Friday, June 15, 2007

No Shower, Shampoo or Shave Allowed

And for "some reason" this did not get published on 06-15-2007, the create date, as I had directed last night. And as I got a fair minded and considerate comment to which I cannot reply to as the Comment Posting command in Blogspot "failed" (after crafting one), I will use this opportunity to re-edit with a new and positive perspective, supplied by my one loyal reader.

No morning routine was allowed at my parent's place when I got up after a bogus ten hour sleep. (That is, I normally sleep 8 hours and "somehow" it became 10.) The soap and shaving products appear to give the perps problems for remote assaying of my energetics, as there are no end of masers and plasma beams coursing around me then, through the shower stream, and off my face and then toward the mirror. The perps now intercept the shower water by creating leaks in the supply and/or redirection valve; this has happened in the past and current three locations where I have taken showers. These unabashed magnetic energy concentrations are being created and spatially directed more during these activities than any other time of day for all of the locations that I frequent. I also suspect the titanium oxide filler in the toothpaste also has unique properties in light energy (and other energies, I suspect) scattering. New locations that I stay at are always heavily plasma-ed and masered.

I had stayed over at my parent's place last night in the aid of driving them to a school concert where my daughter was performing. And lo, if another round of games wasn't arranged for today, as their vehicle "needed" to be taken in this morning for a repair, as the engine light (yellow) came on. When the perps organize the three of us, aka the First Feral Family, they put on extra events to protract their color and noisestalking games.

I drove them to the Ford dealership, one that has been the site of past protracted vehicle check-ins, and it wasn't any different this time. The parking was tightened down, and that meant a pointless back and forth excursion along a lane of parked vehicles, with the lane end egress blocked off. An operative had already "walked by" (aka ambulatory gangstalking) while I was looking for the elusive parking stall, and he became the driver of a "just vacated" as stall in the second lane of parked vehicles, driving a mid-grey Ford Escort to vacate the stall. Such luck, especially since the parking at the Customer Service area has been reconfigured more than twice in the some 6 prior trips I have made in this circumstance.

One apparent attraction for the perps for these Ford Customer Service area visitation is that they have it ringed with tire displays; below the service counters, a rack at the entrance and other tires in various aspects on the cardinal directions in x, y and z coordinates. As mentioned in past blogs, the perps have a problem with assaying rubber products, and past vehicle "tire problems" have borne that out. And that includes "faulty" alignment settings on the front wheels which necessitated a new set far in advance of normal tire wear on the rear wheels. In the long past, when I was working for a forest products company I would have a tire "failure" every week, for at least 8 weeks running, far more than anyone else.

And when at the Ford dealership, lo, if the triple demographically compliant Ford service assistant wasn't already outside when we walked to the service area, gangstalking us first outside, and then for more than 20 minutes of "check-in time" while he putzed around, getting the codes wrong, getting into explanations ($80 to screw the gas tank on correctly which could set off a fuel pressure sensor), and then my mother adding a bullshit item onto the list late in the show, "causing" another round of printing etc.

The three demographic categories to which the service technician belonged was brown skin, a bald pate and speaking with a British accent. He had also overdone his cologne, and it was a disgusting smell that was coming off him from time to time. I reckon the perps drove this smell into my nose at the time, and they later gave me a shot of it at my place an hour later, after I showered, shaved and washed my hair. My hair gets greasy overnight now when it never did before. The lie of my hair after a night's sleep is identical every morning; "combed" forward and up at the sides, since 04-15-2002.

All the while at the Ford dealership's customer service area, the on-off Mr. Dark Green Coat and Mrs. Brown Coat loitered behind us, split apart, came together, split apart again, did their backs-to-me poses, then one-in-front-of-the-other poses, then a swap of their respective positions, and the rest of the color coordinated bullshit that defines the new "normal" for being hounded 24/7. This seems to be more common of late; putting absurd she-him gangstalking couples together, and then having behave disparately, and then not. And too, they are usually color coordinated in the "hot gangstalking colors" of the day; dark green, dark red, and mid-brown tones. The perps went silly on yellow yesterday, likely because I was wearing a yellow-green shirt that is bisected by 1/4" squares of some kind of wicking fabric.

