Friday, June 22, 2007

A New Round of Noise Amplification

Translated, the title really means that all sounds and noise in my existence will be both louder and more often. It started first thing this morning with the road traffic noise, already too loud for being six stories up, and it now sounds as if I have the window open, which I don't. It was opened a few days ago, and who knows, perhaps this was some kind of replicative or trial event.

And it is not enough to put down anything like crockery with three "bounces" or rap noises, no matter how particular I am about reducing the amount of excuses the perps capitalize on. As of today, putting an empty plate on a counter, as an example, has been controlled to take 4 to 5 "bounces" or rapping noises. And if I get too careful about putting down objects to make less noise, why, I somehow "forget" my own habits of noise abatement. That is how tight I am managed, or more like, controlled.

More strange goings on just now; a bullshit call from the ex, "have a good time at the concert tonight", though she did buy the ticket as a birthday present. It is to see Holly Cole and Michael Kaeshammer. For the past hour I have been treated to continuous loud vehicle noises with a long trail off, and more rumbling from upstairs again. Then rustling noises like those at my former putative rooming house residence started outside my door, and then a bright plasma flash over the keyboard and desk. And now, more sunlight level fluctuations. Clearly, this moment is a big event, but I wish I knew why.

I am due for a 7 item shopping outing shortly and I am already bracing myself for a full gangstalker press, even if the store is only 3 minutes away. The perps have been depleting my recall as to my shopping list items for a long time now, and they only want certain items to be in the basket with others . I suspect this is the color games all over again, and it is most annoying to be screwed like this. Even my backup habit of remembering the item count of the shopping list gets "forgotten", when in the past it was a reliable method of recall.

Physical shopping lists also regularly messed with; I am controlled to "forget" the list, or I am messed with in reading it, and cognitively retaining the meaning and presence of what is listed.

Another planted perception that has been playing big this week is the notion that I may "forget" to attend one of my appointments this week. This is based on being screwed over last week in "forgetting" a doctor's appointment, and as I had two extra events this week, the perps have made certain that I have forgotten, and then remembered, heightening the paranoia they seeded last week.

And the outside noise level has increased again, and is sticking with loud muffler perforated VW vans and 2 cycle motorcycle noise, one after the other, while all the other street noise has gone nearly quiet. The usual controlled mouth noises are continuing, as are the faux cause neck cricks that have begun in earnest in recent months.

On the managed synchronicities side, the topic of joint creaks and cricks came up a yoga yesterday. I assume this was for some kind of correlative energetics assay over mentioning this topic as this particular noise "source" is an all-the-time issue now, and one for which I am managed to be annoyed over.

Back from my grocery shopping and the usual gangstalker plagued activity. They put one granny on me three times, the last time getting to within inches of me before I saw her coursing at my back, intending to walk behind me when there was no space to do so until I moved. Then six gangstalkers were placed around me when selecting the sprouted wheat tortillas (brown color) and so it went. There were at least three changed-up grocery items usual; only a half sized chicken, no bulk cereal (now in a box), and Dawn detergent in a blue-green color instead of the Dawn Oxi in an ink blue. All three of these items have been every-time items/sizes in purchases in at least three different grocery stores over the past four years, and have been modified for the first time as of today. Not that I care a whole lot, but it does signify more testing by the perps who rule the roost on all things related to my diet.

When they first harassed me it seemed that this experimentation was all about my food and what I bought, and I could not figure it out as to why this was so important to a secret agency with untold resources. After a year of seeming food/diet harassment, and then some scripted events, was I allowed to determine that the harassment was at least about mind-control research. Then I began a huge effort in re-assessing my past as to what was authentic, and what was scripted by the perps and their shills. By extensive evaluation, and with some more planted schemes as to how far back this went (since birth), was I able to appreciate the utter depravity and magnitude of this harassment and gangstalking. Talk about living under a black cloud, it was arranged for me at the outset.

More overhead clunking until I yelled at the assholes above me, or wherever they are, and that ended it for the most part. I would never of been so bold do this until the harassment began, as it would of embarassed me. Not any more, I have become bold as brass sometimes, which suggests this newfound assertion isn't my idea in the first place.

And I am lapsing into a torpor again, so it is time to stop journalling and get on with dinner.

I see that some of my journalling was lopped off. Nothing too much of note, but I attended the above mentioned concert of Micheal Kaeshammer and Holly Cole last night. It was a good show, and while I own at least three Holly Cole CD's, I haven't kept up with her since all this harassment overtook everything. Perhaps the intent was to test me for recalling her older material, some of which she sang last night.

I had my usual consort of gangstalkers and their organized fidgeting, as well as many early-leavers. And mysteriously, the entire row in front of mine was empty; at least 15 seats, while elsewhere, there was only availible seating well behind me. The "plasmic fog" settled in some 25 minutes into the show, and never left. It is a hashed and speckled appearance to all objects, and that includes the air (aka vacuum). There were some early mid-venue white plasma flashes, some 20' across, under the cover of a photographic flash, except no photographer. As usual, there were the pop-ups (audience members propping themselves up, and then seating themselves as before), the lean-forward games, the persistent head or back scratchers, the hat waving bullshit (as if too hot, which it wasn't, and then he puts the hat back on!), the shoe games (placing one's feet in the empty seats in front), and at least one who changed seats, leaving his supposed wife beside him, and then sits closer to me so he could put on more fidget action in coordination with his fellow operative in front of me (moving legs or arms together, mutual head scratching etc.).

I had my on-street lead-ahead gangstalker who proceeded me to the theater also "show up" at intermission, making sure to plant himself in my view. The skinheads, the clean bald males, were well represented, and I even had one on stare-at-me duty while he was ascending the stairs, as I had an aisle seat. He did look familiar, and might of been a morph-over of one of my regular gangstalkers from the last apartment block, back to 05-2005, and has been circulating ever since.

And yes, it was a fine show, despite the operatives' antics, and who knows, maybe Holly Cole's brown colored outfit was also a choice of the perps in their attempts to popularize this color in my psyche. There were some matching color brown outfits proximate to me, but I try to not get too excited about all this, as it has been going on for so long. Red garments among the audience also played big, and I am sure that this was highly organized as well.

I will call this a posting, and if ambitious, or if I am fed plenty of perp activity, I will blog today's events, that I am sure will not be too exciting, as it looks to be a shut-in day for the most part.

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