Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back to Mattress Stalking

The mattress stalking stunt is having a reprise; two have been placed in the hallway one apartment away, and no ostensible cause like moving has been arranged. In other words, no cover story, and that includes the placement of the steel bed frame in the hallway, the displaced stroller (outside my apartment in the hallway) and the extra large, non-native pinecones (read, brown color) stashed in the carry section of the stroller. Who would ever put non-native 12" long pinecones in a stroller and leave them there for over 6 weeks, except on a weird mission, like overtly harassing the fuck out of someone's life after doing this covertly for over 47 years?

Regular readers will recall that a mattress was placed some 12' away outside my room at the last residence location, the putative rooming house. The mattress was rotated and/or moved about for the next four weeks until it "disappeared" in the night. Its arrival and placement was equally mysterious, again, in the night. And mattresses are a regular gangstalking accouterment, usually stacked in the boxes of gangstalking pickups, the vehicle usually black, silver-grey or white colored. And of late, the perps have dropped the pretense of mattress packing as a end-of-month moving pretense, and usually have one such cargo carrying cehicle every outing that I make. What is that expression, the more things change (e.g. moving residence location), the more they remain the same (similar gangstalking methods revealed).

It was a laundry day today, and there is nothing like that activity to bring on perp games. The above mattress, bedframe and stroller placements in the hallway were readied some two days ago, and the noisescape has been significantly enhanced this morning with backup beepers, car alarms, air pressure release hissing from buses and garbage trucks, and a host of other "coincidences", with a full barrage occuring when I was folding my clothing on the bed. There is likely many goals the perps have about laundry and clothing energetics interaction, but it seems that it brings out the inanity of the perps in full.

Another related stunt was having the washing machine "leak" again, a cupfull or so on the floor of the laundry room. I told the building manager last time, but he made a point of not doing anything about it. Translated, this stunt is to run longer, so forget it, it won't be fixed anytime soon. The "problem" had" self corrected" for a few weeks, but has now returned.

Before I moved here I took my laundry to a laundromat, and a woman I named Goth Girl was the attendant, and she provided many tales related to harassment activity. And now she begins to "show up" in gangstalking, now twice in a week, in the locations that I frequent, during her putative work hours. Whether or not her appearences are related to laundry activity I have no idea, but there are no coincidences in this life as a Targeted Individual.

I am getting the crumb arrivals in greater frequency of late; they "happen" to show up on counters, sink, my fingers, cupboard doors, and have taken on the added property of being difficult to move or pick up. As if by magic, my fingers "miss", and the crumb either is returned or else my fingers are being dithered by remote means. As always, crumbs also serve as maser loci point, and invariably fire a maser or a small plasma beam at me, sometimes in unison. i.e. all crumbs on my plate will jointly shoot brown plasma beams at me. And to add to this inanity, I am also getting wood slivers from nowhere arriving on the carpet. I can only assume the perps are wanting me to touch the carpet as well, and in some way, energetically interact with the item, and its retained (from the carpet) and natural colors.

I got a siren show immediately before lunch, and two separate instances (serial form) of sirens while eating it. As mentioned before, the perps like to have me eat brown food, and have taken this opportunity to noisestalk me in pre-meal and during my meal with the same noise that was terminated locally, though I did not see any emergency vehicles.

Overhead tapping noise has started up while I am being contained in a near sleep state while sitting at my PC and reading more of Chasing Phantoms, the downloadable PDF file about abductions and mind-control, which usually occur together, although not usually mentioned. It is rare that an abductee comments on how relaxed and cooperative they were, which to me, spells mind control, as no one in their right mind would be like this.

I noticed that this blog journalling is getting spoofed for spelling mistakes after the fact, that is, when I am not accessing it, and while it sits on this PC or the Blogspot server, wherever the file resides. In other words, all these spelling mistakes are not my own.

And another jerkaround was also pulled earlier, where I got mind-fucked into "thinking" that the above used word "mattress" was spelled with one t instead of two t's. So I had to repair that damage, and this is how it goes, even for an ace speller. I am not allowed to spell words correctly, and especially not type them correctly, as the typo count is way too large for me to be doing this by myself, let alone the consistent nature of the "typos". One example it repeating the same mistake in placing a certain two letters together. It never happened before, which in my book means, mind-fucking.