All the while, other strange dudes, especially those with white hair and beards also paraded around, and one was on lounging duty the entire time at the far end of the Ford customer service area, some 30' distant. He too, was indulging in the latest perp behavior; the arm extension stunt. They put on all manner of socially conventional ways, or moderately irregular ways, to have their arms extended, with the only oddity being that so many of the operatives are doing this. Another tip-off is the profusion of these Tilley-like hats of late. There is either something I intrinsically loathe about these, or else the fuckers have be managed/controlled to react to them. I am not sure which, and I don't know of any "big hat" traumatizations from the long past the assholes may have put me through.

Last night the Feral Family went to see my daughter perform in her year end recital at her highschool (Grade 11). My ex was there, and she had plenty of uncharacteristically foul garlic breath for me to inhale whenever the perps saw fit. I assume that was another smell jamming stunt, as more followed, per above, today.

It was a good show in the school auditorium, as some 400 people were in attendance, a near full house. There was one staff member who did an operatic piece titled "Monica", a name that has aroused curiousity by way of perp intrusion, though I won't explain it. Another alumnus sang two numbers and a solo by one of the choir members was also very good. As always, there were plenty of plasma flashes and ghostings for the first twenty minutes or so, all while the perps do their color testing and response profiling of me. The woman in front swapped seats at least three times, and made sure to squirm in the seats enough to cause them to move and bang on my knees. I would call this a sensation-to-energetics correlation mapping from my harried perpsective in experiencing this all the time. This woman also introduced a shiny light blue leather handbag with metal studs in it onto the empty seat in front of me for the latter half of the show. Leather is a common referencing fabric the perps like to introduce, likely for its embedded metal salts and their energetic interactions.

And I am getting the usual plasma and maser games as I type this, but while at the school recital last night I did experience a strange vision "problem" that suggested the perps have at least another year of harassing me over in their plans. At about 35 minutes into the concert, my vision went a little dark and pixellated momentarily, and I vaguely felt different after that. I figured this was when they invaded my vision so they could take it over and control it and all the associations of objects that I see, and not just read it, which is what they can, and have, done all my life. After that, there were more "flarings" and related visual events, as if I were seeing a film instead, with its technical shortcomings.

I cannot get time to catch up and journal all the goings on of yesterday and today, but perhaps now. The perp's gave me another forced nap at 1600h for an hour and a quarter. I did not need this sleep as the assholes had already gave me a 10 hour sleep last night.

Then the perps hit me with a "need" to put on my earmuffs as they started a squeaking noise up, and after a minute or so, they brought on a boom box stereo noise that is creating this deep bass sound that "somehow" penetrates my hearing protection (ear muffs). Now both noises are playing simultaneously, and then some voices from the hallway have been layered on top of that. Normally I don't do blogging when I have the earmuffs on as the assholes then cause the keyboard noise to also penetrate the hearing protection.

I suspect the real reason for any notion of needing my earmuffs is that they are a deep metallic green color, one of the perps favorite gangstalking colors after black, white and silver grey. And the earmuffs are constructed of plastic, a substance that appears to cause the perps significant problems with their remotely applied neural intrusion games as they place no end of this substance in all its variants, e.g. plexiglas, carbonate plastics, polyethylene etc in my proximity. Not my problem, so why am I being fucked over for it?

I saw the doctor in the afternoon today, and it was the usual pathetic event, he claiming that the reason for trying omega 3 fatty acid supplements was for "brain lubrication". If I hear him lapse into this dumfuck metaphor for which I have already castigated him for in a past appointment, I will scream in his face.

The perps pulled a major blatant piece of gangstalking after I exited the doctor's office; they had a patient "just loitering" outside the doctor's office where all staff offices are behind secured doors. So how did a "patient" on the loose get there? Worse yet, this fucker fitted two demographics of this harassment epic; he was brown skinned and had a bald shiny head. There is something I cannot stand of late, and I suspect the perps are creating this reaction, and it is bald headed shills/operatives, and their heads are getting more reflective for some reason. Then this gangstalker arranged himself to almost step into the very location I was about to, then he backed off. He gave me the stare for no reason, as why would he be there? He was in a mid-blue jacket which had further ramifications seconds later as I found out. And, his degree of brown skin was the same as the Ford service technician (as above), though he was in a light blue shirt.

