ahead gangstalk mode with the ubiquitous clipboard (a portable color and material reference), and then he pretends to not hear me coming up, and cuts into my path, getting himself much closer than he otherwise would. (And of course I wasn't allowed to anticipate this fucking boneheaded stunt, even having seen it countless times). Not a one of them responds normally, excusing themselves and apologizing, nor says anything. It is like the perp gangstalkers have collectively gone nuts in as far as social convention goes in public places.

There was 600 to 1,000 vehicles on gangstalking duty again along my walking path today; this is "normal" now. The most red colored vehicles in one glance was seven, and the most blatant train of color coordinated vehicles was a single file of equal spaced red, light metallic blue, and then five white vehicles. The perps are appearing to use the reference colors of black, white and silver grey vehicles in trains of 5 to 10 long, and usually embed a red, navy blue, dark green and/or light metallic tan brown. When the perps get into advanced vehicle color mixing, they will have one of each in a train, headed and ended by one or more of the reference colors. The perps let me in on why they are favoring navy blue colors again; it "so happens" that my mattress is that color, and when I moved into this apartment May 01, 2007, I resumed sleeping on this mattress since then.

I wore my mid blue workout jacket when doing my 30 minute walks each way, and it was the first time on that walking route. And lo, if there wasn't a new instance of identical blue paint splattered on the sidewalk at one intersection. And when first encountering this blue paint splatter, the perps arranged a swarm of some four blue dressed gangstalkers around me, which is not uncommon. Any first time encounter of "new improvements" begets more gangstalkers, and then they back off and eventually don't assign any more.

The perps let me run on the treadmill today (possibly attaining the control they wanted), covering 1.90 km; every time I cranked up or down on the speed, a new flush of 2 to 4 gangstalkers would materialize outside in my view, usually with backpacks with some red on on it. A red and white public transport vehicle was arranged to park in front of a mid blue vehicle that was in view before. One red dressed operative outside spent five minutes "attending" to her bicycle while behind a green leafed tree. More foliage games are also "happening"; street parked chippers with a huge volume of chipped organic matter (trees and shrubs) are "showing up" on my walking routes.

And the blonde "aura" games have resumed; the perps had placed a (faked) disfigured male burn victim "just sitting" on his walker unattended near an intersection (go figure), and then directed me to look at this fucking freak when I had no plans to, and in the next instant, they directed my vision to a young shapely blonde woman on her cell phone across the street. It seems that the perps are continuing this unfavored (male, ugly) to favored (young female) temporal comparison game. This pattern has been mentioned in past blogs, and for the most part, the initial blonde gangstalker stunts had ended until recently. Perhaps the perps are going into new neural (mind fuck) territory since my residence move of over a month ago, and need a "blonde goodness" comparison again. Yesterday's blog details a similar incident.

The maser and plasma games continue; more markings are "showing up" on my doors, walls, furniture and carpet. It is very common to have these marks flash a plasma color, as the markings serve as a locus from which to launch a momentary plasma flash or a maser at me. Outside my door, dim lit as it is, the perps have scraped the door frame and the door, and at at least two simultaneous red flashes greeted me as I was unlocking the door, one red flash from each, obviously in some kind of comparison mode. And it should be noted that these plasma and maser games are best done in a high magnetic field, which is the case, as anomalous magnetic densities have been measured in the past. And it "so happens" that my three gaussmeters have gone missing, after being fucked with so they did not work. The constant intrusion continues in every aspect of my life, right down to taking a piss, location of nose hairs and anything else.

I was finally allowed to relocate the interesting link page of articles on the Brother Jonathan web site. Not only do I enjoy his folksy direct and usually well researched analysis, but the variety of his interests is highly compatible to my own. I had a good read there last night, and here is the link to the archive/article page I was attempting to find a few blogs ago. There are more official coverups than I was aware of; Flight 587 (into Queens, NYC, November 12, 2001), the Columbia space shuttle, and the anthrax deaths of 2001. He covers organized religion and the interpretations of the ancient scriptures (who lifted what from who), the dangers of asprin, circadian rythems, his JFK research and aiding the research of Mae Brussell, how Einstein is flat wrong, etc.

In the case of Flight 587, closely following that of the 9/11 events, which Brother Jonathan avoids mentioning, conspicuous by the absence of any analysis, he contends that the commercial aircraft went into a flat spin, like a boomerang. It is exceeding rare for this to happen in aviation, and especially so for a commerical aircraft. That this event follows 9/11 by two months, I am rather circumspect that some deranged assholes wanted to do some remote energy analysis comparison on a spinning aircraft (more vortex energies, per above), versus the head on crashes of the two 9/11 aircraft into elevated structures two month earlier. Given that there are still too many aircraft going down for curious reasons, the perps/assholes have not yet finished their macabre research projects yet. Last year if my recall serves me, a private aircraft slammed into a NYC residential building, which is a rough replication of the 9/11 events there.

And I noted in the Brother Jonathan website, that Cmdr. William S. Donaldson, USN (ret.), who was instrumental in detailing the cause of the Flight 800 tragedy as a missile, which at odds with the government's position that it was a fuel tank explosion, suffered a brain tumor which led to his premature demise. This is something I learned last night in reading this web site, and it just goes to show how guarded the perps are about their orchestrated disasters and mayhem that serves as fodder for their nefarious aims, which is far beyond 100% mind control, to which I can personally attest.

My own recollection of TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996, was that I was three days into my holiday in France at the time, and staying with my family in a cottage in near Lille. As Flight 800 was Paris bound, it was of grave concern in France, and was on the news extensively, breaking into regular programming. I don't speak French, but I did not need any translation as to what happened, and readily gleaned why it was of so much national interest. In this way, the visual feed of the event was separate from the auditory event, as I understood nothing. My wife at the time, kept away from the television news, and was rather avoidant about this televised event. The only connection that I am making to this event is that the perps (since overt harassment begining in 04-2002) regularly put on foreign language acts from time to time; having "tourists" arranged around me speaking German, Spanish and other languages. It is a very curious coincidence, especially my wife's behavior at the time, and I sincerely hope that whatever my scripted role was in viewing this on French TV was of minimal perp orchestration objective interest. Who knows; me, least of all.

Another blog off; this posting might be reasonably cogent as I was allowed to review it.

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