I am being tested for text cognition; the text of this and my the websites that I have concurrently open has been altered from the initial size and spacing to a compacted form, densified if you will. This has been going on for months, and they like to pull this when I revisit the site, opening the tab or window up after being away from it for a time. And I assume this game is all-important, as it has been going on for so long. Another likely supporting game is what I call "text mashing"; scrambling various pieces together in an unreadable melee. Dialog boxes that are not boxed, just the text displays to confuse me. And then in Blogspot, having the choice of labels sitting on the text above it.

I got the hallway nattering that went on for an hour; another unlikely scenario where two individuals in an apartment block have an extended discussion, outside my door of course. It is not quite as bad as the putative rooming house as the last residence location, but just as mysterious in rationale.

In the course of reading about Carissa Conti and her travails at the hands of some very strange and managed events (The Vortex), I learned that young children and pets are the most sensitive to psi energies and the presence of unseen others. And it is certainly true for her cat, which wigged out anytime there was a poltergeist-like event imminent. (And as I type this paragraph up, I got a noise flurry, and a car alarm that has been on for the entire time, and one that happens to violate the restrictions on the alarm duration). And her observations lend credence to why pets and children are so often used by gangstalkers, and that the perp's expectation is that these groups of beings have more of the psi energies apparent, with the expectation that the same conditon/energies can be detected in me.

And for that one, the perps had it all planned a long time ago, as my daughter is now 17 y.o. and they had plenty of interaction time to be stalking me over. Yet again; been there, done that, so why am I being fucked over for someone else's research problem?

And so it goes, being a doormat for the perps to fuck with my life, all the time they are shooting masers and plasma beams around me, scripting my every utterance, broadcasting my personal history to all and sundry, and hounding me with noise and gangstalkers all the time. Last week at yoga as part of the check-in, I said something like, "... and no complaints of an organic nature", (meaning personal health) and they all laughed (oddly IMHO), as how did they know just what my situation is? Admitedly, I did tell the instructor once in (scripted, likely) conversation before or after a class, in brief about my harassment lifestyle, but no other party was in earshot, and at no time has any class member ever talked to me about anything, let alone social lifestyle.

It is amazing that my yoga classmates all knew about my state of harassment, and even more stunning that they found humor in it. This had to be scripted, or even mind-planted among them, to all individually have the same reaction. I have had a few of these group laughter sessions in the past, and they all seemed equally weird when everyone finds the same innocent statement to be funny. An extension of this is the communal smirking game, though to be honest, there has been some recent diminuition of this. A related experience is the stare at me games, though for the most part the perps have gone for shorter, and near normal social durations. Yesterday, they put three of these staring episodes from three individual operatives together inside of a minute, so perhaps they are now going for quantity.

I am getting the dusk onset stroboscoping, something that does not have any ostensible cause, save the improbability of aiming a white light window reflection flash at me from a residential tower consistently at this time of day. And also, the source has the amazing ability to stop when I am looking in the direction of where it might be coming from. And immediately before this "eruption" the phone rang from an automated calling center, my only phone call of the day. Another amazing coincidence.

I am getting the remotely applied "discomforted" sensation; a generalized feeling without any specific causal. Yet another of the "never before" planted sensations that have only become a reality since overt harassment began in 2002. There might be another purpose to this, and I have yet to be informed of it.

There are more recall games going on; in reading Chasing Phantoms as an Adobe PDF file, it jumped me to the wrong location and I happened to be merrily reading along, and then eventually encountering something familiar, but I wasn't allowed to think it through. Then again, and finally I was let in on the fact that the perps started me 50 pages back of where I had finished to in an earlier session today. More mind-fuck games, and getting me at very fundamental levels of recall, and even of consciousness.

And I got some more strange direct lighting in this E. facing apartment when the sun was setting in the W. There was no apparent source, and the direct light was splashed on the desk in front of this LCD panel, on the panel and on the wall behind it. More games for small minds, though in fact, there is a day to day consistency in these strange effects and their timing and contingencies that belies the fact that the perps are more than just rampant juvies as I often characterize them as.

I had something momentous to write, but "somehow" I lost the thought, which translated, means mind-fucked.

And more reading of Chasing Phantoms has struck a resonant chord, especially the numbed out and emotionally bereft, if not abusive, family situation. And I sense, as the author does, there were likely mind-control behaviors embedded in the family interactions. And when any part of the story is particular relevant to my own experiences, the noisestalking starts up, even construction percussive noises at this time of night.

Time to blog off and call it a day.

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