Upon exiting the building, one of my pre-appointment waiting room retard gangstalkers in a blue jacket was now outside the doors in the daylight. This operative had been putting on the stupid act with his "assistant" the entire time and making plenty of noise with the highly varied objects in his many pockets. After my appointment of some 15 minutes duration, I walked past the waiting area to exit, and the responsible "keeper" (of the retard in blue) was still in his seat, but instead of having a black beard and hair, it was now white! No shit, I don't make this stuff up.

I got the usual freakshow when walking to the doctor's office, as well as the vehicular gangstalking which I reckon was the "usual" 500 to 800 vehicles. The perps are going for more dark greys now, and offer more color variety in one pod vehicle formations . I have had at least three redi-mix truck stalkings today, and at least two recently poured concrete sidewalk slabs on my route as well.

And as I type this I am getting consistent and repeated white light flashes from the perps that are coming from outside and are falling across this LCD while I type.

And as I bitch about the incursions above, the perps just published this posting to the blog prematurely, and changed the Blogspot display to reflect that. Normally the perps cause these kinds of "blunders" by forcing my fingers to do something they weren't going to do, and then add their command in the middle of a "keystroke error".

Yesterday while at the Oak Bay Recreation Center I got the bigtime vehicular gangstalking from the Oak Bay Fire Department truck. When I lived in this municipality of Victoria they would put on their dark red trucks at night, to "drive by" me while out jogging. Yesterday, they were back at it; they drove their ladder truck past me four times; when I was on the street, within a block of the recreation center, then when I was inside at the windows on the treadmill, then again when I was in the E. most area that was lit by artificial lighting, and then dinally when I was halfway between the window and the E. most area. Additionally, they switched on some orange lights on the side panel of their truck, likely as a reference for a brighter red color. I have never seen the perps put on such a concerted and analytical display of vehicular gangstalking before, but the color of the fire truck fits the current pattern of them being fixated in this variation of red.

And as it so "happened", when taking my parents to the Ford dealership, the assholes put on another dark red firetruck, this one from the Municipality of Saanich. This time, they had both my parents and me to sample, as we were in the same vehicle. This followed having four same color deep metallic red vehicles in file ahead of me in traffic. Then one of the red vehicles in transit "disappeared" from this string when we were was aligned in a single direction.

And in this city, the perps are blessed (or created) the situation that the Victoria City fire department trucks are a specific yellow, as it is said to be superior for visual detection. I have mentioned in past blogs that the City fire department is "extra busy" on their drives, or less often, their "emergencies", anytime I walk past their #1 station on Yates street on my way to various appointments, as they are nearly all in that direction. And, as it so happens, the five municipalities that make up Victoria are under orders to look at how they can amalgamate their emergency services as a single entity, which might be the begining of total municipal amalgamation. But as the perps enjoy the variance of the differing colors and livery of these vehicles, and likely even drive them when on gangstalking duty, I don't see citywide services amalgamation happening anytime soon.

After my parent's Ford Escape was dropped off, we took a cab downtown and my parents went on to do their banking, and I split to get to my apartment, only a block away. It seemed like the perps had arranged my gangstalking route by power washing the sidewalk some days earlier, and with the persistent light rain that was falling, they put on the flush of weirds and freaks. The "Plastic Bag People" were on me, as was the Coffee Corps. In the former case, there is a profusion of ambulatory gangstalkers packing one or more white plastic shopping bags to the level of absurd looking, and in the case of the latter, the operatives carry their coffee around with the cup held in front of them, which may even look normal, except that there are so many. My take on this is that they need to obtain remote energy readings for white, and plastic, and for brown, colors and contents of some of our body components (or pollutants). I finally did get showered, shampooed and shaved at 1030h this morning. I suspect that today's stunt in having me "oversleep" by 2 extra hours and the drive and gangstalk event at the protracted Ford dealership without any direct exposure to soaps or other substances was likely the Big Event (stunt) for the week.

I got some vision impairment for the last hour, but not enough to force me to stop looking at sixties movies here.

Time to blog off for the day and call this a posting, such as it is.

And again, re-edited 1750h, 06-16-2007

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