Sunday, June 03, 2007

Vibrational Games

More rumbling overhead within 10 minutes of getting to bed, and no plausible cover story as to how that could be possible in a concrete steel constructed apartment building.

I am getting the "vibrations" from both sides; the church bells of a block away, this time with a cover story as it is Sunday, and some kind of maintenance activity in the hallway that involves glass bashing or handling of broken pieces. And for this, there is no plausible story as the manager takes Sundays off, but here he is, hard at "it".

And for good measure, the perps have planted ticklish sensations down my back, as if it were sweating, but my chair is soft and fits comfortably to offer no room for such "trickles" to begin, let alone find room to run. More fucking idiotic games without a cover story, and yet the perps seem to think they are fooling someone. As for who, I have no idea.

And more vivid dreams in the night; nothing too perturbing but they go on for so long, and my usual ability to bail out by awakening has been fucked with. In other words, the assholes plant the vivid dreams and keep me in them for extended durations that are substantially longer than anytime before they had the ability to mess with my psychic self-protection abilities.

I have a notion that the planted dreams are going to be a continued big deal, as the assholes can evaluate all the energetics of these "events" while I am sleeping and not utilizing my normal awake time neural functions as I am not physically or visually involved. It may well be their new playground for jerking me around, especially when they can keep me in the "script" longer than I would be otherwise.

I also was awakened at some point in the night to view the "grainy picture show", the appearence of all objects as if from a push processed black and white photograph. It is most curious, as the perps only wanted me to look at the pillows, some 12" to18" away, and then had me go back to sleep. Most times they want me to have a room view of this altered lighting conditions, but seem to being grooming me on items of no consequence and that are in close.

This might relate to the many photographs and images I see, as for the most part, the faces are darkened in, rendering Caucasians almost like darker races. As mentioned before, the perps are totally nutty over carefully exposing me to other races, as they will create a "shielded tunnel", whereby they bound each side of the featured individual (East Indian or black usually) between two operatives, one on each side.

Other related games are putting a fat operative in my view, typically on the bus, and have him (usually) stand beside and chat to the driver when there are plenty of seats availible.

The brown crumb inudations continue; one under the table at breakfast yesterday, and then today, a same colored and type of brown crumb was placed between the table leg and the chair leg, the very location overwhich my foot passes to become seated in the chair. This seems like directed and progressive brown color testing to me.

Another fucked over crap on the toilet; just the "usual"; plunging, cleaning plunger, and a shower to clean up. I also noticed that the faucet and shower are not on the centerline that the bathtub drain circumcribes, but are at least 2" offset to the right. This seems to be from the asymmetry games that the perps play, as there is nothing they like better than marking or defacing something so that asymmetry is enforced, assuming there wasn't any in the first place. I cannot count how many times this has happened since they went overt on me in 2002. More and more, as the totality of their research agenda becomes apparent, I think the perps are fucking nuts in the cover their hubristic self-rationalizations.

That of course doesn't bother them; being seen as omnipotent, no matter the degree of intended disparagement, it is just another feather in their cap as they see it.

I am back to doing squat again after a bus trip to my parent's place to water plants. The perps put on two aircraft in formation to buzz around the house while I was watering and make continuous noise, and even enough to be heard inside while I was waiting to set off for the bus. As usual, there were some freak show elements and arranged gangstalkers. When outbound I had six Asians on my right (think brown skin), and cummulatively, three Caucasians on my left, all wearing the same dark brown colors. There were other freakish acts as the bus ride continued, but nothing of significance.

Then when inbound, I had an dark brown skinned Asian man at the bus stop, who hurried his act after doing "just stand there" duty 30' away, and he did not even look to see the bus coming. Somehow, he knew it was time to get to the actual bus stop. And it seemed that he served as the anchor for some seven more lighter skinned Asians to get on board three stops later, as they all clustered around him. The negro that was on the bus got off in four stops, as it seems the perps need to pull members of this demographic early on.

Then later, a red haired woman and her child got on board, and she was putting on the complaint act about a bus not stopping, and then she walks the length of the bus and sits beside me. Then she starts sniffing away over her "complaint", and thereby introducing this particular noise to the noisescape. Anyhow, I was glad to get off the bus, and walk the three block gangstalk of males and their beer guts back to my apartment tower.

And lo, if there weren't four of the fuckers clustered around the apartment block front door, one with a cell phone who somehow needed to sit in the lobby sofa rather than taking the elevator.

I am still recovering from a 1.5 hour nap and then some kind of follow-on "floaty" sensations as well as a generalized unpleasantness. I suspect that the perps are applying their irradiative fuckery to my temporal lobes, which is the control locus on feeling normal. Deep in the temporal lobes is the amygdala where all emotional processing goes on, and where we attach emotional valence to all that we sense. The fuckers are going beserk on jerking me around tonight, so it could be the last kick of the can from the "weekend crew", my take of the particularly nasty venality that takes place over and above that on weekdays. At least four masers, in the form of appearing to look like flies have come to join me as I type this up.

I did not need the nap in any way whatsoever; it is the third such nap in a week to follow from having tea and chocolate, so I suspect there are some color games going on, having the chocolate and tea inside me, likely a brown color, while lying on a predominantly yellow and blue bedspread. As always, why is the perp's problem with color and the respective energetics made to me mine? I never consented to any of this, and I want out now. Such luck.

I am getting right side vision impairments the very ,moment that I want to read the next word in a sentence, this being about Paul Dirac, one of the top physicists of the last century. And it is likely that many of his concepts are exploited by the perp sickos just to fuck their victim's lives for the sake of it. Why can't the perp sickos come out of the closet?

As if I didn't recieve enough adversity, the assholes are numbing my right side of my right hand, as it sits over the mouse/trackball. Every five minutes or so "I" need to lift my my hand and flex the two rightmost fingers to relieve this remotely applied fuckery.

I am reading an online book by R. D. Pearson, Intelligence Behind the Universe!, and his determination on the nature and properties of the ether which is the basis for a universal conciousness. The author is a retired engineer who re-directed his interests in retirement to explain the physical nature of the paranormal. Not only did he do that, but in conventional terms, he has dumped the current understanding of physics on its ear. I am being hampered by vision assaults as I read this, but maybe the fuckers will relent sometime and I will get to understand what the author is saying. This would provide the physical basis for how the perps harass the living shit out their victims, and explain why they bump off theoretical physists and cosmologists should they get too far in repudiating the current dead end of Einstein's relativity.

Another book of Pearson's is Key to Consciousness: Quantum Gravitation, though I have not read it yet, and it extends the above topic of universal consciousness to include quantum energies and how it is related to gravitation. Speaking as one who is routinely fucked with by extra-conventional gravitational pranks all day long, it is interesting to note how the concept of the ether also extends to control of gravity.

Still more vision impairments, this time they are coordinated to come on just as I am bookmarking a web site, Windows select, copy, and paste and other related web surfing activity. Same old, same old. Then I find out that I had been to one web site only a week ago and have zero recollection of this. This kind of recall lapse has never ever happened before. Naturally, all the link annotations/visit history of the blue font color becoming purple after linking has been stripped out yet again. This goes on regularly, though only a week's interval is getting more intrusive than in the past.

Time to blog off, the vision and typo fuckery is getting extreme.

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