Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blanked Out

Creating new and meaningful titles for my blog postings is getting jammed by the perps; I am totally blanked out for 10 to 20 seconds, and that is another "never before".

I got the usual adversity at breakfast again; peanut butter and jam on toast continues to be a constant battle. Today they flicked peanut butter on the plate, and after I scraped it off with my right index finger, they then rammed my left index finger into the toast seconds later, on an exposed peanut butter portion .

A busy afternoon with yoga and then working out at the recreation center as part of this health group. (And, should add, this constitutes "getting out in the community" and earns my rent subsidy). Then I got into reading a fascinating abduction and strange energies experience book online, called Chasing Phantoms, by Carissa Conti. It is a PDF file, and is worth the download. And her site is also worth a tour, as many of the abduction experiences, either by aliens and military, are similar to that of harassment Targeted Individuals like myself. Yesterday I plugged her online story, The Vortex, which covers a particular few years when she lived with her brother and the abnormal energies and events that went on, almost beyond paranormal.

The first similarity is that there is no authority we can complain to and expect recourse, as the experience is usually solitary with no evidence. And in the case of abductions, they often do have physical evidence such as bruises and skin gouges, but no doctor is going to take them seriously.

Secondly, the victims of either harassment or abductions do not know why they are the focus of so much attention, or how they were selected to be in it. I concur with her belief that we are guinea pigs for some kind of experimentation, and that mind-control is part and parcel of this spectrum of intrusion and covert study. My conclusion is that alien abduction experiences are that these nonconsensual events are two sides of the same coin. On one side there is the human operatives in the harassment and mind-control operations (mine), and the other, the aliens with their ships with large facilities for testing and examining humans, and are serving the same goal IMHO. And I will take a flyer here, and I will posit the alien/harassment objective is to attain a complete understanding all of the energetics interactions, thoughts and actions of the entire human experience everywhere in the world, and that includes the paranormal experiences as well. They want to be able to replicate our perceptions and plant them on others if need be, and similarly, inject knowledge by way of directed energetics into others minds.

In this latter case of "downloadable" knowledge, Carissa Conti's brother had extensive knowledge of electronics, and she asked him how he knew this material as he had never studied it, and all he would say is, "I don't know". Her brother went to juvenile prison in his teens, and when he got out, he was quite changed, and even spacey at times.

It is interesting to note that Carissa Conti has a particular aversion to shiny round objects, particularly if it is of fleshy form. She mentions that she felt traumatized from this shape and light reflectance combination because her bed posts were finished with a round turned ball shape at the top. She doesn't recall if this might have been due to this being cause by viewing alien heads at close range. That got me thinking that my similar reaction to round shiny flesh is the same reason the perps are chasing me all over town, and creating setup scenarios, all to see their operative's shiny (and revolting, to me) bald heads.

Another surrogate for a fleshy mound of a similar dimension is placing pregnant women around me, and that would include the current workout coordinator. I don't have any memories of being abducted, even while young, and the most common age for children is 4 to 5 years old. I also have an aversion to renditions of alien faces, though again, there is no recollection that I have seen any. And too, the perps could be creating this "reaction", and that it is not of organic origin. Though, I do wonder if my "interest" in alien abductions also doesn't serve a higher purpose, and not only in finding community in our common afflictions and adversities.

I got my ambulatory and vehicular gangstalking at yoga and the recreation center and when walking between the two locations. And I even had another altercation with an operative walking straight at me, in left-hand drive mode again, and this asshole wasn't about to observe social custom. This has to be at least the sixth such event in the past year, as it began when I gave up my vehicle. And this lug was dressed in brown no less, and eventually passed me on my right side, which is what the perps crave more than anything among the ambulatory gangstalkers. It is rare that anyone passes me walking as I am so geared to a faster gait when they keep planting freakshow gangstalkers behind me, often rustling and with exaggerated heel clatter noise.

I also got a demonstration of the operative's ambulatory gangstalking test methods; this blonde woman in a thick black coat, on a sunny and warm day (go figure), is walking toward me at this x shaped intersection of two major road arteries. She has a fast walk, and I am seeming to be slowed down somehow, so I don't get to pass her while she is some 15' ahead, and she mails the letters at the post office some 100' distant from the intersection. And as she proceeds on in the same direction, an Asian woman with black shiny hair steps out of the post office and then walks beside the blonde woman. The latter proceeds some 20' to take a right angle turn toward the adjacent drug store, and the Asian woman proceeds ahead of me until I pass her. This would seem to be a Caucasian woman in a nonreflective black coat color to a shiny black haired woman of Asian decent. A black color continuity test in other words, with a racial component between the gangstalkers. This tells me that the perps have a long way to go in their color testing, and that this will be another year of being harassed at least.

I got my usual 500 to 1000 gangstalking vehicles in formations, headlights on, equally spaced and coordinated by vehicle color and body shape and size. The one glance record for red colored vehicles was six, with another two cruising in at the above intersection. There were plenty of white, silver grey and black vehicle clusters, and they even put three dark greens together in file at one location.

I had a (brown colored) chocolate bar after my workout, and when I went to toss the wrapper, they had one woman backed into the waste recepticle, and then another in brown clothing and walking her bicycle (go figure) also getting in my way. Only until the latter party passed was I able to access the garbage can. Unbelievable, two gangstalkers all over me when tossing a candy wrapper away when there was no one loitering there before I began the chocolate after workout "habit".

Enough for a posting, and I shall blog off for the day.

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