Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Wobblies

The Wobblies were the name given to activist union members of Industrial Workers of the World. Wikipedia link). This term is being used in a different way, as in "wobbling the job", meaning, in management-union adversarial terms, that labor action is threatening to shutdown a large project. In this part of the world, that was common practice on large hydroelectric construction jobs even into the 1970's.

And I am using it to confer the appearence of an impending shutdown of a drop-in mental health facility in this city called Laurel House, where I take yoga and undertake wildland restoration. And the word is that it will be shutdown September 30, and no apparent substitute or alternate facilities are being promoted.

And it "so happens" that there are a considerable number of worthy activities and job opportunities
that get terminated, or appear to be, while or after I have contact with them. Not that I am heavily invested in Laurel House, but I do honestly believe they do an excellent job for their given mandate, and have been successfully operating in this capacity for over 11 years. Whether this impending shutdown is a feint or not I don't know. Laurel House has been very helpful in abetting the perps and all the rest of the harassment that goes on for my once per week visit. I find it hard to believe Laurel House is getting the kiss of death while being so helpful for the true assholes who run this town, and who are spreading 100's of millions of dollars per year in harassing the fuck out of me, and whatever other operations they have going locally.

Anyhow, my yoga classmates and associated staff members were all in a state of shock today, and all the while I was wondering, is this a bullshit play, or is it for real but everyone will come out better ahead in some way? I don't know for sure; some geographic locations I have been to in the past have been absolutely trashed, e.g. New Orleans and Kauai. Past organizations that I have worked for have been downsized and split asunder, e.g. Ministry of Forests, Inventory Branch, though no one lost their job, but had to relocate. There is no certainty as to how this Laurel House shutdown issue will play out, and there could well be a last minute reprieve planned, and the entire stunt was to stress a whole lot of people, ones who cannot take much stress in the first place.

I went onto the sponsored strength training at the Oak Bay Recreation Center, and I was fucked out of running my usual 12 to 14 minutes this time by being made to feel sick from all the red color exposure I was getting from all sides, including a TV overhead. The planted red colored things and people was not the problem, it is just that the perps did not want me to run for exercise, just as they have fucked me out of this for the past five years of harassment, and even before that.

But there was plenty of red colored clothing, vehicles, and other props (foliage) while I was walking to the recreation center and back. And to cap off the freak show, the fuckers had this old hunched over woman act step off a bus (colored red and white) and walk toward me in the most absurd getup since the 1950's dressed nurse stunt some 7 months ago. This woman was dressed head to toe in the same crimson velour; a broad brimmed hat and a long coat, and was walking with the aid of a black cane. There wasn't more than 5 seconds of sight time before we passed each other, but the absurd amount of clothing at this time of year, and all in the same bright nonreflective fabric, was something out of a stage show.

Another red color stunt was a new class member in a red shirt, and she even had red streaks in her dark hair just to look even more disgusting, as she was obscenely overweight as well. She could be the new version morph-over of the large woman of the past three weeks who was in a yellow shirt, and always made sure to get in my face and was absent today.

The class has changed its membership a fair bit since I joined some four weeks ago; first there was at least 30 of the fuckers, some being gangstalk "pals" from the dark past, but now the class has settled into about 15 or so. The negro woman has dropped out, as she was always buzzing around me. And for whatever reason, some arrive at the end of the class, presumably to do their routine at a later time.

I also was to made to feel sick while running on the treadmill, the suggestion there there was too much red color about. While there was plenty, I don't react to red colors in this way. Only the most intensive strobing and coverage has any hope of causing this reaction. The perps have governed me down for doing no running for over five years, then they allow 13 minutes on a treadmill twice per week, and now the fuckers appear to have shut that down. All, in their depravity, so they won't get out of the closet and declare their harassment and nonconsensual experimentation, which would be completed in weeks instead of years while they remain hiding in their control room.

I just got hammered with a plasma flash, and the fuckers are sustaining this red and green dot in my vision, as if it were a retina burn which it is not. It is a fucking plasma stroboscopic fuckover stunt. And the assholes are making sure that it stays over top of the center of my central vision. Fucking rude and sick.

