Sunday, June 17, 2007

Eleven Hours of Sleep

I got the 11 hour sleep treatment overnight; as far as I can recall, there were no nightime games like the night before. Then they put on a "grainy light show" on the wall, with a central dark locus that appeared as if a bullet hole. I was in a certain awareness state such that I immediately dismissed this out of hand, and went back to sleep. Based on this and other current perceptual games this morning, it seems that the perps are testing for how I know that I am being harassed. They want to know how I have knowledge of being cast into this purgatory they created. Not my problem, so why am I getting constantly jerked around over it?

The grainy light show is when the perps control the properties of light to appear as if it were a dim light grainy black and white photograph. As far as I can tell, they are able to apply this locally, just to the view that I am controlled to look at, and not anywhere else.

And I did some "activism work" by detailing the games that have gone on in the past and the futility of engaging in countermeasures to protect oneself. My email to the MCAtivism group is as follows:
Re: Talking about advanced technology attacks

For the record, and as one who paid for some countermeasures and protective devices to little avail, I have come to the conclusion that having these proximate devices [foil, metals, sheilding measures] are in fact what the perps want. It enables them to get more interacting energies in closer to the victim. Which is why they use gangstalkers, who are also "energetic" (in an unconventional physics way). And often the gangstalkers are on cell phones, also adding in more proximate energy (EMF) interactions.

BUT, if one is debilitated by perp harassment (e.g. head pain), and I have been, then by all means, take all necessary measures to defend oneself from this intense intrusion.

I should also add that the perps can take over electronic devices and have them "fail" to read correctly, or in some way co-opt the display. As an example, I rented an industrial grade gaussmeter for measuring magnetic flux intensity. The sensor was on the end of a 4' cable. I knew the magnetic flux levels were abnormal from my own instruments, but this rented gaussmeter wasn't registering anything anomalous until
I flicked the lead cable around, and kept the sensor in the same location. Then, the measurements of the industrial gaussmeter consistently recorded over 200 Gauss (400x normal), but after some 15 seconds or so of the lead cable being kept still, the "measurements" were dropping to the former "normal" level. In other words, the perps
defeated the instrument's sensitivity by remotely regulating the properties of the lead cable which was only doable when still. As soon as I flicked the lead cable again, I got my high (correct) reading, and did anytime it was kept in motion.

And just to add to the debate, I will say that the perps have stolen some odd things, and these maybe of some defensive use, but chances are that they will send gangstalkers in closer as a consequence (in public). They stole a EMF protective shirt and ball cap( a "magnetic healing" vest (sewn on magnets), and a coat with reflective lining in it.

The gangtalkers often wear leather jackets which are loaded with metal tanning salts, and for a victim, wearing one may either be a defensive device (assuming the perps cannot model the energetic interactions of the garment) or they may be able to utilize it, not unlike metals and foil.

If one is able to constantly randomly alter one's magnetic enviroment through some kind of device and control, this may offer some protection. Chances are, they will eventually govern the device through their manipulations of the "omniplasma continuum" as T. T. Brown called it (the ether), and then co-opt such a device for their own purposes.

The bottom line was that they stole or disabled anything that they could not remotely govern, and what is left is anything that suits their purposes. My only caveat is that perhaps I am in a unique "high intensity" harassment situation where they don't want any unplanned perturbations, but are willing to tolerate them for other victims. Anyhow, that is my real life take on five years of being constantly hounded and I am willing to add to this should one be interested in pursuing other countermeasures.

Hopefully that is in context to the goings on that other readers experience; the few responses in the MCAtivism were affirmative. That the perps can fuck with anything, anywhere. In the past few years I, or the mind-controlled me, has wondered about the applicability of this unconventional physical manipulation from a distance being applied to sporting events. I boggles the mind, and I don't go there often, as I don't watch television to be reminded of these possiblities.

I am due to be headed to my parent's place soon, and will be out of internet contact, So, I will call this a posting for today.

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