Monday, June 11, 2007

The Last of My Toss Outs

This was the last of three rounds of dealing with most of my stored belongings at other's places. I got the three time jerkaround from the manager in not unlocking the storage room door, and he even rode in the elevator with me and my belongings and "somehow" didn't mention that the storage door was locked after promising me it would be open. Somehow, my personal presence and clear intent did not remind him of his stated commitment.

The usual other demographic ganstalker detritus came out to accompany me in the elevator trips, two more than necessary; the plastic bag people, the cleavage special, the suits (males), the red shoe weirds, the "kindly" old fart act, and last, but not least, the dishy blonde woman.

And only one visit to the donations center, this time with the commercial truck in the loading bay, only giving me some 4' of width to get the dolly and the donations offloaded to the charity. Two dudes stood around on sentry duty, timing their work "break" to my arrival and offloading of the last boxes. I got a MIB leading ahead of me, doing some weird act with his hands for whatever reason. By then, the dishy blonde was on the other side of the road, walking in parallel.

And I got the fuckover stunt again in "forgetting" my doctor's appointment while this was going on; "somehow" I didn't look ahead in my diary for the next week yesterday before heading to my parents, and "missed" the appointment. Seeing that I never missed a doctor's appointment before this harassment outrage began, I have no doubt as to who is jerking my chain on this one. What they get out of this I don't know, but I am sick fucking fed of of being jerked around over every last item in my life. Get the fuck out now, for all the sickos that are reading this, and likely too, who have mindfucked me into this diatribe.

My brother helped me with the boxes and moving these last items out, and he was on a weird cycle too. The guy that never has enough time was yacking with our mother for over 30 minutes and lifted only one box of the five that were there. Anyhow, he was doing his color coordinated clothing gangstalking with his brown jacket over his navy blue shirt, and arranged for confabs in the house at the dining room table, in the garage, and beside his white van, all I assume, to ensure more variety for the perps to measure their energies off me.

It was a royal vehicular gangstalking on the way to my place; the red colors were out, the center line straddlers, the white shoulder line straddlers, and a plethora of white and silver grey vehicles parked in almost every side street enroute, to some 150' distant on either side. Ditto for the street that this apartment block is on when we got here and unloaded his white van.

I am still being kept in the "stoned state", where there seems to be some kind of externally applied sensation of being "clogged and fogged" as I define it. Though today, it seems to have dropped off in the afternoon. This may be a new benchmark in fucking me over, taking me over, and then keeping me resonant with all the energies at my parent's place. This is just a guess, but the coincidence of missing another doctor's appointment by the hand of my mind captors is likely part of this "takeover" plan.

I am getting the layered noisescape as I review some films. The women's bantering, the overhead rumbling of hyperactive sliding glass door movement, the "neighbor's" water usage noise, and some clunks on top of it all. It is interesting to note when these eruptions occur; now that I have bookmarked an impossible amount of films to view should I ever be allowed to, this seems to be the activity that the perps are noisestalking the most. They had groomed me on at least 20 web site visitations, placed reviews of Blow Up and later, Blow Out, and teased me with some steamy actress images, and whatever else that they scripted and fucked out of mind, and then poured on this multi-layer noisescape. These are all noises that they have trained me on, as each has been individually presented and tested at most times of the day, and perhaps they planned on some kind of convergence result. As always, I am the last to know as to what is going on.

And at this time, there is a strange light coming directly into my E. facing apartment. The tower that is some 120' away seems to be the source, even if there is no conventional illumination except that of the setting sun. There have been so many events of strange flashes and lights in the past five years that I cannot count them all. This happens to be an apartment wide illumination in the guise of reflecting off a whitish apartment block.

Earlier, the perps pulled a rage show; they yanked the dinner plate I was cleaning in the sink out of my hand twice and made sure it was hard to capture, and bounced it around in the sink. There is something they really like about clanging crockery and glass. My take is that these materials create all manner of vibration vortices that the fuckers use to assay other energies,- mine or that of other objects in my proximity.

I am getting more strange dusk lighting, this being the second round tonight. This likely began when I was getting strange yellowish illumination from my LCD display, and I then got up to put two room lights on. No sooner than sitting down, a multiple siren cascade started up, and the usaul no-show emergency vehicles. Now some 20 minutes later, the perps have started up this strange light source that somehow can illuminate an E. facing apartment from the W. As this has been the imposed norm since I moved in May 01, I am not too surprised as to amazing resilience of the light levels at dusk time. And still some 10 days to go before the solstice, so I am sure there is plenty more for them to fuck with. And true to form, the noisescape has re-started, the rumbling noise overhead, the putative hyperactive sliding glass door action that is exactly overhead. If is it predictable, it cannot be clinical. So what is the real cause?

Another noise stalked evening with extended trail-off of sounds of "performance" mufflers, perforated mufflers, motorcycles etc. All from the projected noise machine, as there is no high speed traffic at this location. And coincidentally, my chair will creak my itself simultaneously, a fridge knock will "happen" and so it goes. In a maelstrom of constant bullshit noise, plasma, masers, vision impairments, on-screen flashing images, browser takedowns etc.

Time to blog off, and call it a day.

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