Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Online Schlepping Day

Translated, the post's title refers to the fact that I had the ambition to walk some three blocks into downtown and do some banking and then pick up more omega 3 supplements, as these had an "accelerated" depletion rate by unconventional means. Then the ambition notions rapidly attenuated, and here I am putzing on the web all morning, my usual default "habit".

And it seems that the perps want to repeat last month's temporal offset medication and supplement timing acquisition and use. The medications were procured a week before "I" (in the collective mind controlled sense) was energized to get the supplements and start using them. Hence, the supplements, a month's supply, should have lasted an extra week longer, but mysteriously didn't. There have been past anomalous depletions of my essential fatty acids supply, even in pre-overt harassment days before 04-2002.

As I predicted, the perps kept me tossing and turning for over an hour last night before allowing me to go to sleep. I had an uncontrolled thought come to mind as I was reviewing the day's activities, and realized that yesterday my mother asked about furniture of mine that she has never seen or would even know about. These are two indoor canvas chairs with chrome frames that my brother disposed of, though he never mentioned where, in early 2005. I was moving into a smaller apartment and had no room for them. I owned these chairs first when I was in Seattle in 2001, and so only I would know about them, as family "interaction" (as managed by mind-control and scripts), doesn't get to the level of even mentioning furniture in any detailed way, and nor have my parents ever visited any of my five apartments in town.

When I had that realization, if indeed it was mine, while tossing and turning, the noisescape was turned up for the next five minutes or so; more overhead pounding, more heavy duty vehicle noise from outside (at 2300h to 2400h), more brake squealing, a procession of vehicles with perforated mufflers, buzzy Vespas noise, the tenth siren occurence of yesterday, street hollaring and a few other augmentations that I cannot recall.

Another nightime game was to wake me up and look at the grainy picture show on the ceiling, and this time it was dynamic, with a vibrational grainy appearance that was active, unlike the static looks of the past. And for the first time in observing this "regular" anomalous phenonmenon, I was permitted to not only see this grainy pulsation of the light, but also treated to watching it slow down and dissapate to then appear static. Looking at the ceiling never has been so interesting until the perps arrived to let me know they were managing my life, and it wasn't out of any appreciation of the fact that they had already been doing since birth without anyone telling me.

I am back from the yoga and the strength training workouts, at differing locations. It is quite clear that the perps are loading more gangstalkers around me, and aren't looking to their usual pretense. One dude comes in 15 minutes late into yoga and then plants himself beside me, and then shows off his skin tone brown socks. I moved over. Then, an elderly woman arrives 30 minutes late and stands 2' away, behind me the entire time. What person on their 70's can, or would, stand for 30 minutes when a chair is beside them? I was fucking pissed at this, and wondered who in the fuck would be that sick. And very likely I know the asshole and this person was attempting to put on the staring act, and this was their morph-over form. Probably my mother, as her disappearances are getting suspicious. And I wouldn't be surprised if the 15 minutes late act with the disgusting socks wasn't my out-of-town brother who has been on many gangstalkings of late, even down to the changing hair color, same person. Meaning, the perps were purposely blowing his cover while morphed in that same body and face set.

We all had a blue mats at yoga, seven participants and six variants of blue, the only duplicate identical blue was mine, as a big hefty dude putting on the cretin act in all navy blue came for the first time, and did stand-around duty until the elderly woman came to gangstalk right over me. There is no question this yoga class is becoming an operative's rotation for gangstalking freaks, and now, no social distance is respected.

And I also got at least three red plasma flashes while a yoga in my peripherial vision, and of course no one said anything. There were at least three one second long flashes of yellow and apple green before the class started, and they were between an operative and me, and would of been seen by at least two others, and yet again, no one said anything. It is a outrage that I am being hounded all over the city, and then the sickos come to stand over me while in a yoga class.

Then onto strength training where red was the predominant color theme for the operatives swarming around me in four separate locations. While on the bicycle they filtered five of them around me, one by one, over 8 minutes or so, one guy I know from my past career who was in the next door office. He came in an apple green shirt, and this is becoming a frequent plasma flash color by designed coincidence.

