Thursday, June 07, 2007

Elevator Rushing

What is with the perps to organize operatives to rush at the elevator door when it arrives on their floor, and I have not got out? The door isn't even completely open and they are attempting to get in while I need to get out. There were two of these fuckers in two separtate outings, and this has happened before at other buildings with elevators. It started at this apartment block today. And I was allowed to say something relevant today, telling the fucker I wanted out first. In the latter instance it was Negro Dude #2, and earlier it was the skinhead faux cable installer giving me the stare while he was at the door when it was opening. It is fucking nuts that there is an orchestrated rudeness that suddenly comes on. I suspect the real reason is that the perps cannot get these fuckers in close enough, and they concoct this elevator rushing idiocy as a "rationale". Fucking insane.

The Asians were doing the identical move at the last apartment block, and then the perps moved on to geriatrics rushing the elevator before I got out. Fucking bizzare to say the least.

The Negro Dude #1 has been in the lobby twice in the past two days, jawing with a "pal", and in the same setup where I am obliged to walk between them as that is the only route to the elevators. Given that there is no reason to loiter in the lobby, it is simply amazing how all these "discussions" erupt in my presence.

I did yoga and strength training today; the perps still won't let me run for more than three or four minutes, even if they have me covered up the asshole.

And there was undeniable plasma games going on in the floor exercise room where there is a mirrored wall. There were at least 10 half second exposures of my profile in yellow, and they started from some 6' away and moved progressively closer, and once on each side. Then there were some back and forth plasma between me and the coordinator, again, a yellowish plasma beam. She is pregnant, and given the number of women that are in this condition while ambulatory gangstalking me, there must be some kind of bonus for them. And I am sure that the rest of the class could see the plasma beams flipping around, but as always, they pretended otherwise.

I could also see the faint plasma cloud that surrounds me while looking in the mirror of the floor exercise room. I had a darker shirt on, and it was reduced in tone owing to the whitish plasma that it emanating from me all the time now. There were not as many maser or point sources of light popping off me today.

Another "pretend otherwise" event is that I have a differing voice; within a week, or even within a day, and yet no one mentions anything. For the most part, this is about the most benign of the perps intrusions, and I don't get fussed about this one.

There was plenty of plasma beams flitting about the room in yoga as well; at one point the perps put a 2'x2' half second of red plasma immediately in front of me, over the carpet area and not my mat. Another stunt was to have outside parked vehicles in their usual color alignment, and have the sun "reflect" off the vehicle, with the very strong lightbeam "happening" to nail me in the face. Invariably there is someone between the beam source and me, and in this case it was the instructor who is always easy on the eye. The beam was projected on either side of her head, as well as being exactly behind her for a spell. Also, there were plenty of beam interuptions scheduled with vehicles passing by.

There were the usual 600 to 1000 vehicles coursing by me in color or vehicle type coordinated clusters while I was walking to or from the recreation center, 30 minutes in each direction. The red colored vehicles are still playing big, as are the silver greys, greys, whites and black colored vehicles. At the gym and viewable from the treadmill I was running on, the perps had four parked red vehicles pointing in four cardinal directions outside. Then they passed red dressed gangstalkers between the vehicles, as well as running other colored ones by.

And there is getting to be a whole lot more "vehicle squatting", where the driver is sitting in the vehicle at length, and "just happens" to be exiting when I am getting proximate, < 12'. There had to be at least a dozen of this stunt today, possibly more. Another variation is to have the gangstalkers sitting in a parked vehicle, and as I approach, they depart, but don't join the traffic lane, but drive through more empty parking stalls and stop in further stall. I have never seen anyone do this until all this harassment started up, but this has to be one of the silliest dumbshit vehicular gangstalking moves going. The driver doesn't bother with any kind of cover story as a rule, and stays sitting in the vehicle after moving it a short distance, say 40' on average.

And the perps pulled some kind of major floaty feeling on me while at the floor exercise room earlier. I was so light headed I was wondering if I was going to be able to continue standing or seeing anything. The fuckers have pulled this stunt in the past, but usually not in public, and not for the duration of 10 seconds or so. This is another blatant mind-fuck game, and I am getting fucking tired of these assholes playing pretend while they are fucking the shit out of my life. They could finish their nonconsensual experimentation in a week if they came out of the closet, rather than jerking me around for over five years scripted to the nanosecond.

More perp fuckery; they zapped me in the foot and then stage managed a "reaction" moving my leg up vertically so it slammed into this keyboard tray. One's own reactions are not allowed, so blanketing is the scrutiny and imposed conditions.

