Friday, June 01, 2007

Dog Day Fridays

I am having an enforced "demotivation" about going anywhere today, another version of "shut in" time that the perps so assiduously foster.

The overhead pounding started up last night, within 5 minutes of being horizontal in bed, plus they also gave me a simutaneous zapping which pissed me off, and I was "obliged" (read, mind-fucked) to verbally respond to. This was about midnight, and under the cover story of "moving" by overhead "neighbors". As before, when the upstairs "neighbors" conduct the same noises (mostly) at the same juctures (unbidden thoughts, coordination with other noise, web page displays etc.), over five succesive residences in two countries over five years, then they cannot be mere mortals, i.e. the random possibilities of human occupation. It is more concerted noise of a specific nature, to continue noisestalking as part of their neural energetics assay activity for the quest of 100% mind control, and the rest of the depraved agenda.

This morning the logging whistles went off again, the same noise that would "erupt" at the same time of day as my last residence location, at least a half mile away. It is a noise that is familiar to me from my long ago working time in forestry, though I was never involved in active logging. Anyhow, the perps like to play this noise when I am "coming to", being slowly aroused from the sleep they have managed.

There was also an awakening to see their "grainy picture show", where everything looks very grainy for some reason, likely related to how they play about with light. Why do they need to wake me up for this, and what do they get from it is beyond me, but typically I am in some kind of semi-awakened state, and no doubt some brain energy pathways are turned off for their convenience in studying the remainder which they seem to have a "problem" with, as in not being able to fuck it around.

I got a white light stroboscoping light show to send me off to sleep; usually the perps put this on and I bury my face in the pillow so to avoid it. Not this time, as they played it in my mind or my sight detection part of the brain, just to keep it going for whatever purpose they have as an objective. That is, I could still "see" this stroboscope show in my closed eyelids that were planted into the pillow. I have some kind of aversion to their stroboscoping games, and this may also be color specific. I always "pass" the standarized red EEG stroboscoping tests to determine for epilepsy, and that isn't too bad. (This is where they put on the sensors on one's head, and have the patient look into a stroboscope image, usually in red).

After the extreme number of emergencies of two days ago, there has been at least three major siren cascades so far, and I am quite sure it is part of this concerted noise assault program, as the actual vehicles rarely surface. It is projected noise, from some control room in one of the heavily aerialled buildings (at least three) in this town. There is more of a high pitched noise flavor over the past week; more brake squealings, children's voices, sirens, air pressure releases and a few others they like to introduce.

I finally did get out and attempt to cash a rebate check at the bank earlier this afternoon, but I should of not bothered and stayed in a fugue state. The bank was nearly flowing out the door with "customers" so I didn't bother to go inside. I need to see a teller and get more rolls of quarters for these infernal 20 year old coin operated machines in the building. Though in fact, I suspect this serves the perp assholes more than anything. In my experience, they have every last crumb and item of litter all figured out in advance, and where it belongs in the script.

And it was the usual freak show to go 1.5 blocks downtown and partake in the throngs of gangstalkers; it was a Friday afternoon, so it was an all-out gangstalking event. The same individuals who were at an intersection waiting for the pedestrian traffic control when I was headed for the bank, "re-appeared" at that same intersection only 2 minutes later after I turned around outside the bank. These were young Asian boys both wearing black with white hats on, one being a wool toque on one of the hottest June 01 on record. Go figure. There are black and white vehicles parked on the street outside my apartment building as I am typing this.

And the perps figure I need more close-in motorcycle "exposure" (whatever the fuckers get from it), and parked two in one block on the sidewalk, in small alcoves so as to not block egress (excepting the doorway to the buildings).

Another "whatever" was that they put a redi-mix (concrete delivery) truck headed S. as I waited at the traffic control, and then at the next block it was headed N. This was when I was headed into the bank. Then on my way back, they put on a second redi-mix truck with a different coloration heading right through downtown. Clearly, there were no deliveries to make, and this was all about gangstalking. As I mentioned in past blogs, I usually get about five per week now, as this form of vehicular gangstalking has been increased.

When I owned a house, I made concrete many times, and I had two major pours for landscaping, and I think it is about time that the perp nutters who are constantly placing concrete jobs, pours, delivery trucks etc. in my proximity got their sick asses out of the closet, and fessed up to this criminality, all to expedite their own "research"/torture agenda. That way, they could get the results in a week instead of harassing thousands of TI's all over the world in covert fashion for decades in some cases. For my part, (concrete pouring and smoothing activities), it is a case of been there, done that. So why is the perps' problem made to be mine?

And as a response, I get faked bus noise and performance muffler noise, one following the other, and no causal vehicles to be seen. Some kind of answer from the billion dollar budgeted cowards and their litany of illegality. Imagine working for an organization where everything that is to be done is illegal; surveillance, harassment, event construction etc.

More web surfing; the vision impairments have started up in their usual late day phase. Yesterday was an exception as this form of harassment started first thing in the morning. My theory on that was it was for me to mention at the yoga class check-in, and lo, if there weren't some yoga exercises we all did. Way too convenient. And I suspect that looking the the extreme left, right, up, down, and the four intermediary cardinal directions was to serve the perps' interests to have one eye looking through the glasses while the other was looking out from behind them. The perps expend no end of effort in having me view an item seen directly, through glass, through safety glass (has an embedded plastic layer), through plexiglass, through poly, and any other substance that is transparent or translucent. Then add in all the possible colors and their combinations, and that amounts to thousands of variants. No big deal to these psychopathic nut cases harassing the living fuck out of my life. Just plant another noise; a bell tingling and then a bus noise from outside.

I better stop before there is any more noise baiting and blog off.

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