Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Brutal Fuckover Day

For a shut-in day, this has been totally ugly and rage-ified today, begining with breakfast, continuing over laundry, then the brother/manager/storage lockers jerkaround/sorting and putting laundry away/and then making and eating lunch. The perps have played their big card again; enraging the fuck out of me all morning, save for an hour of vision impairment time while web browsing, and the laundry in the dryer. The final touch, was to supply two pieces of mail that "so happened" to be filed next to each other in my file box.

They fucked with finger control, having items "slip" between my fingers, corn flakes hopping into or away from the spoon, peanut butter that mysterious couldn't be swept off the knife, jam that went all over the knife "somehow", flying dish water up my arm, adding new spots on the counter in the night, having the chocolate erupt into a significant crumbed mess, flying food out of my mouth while I was about to bite a new piece (the crumbs were placed in my mouth as it was empty, and then flown out to bounce off my lips and chin), added new crumbs onto the floor, smearing chocolate over the tea towel, and on and on. This constant fucking of the physicality of all the minutae in leading a mum drum life is fucking sick, depraved, and out of control.

Then the fuckers cranked me up for laundry fuckups, stealing the hallowed face cloth and then later depositing it outside my door in the hallway. They even fucked me over for sorting laundry, e.g., creating two temporary piles for towels when I only make one, and making me "have" no recollection that I made the first pile only seconds beforehand. This represents a new low in fucking around my recall, now even the most fleeting of recollections is getting fucked with. And I am sure they did this to let me know, and as well to piss me off. The reality is that the assholes also control my reaction, which is moderated by the temporal lobes, and there have been a considerable number of signs of remotely applied temporal lobe fucking to suggest that the perps are hard at screwing me over in this part of the brain. The floaty feelings are a dead giveaway, as are the instant rage reactions, and the events where all manner of lightheadedness and visual stars appear, at any moment of the perps' choosing.

It was a second night in succession where the perps kept me awake for an hour while they played overhead games of pounding the concrete floor above, the hyperactive "criss crossing" of lead footed giants that time this for just following me getting into bed, the vertical to the horizontal transition. Same as the night before; a delayed bedtime, and the enforced wakefulness with overhead concrete floor pounding of the same hyperactive nature and timing.

The perps continue to keep me in a snit mood, even if I have had a reprieve for the past hour. Instead, they continue to fuck with my vision and cognition, all the while making noises of all manner and source. An extended noise flurry in effect. And more typo fucking; time to end this entry.

More continuing dulldom; I have been through my news based bookmarks, and am being rendered into a disthymic state of being totally bereft of something to do. The perps have pulled many of these events over the years, some with employer involvment, and it is nothing new. I wonder what they fuckers get out of it though, this trance-like state of being totally bored and aimless. And I suspect that it follows on from frazzing the fuck out of me earlier is no surprise, one Fuckover event seems to lead to others in predictable patterns.

The perps scripted me for an hour and a quarter nap, now the new standard nap length. This was on top of the bed, made up from the newly laundered sheets today. The identical sequence occured two weeks ago on a sheet laundry day, except for that the nap was forced to be an hour later in the day. As we are nearing the summer solstice, the perps are cranking up their games, as so much of their meddling and fuckery appears to be dependent on the solar radiation duration, rate etc.

They have me in an E. facing apartment, and after about 1000h, I don't get direct sun. They have tried nearly all major cardinal point aspects in the past 8 years, and they are still at it. I suspect that they also want a large amount of building over top of me, as there are another 6 stories above. I suspect the rest of this building is not populated save the daytime daycare two apartments over, but I cannot be sure, unlike the desolate building of some 10 months ago until they flushed me out. This proximity control may be even more extended, perhaps a block or more away. I note that a new condo tower opened over 10 months ago has hardly any balcony belongings in place, and it too maybe largely vacated while the perps continue their games over color interactions, and the rest of their remote energy assay games. The horizon area, about a mile away, is still flickering with plasma ghosting and greyish energy pulses and waves. More of the who knows details, but one thing is clear, the perps are resolutely fucking nuts and have this town in their pocket.

The post dinner hallway voice noise has started up. Similarly before dinner, there were adult and child noises from the hallway (right, or W. side) and minutes later, similar noises from outside, street screeching, (left, or E. side).

The 2 cycle motorcycle noises have been introduced almost back to back, and there are no bikers in this neighborhood. I also get the odd one when out walking, and for whatever reason, the perps like to plant parked motorcycles every so often. The perps are still on their scale games; the Smart Cars follow tractor trailer units sometimes, or are embedded with sedans. The perps like to park Smart Cars on my walking route; they have at least one at end of a route leg.

More vision fucking and noise flurries; the perps especially like to run long trail-off noise such as loud vehicles while I am reading an all text web page. The fuckers get no end of joy from this, and it does fit the pattern of the text size being constantly fucked with when online.

If I plug my ears from this contant irritation of protracted noise, (likely the real benefit the perps are looking for), then they immediately create another one following release of my fingers from my ears. This is totally predictable, and one doesn't find that in any organic condition.

I am getting fucked with anytime I want to read a web page related to science, especially if the topic relates to torsion waves and the related energetics of the ether. And to no surprise, it is the medium by which the perps fuck my life around, and based on current games in fucking me over, they want a slow and contained approach in cognitively absorbing any material, even short pithy film reviews.

Essentially, the perps are keeping me from undertaking any new reading and appreciation at anything less than a snail's pace, all to suit their depraved agenda. I am constantly being hammered with vision impairments in support of this nefarious objective, and am extremely pissed and depressed over being fucked around over everyday activities by a supremely gutless band of assholes working remotely. Then they make me scream over the multitude of typos they assault me with, and fuck with my voice so it is different everytime "I" vocalize my complaints about this depraved mind-jailing.

More vocabulary sabotage; when I want to use a specific word I get fucked out of using and something inferior and vague get planted instead. Also, the use of indirect references instead of nouns are being planted on me; using "this", "that", "thing" etc. instead of a word that is appropriate and descriptive. It is fucking sick and depraved that I cannot use my own vocabulary or syntax.

Time to blogg off from this fucking ugly day the perps imposed on me and ensured I was constantly riled up, from start to end. It is fucking sick that anyone is treated like this, let alone day after day.


James F. Marino said...

John, I can see that how much they have changed your writing in the past year. You use the word fuck or some derivative of it constantly.

Early on your writing was of a very well educated and articulate man, who also was able to inject humor in a terrible situation.

These depraved miscreants have now even robbed you of that. I can sense your rage and am concerned that they might actually drive you to murder someone out of anger.

I ordinarly would have skipped the comments here, however after reading many of your posts I am concerned that these perp's are trying to push you over the edge.

They are trying to rip your psyche to pieces, as I am well aware since the FEDS do this to me daily and have for many years.

I hope that you are able to contact someone on the FFCHS or other forum to be able to talk this out before these depraved miscreants cause you further damage.

Be well,

AJH said...


Thanks for your observations, and I will attempt to constrain the blog profanity and elevate the level of discourse.

I still maintain that the perps can render anyone they want at anytime into a basket case, or even a casket case if they choose.

That I am being managed to be more "frayed at the edges" is no secret. And that my "reactions" are being governed is also true.

As you are aware, the perps also manage for social isolation, and this is plainly evident. In over five years I have not been allowed any dialog with anyone as to the technical details, and the perp's rationale and behaviors. Even if I attempt this, the conversation goes sideways, and no one will bring it up at a later time, no matter if I supply a convincing nonclinical case. And even the doctor is nonplussed about recent developments in this harassment, e.g. hundreds of perceptual errors a day, when I had none until 2006.