Post-dinner, a rare spinach pie, has brought on the the siren noise bullshit, and someone flashing a white light beam into my apartment, and even hitting the front door, 20' distant from the sliding glass door. I had a few of these before dinner, but these latest are getting out of hand.

While at yoga earlier, I got three fat ladies parked around me, as I was coralled onto a blue teal mat, near two others wearing the same color, and my windblocking vest of the same color was also nearby. One fat lady was wearing all flat black street clothes, and made sure to park herself in front of the instructor so I was unable to see her for the majority of the yoga class. It would seem in this instance, that the perps wanted me to be around more obesity than in past yoga classes. Perhaps black is the new blonde; it has a specific aura that they want to capitalize on and to then apply to that of unfavored members of the perp selected demographic groups (e.g. obese, beer guts, chinless ones, red heads, sports jacket wearers etc.).

It seems that the new clothing color for obese gangstalkers is flat black; I had one such gangstalker yesterday while on the street, and then one today. There have been other gangstalkers this week with the same getup, or even a flat black and a semigloss black fabric in the same garment. One of the bank lineup gangstalkers had a 4" wide flat (nonreflective) black vertical fabric inset into the seam of his black pants, and as he occupied the teller that I ended up with, I have a sense the perps are now testing black color variants and in their reflectivity.

Another "feature" of the workout today was the perps adding in more copycat gangstalkers; these were fuckers who were doing the same exercises near me, or before or after me, and in the same locations as I used (free floor area). Plus the fuckers were buzzing about me when I was at a bench; they couldn't get enough of me with one foot in a horizontal situation.

The vehicular gangstalking was in full force while I was out walking to yoga and the recreation center. This particular municipality has not grown in the past five years, per the census count, and yet it was nearly nonstop commute level traffic in both directions. They had to have put on the usual 800 to 1,000 vehicles, and they were ordered in "pods" of specific colors and combinations. Three silver grey vehicles in a cluster, and then a deep metallic red colored vehicle, and then two more silver grey vehicles with another white vehicle in the mix.

Another game is to put these infernal Smart Cars around me, as there was at least three of them, and minutes later a white colored tractor trailer unit (40' box trailer) with a silver grey Smart Car immediately behind it in some kind of scale test.

The perps are attempting more brown colored vehicles, usually after an introductory round of silver grey and white colored vehicles. They are also trying out more brown colored variants, some of the metallic taupes that look almost an off-brown color.

More bizzare driving is also going on; the extra cautious (appearing) driver sitting in the middle of the road in a left lane and not taking the normal opportunities that anyone else would. Sometimes, they even stop a vehicle in mid-lane if relatively untravelled, and have it sit there, presumably related to getting more fuck-me time in, or whatever is the reason for the extended exposure time.

Another stunt today was fucking me out of a Walk signal at a busy intersection; the fuckers held me there longer because of it, and the gangstalkers around me didn't seem to mind (or even notice). The perps have put on a whole lot of extra vehicles, noise and concrete paving work at this Oak Bay Junction as it is called, and it seems that they want to get a return from all their fucking stunts over the past five years.

Maybe this was mentioned a few days ago; I see the perps have reset all my link annotation of the previous visit color change to purple back to blue, meaning unvisited. They do this frequently as component of their recall testing. They test me out to see if I recall any snipets from previously read links. Their objective is clear; to be able to totally fuck with my (and by extension, anyone else's) recall to be sure that there are no associated memories. Past experimentation has been such that I might trip over a phrase or expression and then realize I had read the article before. And as soon as the recall event came on, the fuckers would noisestalk me. I am sure they are near total recall fuckability now, as very little noisestalking goes on when I am reading a link I likely visited before. By fucking with the link annotation colors I am robbed of my props to recall past visitation and reading. Another fuck-me from the most thankless assholes on Earth, and possibly elsewhere.

I am getting vision impairments and some kind of generalized feeling of discomfort, seemingly from no cause. This is typical, as the perps have so many ways to fuck one around now, that the arsenal for pissing one off is limitless.

Time to bail for the day; I am getting the much feared knee torquing torture in simultaneous combination with vision impairments. When one type of depraved fuckery isn't getting the needed result, put two together. Only sick assholes would put anyone through this harassment after fucking their life for 47 years before going overt, and then fucking them real hard for another five years and counting.

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