In the Fellini-like progression of freaks that are "showing up", today's award goes to the operative who was hefting weights, and encircling me, all the while with his shirt lapel stuck in his mouth, and wearing shades the whole time while indoors. Yessir, you read that correctly, adult operatives/gangstalkers now place a part of their shirt in their mouth, and walk about in a fitness center, and aren't in our "day group" of putative mental defectives . In this instance, the shirt-biter had the corner of a dark green shirt in his mouth for the 15 minutes that I observed him, or more like, my attention was directed to see.

And the perps are still on granny stalking while I work out; the same wizened bag is placed near me, or my attention is directed to see, this same woman for over 8 sessions, who is always there when I am there, (and how would that happen so consistently?), and she gets "featured" everytime. She is planted when I enter, exit, wandering by when on a machine, planted in my view when on the 10 minute aerobic session, and consistently end up in view everywhere I am while there. Even the old gents in street clothes have been pulled after 4 weeks, but the granny stalking is relentless.

At the conclusion of strength training the perps had me in cornered in the change room with two dudes wearing red and one had a red gym bag in hand. The when I got out to depart, they put on two women in file both with red shirts one being a carmine red (fugly), then when on the street outside the recreation center, they put on six red parked vehicles in various orientations, and then when at the first intersection to cross, they put on three red vehicles in file, plus at least another five red vehicles passing through or turning a corner. That was the biggest red show yet, save yesterday's 8 parked red vehicles at the computer service location.

I got another reprise gangstalker while enroute in walking back from the recreation center; a navy sport jacked portly 50+ y.o. over a burgundy shirt "shows up" at the first intersection when I passed by, and he looked like a fish out of water in a suburban shopping area. Then some 25 minutes later, this same dude in the same clothes is walking toward me, closer to downtown, but still in a neighborhood where the formality is on the low side. As this is second such reprising gangstalker within two weeks, each within a half block of each other at both ends, it cannot be a fluke for even the doubters, aka clinical touts.

More overhead pounding has started up, enough for me to yell at the assholes, and still they keep this up, attempting to make it seem if the upstairs "neighbors" are tromping around in lead boots and hefting safes back and forth. My reading about Linux and Microsoft in the computer news has the perps worked up, or else it is the brown colored dinner content digestion moment they have been hounding me over for 5 years.

I heard from my ex that our daughter is going to get an award tomorrow, and the concluding school term ceremonies. And I am invited for a second foray of recent weeks to that same school for another mass gangstalking, which is the real reason. And my parents are going, a reasonably strong tip off that it is a First Feral Family event, along with everyone else. How the seating and the timing of the arrangements are going to happen I don't know. In just about every instance of group event attendance over the last five years of being harassed, and even the 4 years before that when I was employed, I was either first or last in arriving to the room or location. It is a very big deal for the perps to arrange these, as today's stand-over-me gangstalker while practicing yoga attests.

And of course this is a big deal for me as to what to wear, as I wear jeans almost exclusively, and my sports jackets are still rumpled from being stored for the past 7 months. And I am begining to understand that my entire adult life of having few matching garment combinations, despite having plenty of clothes, is also a perp managed adversity. All these clothes and few sensible combinations, and I spent decades planning to fix this wardrobe problem, and I never did "somehow". Now I know, and given their interest in all colors that I wear or see, as well as the fabrics, they had a total control over what my wardrobe.

More overhead pounding again, this time it is contingent on any thoughts that are not mind-controlled. The perps appear to use the strategy of posing a question to my subconscious that I am unaware of, so I answer it, and if it goes off script, the fuckers start pounding a 4" concrete and steel floor above me. There is some logic circuit of mine that they cannot yet disable via remote means, though they have made me do many of my routines ass backwards of late, another never-before that is being applied to me more often of late.

A yawning attack erupted as soon as I took on a new subject to look at online. These too, have long dogged me, and I could never determine a pattern of my yawning spates from the long past, and of course, they were remotely invoked at the whim of The Powers That Be, on yet again, some deranged quest for which they won't declare themselves, as if someone is looking over their shoulder.

Now more pipe bashing noise from overhead, with something like creaky springs added over it. And as it so happens, the noise is tracking my mouse clickings so enough of that activity and continuing with blogging.

And time to blog off, and call it a day, and ready myself for my going out tomorrow afternoon.

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