Thursday, June 14, 2007

Five Firefox Hangs in Succession

I am reworking the template for this blog, now that I have been enlightened that I don't need to wade into HTML and have the perps apply extra cognitive dissonance. And to navigate around and select more links, the perps keep hammering my Firefox sessions, fucking the hell out of me. And to be clear, Firefox has never caused any problem to me before; this "eruption" has been a recent tactic for whatever reason.

It seems to fit the "slow build" fuckery that goes on, where every last activity of selecting, displaying and reading a web site is fucked with in some way to allow the perps more time to analyse every last energetic nuance that is apparent to me. In systems development we called it functional analysis (and there is another term I am not allowed to recall).

I cannot count the number of times where they create the scenario to redo past work, re-key imposed typos, re-trove through past link sequences, cause events and actions to be repeated, and the like. Even Paris Hilton's in jail, then out, then into jail hospital and then back to jail sequence is straight out of the perp's handbook of causing events and actions to be repeated for their remote energetics assay activity. Whether or not they are directly monitoring her and fomenting this entire unfortuneate situation I don't know for sure, but it fits the pattern.

I was scripted to get up early today, even if there was daytime levels of vehicle noise at 0630hm which actually abated by 0900h. This is all part of the arranged world I live in, where every last detail, from crumbs and placement of litter on the streets to every pin drop is crafted for some component of the perp's neural monitoring, surveillance and assay of the related energetics so they can then later replicate them and play them back at inappropriate times. I cannot count the number of (planted) "misperceptions" down to the last detail; "wrong cupboard", no food item when there is, wrong day of the week, wrong time of day, etc. All of these never, ever happened before the harassment began, and in late 2006 onward, this has been going on daily.

Another is disruption of long established habits; today I got fucked out shaving my mustache which I do every day, and have done for over 35 years. This particular jerkaround has been played some 20 times in the last 5 years, and it fits the pattern of the the perps sustaining their long running interest in my shaving, always augmented with masers and plasma games every morning. It is not my problem, so why am I being fucked with over it? I want an answer from a perp.

And could it be related to the fact that the assholes have an "extra special" script for me today? I get the usual rigorous yoga, strength training, and in the evening, going to dinner at my parent's place, then heading off to my daughter's dance recital and then returning to stay at their place for the night. (They don't do nightime driving, and I do that for them).

More momentous games for the perps in the past day; in the next blog posting, and this to be published.

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