There is an empty lot with an abandoned yellow school bus in the view from my balcony. Normally this would not be allowed in a city as it could become a shelter for the supposed homeless. But the perp's don't stop for city ordinances when they are on a mission. I noticed that it was moved some 20' north from its first location under the tree. I can only assume that the perps are up to yellow testing me in their depraved agenda. They have augmented their vehicular gangstalking with more yellow school buses, and ensure there is a compound filled with them on the bus route I usually take.

As to how it moved 20' north overnight is real simple; they can make objects and people materialize and dematerialize near instantly, and this is what they appeared to have done. My carpet is also moving about an inch a day, and this is nothing new. Sometimes the perps will bring in a front organization to do the work, but often they make whatever changes they want at anytime, all remotely.

I am getting the post-exercise vision impairment fuckery again, and this has been ongoing since I got back from strength training. I have a suspicion that the perps are cooking me (aka irradiating me) with extra energy to get me charged up as soon as possible. It is my experience that physical activity causes these energies to dissipate, and they want to compensate for my yoga and strength training today. When I was hiking until June 2006, when I had to give my car away, the perps would crank on the irradiation afterward which came with vision impairments. The next day, they didn't need to do this anymore. There is other suggestions (e.g. banning swimming, road running) that they don't want me to get much exercise. It would seem that the 30 minutes walk each way, and the humphing of weights and aerobic exercise is getting too much for the perps to deal with and they may curtail it sometime soon. Not my problem, so why am I getting fucked over for it?

The perps are already reducing my treadmill running after four weeks, twice per week; they won't let me do more than three minutes of actual running before they apply some kind of "fatigue" sensation, and then it is back to a warmdown walking pace.

I see that the perps have cranked up my Yahoo inbox counter by one; now it has 5 messages that I cannot find anywhere. They did the same thing on my phone; it displays some 12 messages when there are none unanswered, and when the moved it up to 13 I thought I had a message. Not so as it turned out, they just wanted to fuck with the message counter. This sabotage of counters of inboxes and phone messages is too juvenile for me to comprehend why a billion dollar per year operation has to fuck with something so trivial.

I am getting the knee-torqing torture again, and past readers will know how much I like that; as in not. I am still getting vision impaired, and this is very exasperating as it has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with the perp's depravities and keeping them going.

I also treated to the real sirens of a four vehicle fire department call out when walking back from the recreation center this afternoon. The fire department's truck had already participated in a vehicular gangstalking only 10 minutes earlier, and after I walked by the fire department, and when walking past a blue dressed ambulatory gangstalker, the fuckers put on their extremely loud sirens and headed for their call out destination. Given that the fire department routinely puts their yellow and white vehicles into the vehicular gangstalking action, I was not surprised. I was walking past a lead-ahead ambulatory gangstalker who put on two "just stand there" moves while ahead of me, and when I finally caught up with her and this dumbshit behavior, the sirens started.

And there has been at least five "just stand there" ambulatory gangstalkers today, and it is continuing to be used more often. One woman was seated on the curb at an intersection, "just sitting there". Another big event for the fuckers was having seven ambulatory gangstalkers within 20' of me mailing a letter at a post box. I have never seen so many adults parading around on a weekday morning, and they all "needed" to be proximate to the post box when I "happened" by. It is getting plain absurd, all these fuckers either out of a job on a weekday, or else having a job that entails criminal harassment of gangstalking.

And more red color baiting while I was walking back to my place. The lead-ahead gangstalker in those absurd Tilley hats was packing a blue pack with some red straps. He was at least 120' ahead, and eventually I caught up to him to see that he was on red color duty. Then I walked past him, he having the typical perp directed open mouth, and then was held up at the traffic control so this fucker then caught up with me. This is another case of these weirds making long distance treks in town when it is extremely uncommon.

And the cyclists continue to do strange things; in this city there are bountiful cycling lane, so what do they do with their bicycles? They either ride them on the sidewalk proximate to me, or else they walk them. I have never seen so many walked bicycles before until this harassment started, but this too is getting absurd.

Enough of my rantings over all things strange, and uniformly so, and time to blog off, even if I haven't reviewed the above in the detail that I should, as the perps can fuck my spelling anytime they want, another 2006 "discovery" they made in fucking me over last year. And the thankless assholes are still at it, in all its juvenility (as per above rantings), and the basics like spreading brown crumbs about.

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