Friday, June 29, 2007

Fuzzy Black Balls in My Vision

I got two pictures of red vehicles being arranged from the photographs; this should back up my observations on this color of vehicle being planted proximate to me anywhere I go, and even outside my apartment. There are four per frame, photographed on public streets, and not arranged by me. I wonder what the benefit the perps are getting in allowing me to publish these, as they obstruct me all the time should I venture into revealing their methods.

I am getting myriad masers, the zinger kind, aka, the fuzzy black balls that flit around in my vision this morning. And as I start this blog for the day, I am getting a right arm pain, keeping it relatively immobile.

The noisescape has been active, and then lapsed into inactivity at times this morning. And my ambitions to go into town, all of two blocks, to the ATM got dashed, and I have schlepped in front of the PC all morning.

Some more of yesterday's word/term repetition comes to mind: while at the strength training group floor exercise session, they often introduce it as "torture" session. This "t" word has got a huge amount of airplay in the last few years from the news on various fronts such as Abu Graib, Guantanamo Bay and the so-called "rendition" flights. And I have no idea as to why this word is getting featured (aka, a "trigger word") so often, though it seems that any and all associations that I have with it are up for scrutiny and monitoring by the perp gangs. Even now, as I key this in, the maser zingers are flitting about in formation pairs or triplets, and the 2 cycle motorcycle noise has been added into the noise mix with additional seagull squeaking layered on top. Go figure, and wonder why a covert party wants to "own" all psychic and thematic associations with this word. And are we to believe it is the Girl Guides, aka noble objectives of a covert agency that sustains six years of abuse, that is commanding such a agrandizing imperative?

A shut-in day so far; any intention to deal with a few errands has been thoroughly dissapated. And another time waster was a prescribed nap of almost two hours, and I did not need any extra sleep having been given a normal 8 hours of it last night with only a few transient interuptions/awakenings.

Presently, the perps are getting excited by way of their planted noises, especially the ones outside my door in the apartment hallway, over the fact that I a reading, yet again, another version of the ether, and the grand unification of quantum mechanics, gravity, the paranormal and relativity ("Origin of Mind", Ronald D. Pearson). As always, I am not allowed, or cannot, understand this theory of physics with any degree of comprehension, and I am putting this link out there in the hope that someone else will read it and provide a Grand Unification Theory of Physics for Dummies, me being the test case. All I can say is the Pearson manages to tie in action-at-a-distance energies (including gravity), electromagnetic theory, the paranormal and relativity, which constitutes the main vectors of harassment and the rest of the perp games that go on. They even put the manager's voice on outside my door, and have even taken the bottle bashing there too, just like a rooming house.

Now the wandering cell phoning assholes are outside my door, and when I verbally complained about that, the assholes started up the glass bashing again. Maybe it is time to raise cain as to why anything is going on in the hallway outside my room at 1900h, but the street hollaring has also started up too. This is truly a high harassment moment, as the fuckers aren't going to quit. I gave them a yell, and I got a "sorry", but I have been there too often to buy that bullshit. Now the zinger masers have started up in earnest, along with some vision impairment games.

More noise, and a siren cascade into the bargain, and then the dog barking noise which is straight from the perp's sound projection device, as there are no properties within blocks that permit the dog in the yard scenario. Back to the past, and all the machinations in making noise outside my door at the putative rooming house, my last residence location.

I got my digital pictures loaded from the camera that I took everywhere this week, and lo, if they nearly all "failed" due to an exposure "problem". The camera was working fine, and then not all of a sudden. Even documenting this is a problem as the perps have also stolen my photographs from when they allowed the film camera to work, before they shut it down, and had the camera repair dude tell me that there was no parts for it. And there wasn't anything wrong with the photographs, just the film getting trashed along the sprocket holes each time. A few of the surviving pictures are shown at the top.

From the digital set that "failed", I had one of a navy officer, miles from a base, walking on residential North Park Street after I finished yoga class yesterday. This is at least the fourth party of putative military members to be on this street in the last two months. It makes no sense whatsoever, except in the bizarre freakshow world of the perps and their continuing quest to present it to me everywhere I go.

I am getting strobed again; the hyperactive window reflection of the residential tower 120' way "somehow" keeps throwing light flashes onto me in this apartment, even if I am 10' back from the window opening. When I look to see where they are coming from, the strobing stops. Perhaps this is all to get me to turn my head, something the perps do routinely when they are outside gangstalking, especially when turning corners, and around me. I have never seen such absurd social behavior as the operatives when some 4' away with their head turned away from where they are going, which is toward me usually.

More stroboscopic assaults, and the assholes aren't bothering with the pretense that it is coming from anywhere, just an in-my-face light pulsation along with sirens and loud mufflered vehicles. Now the door shaking stunt is being played, even with the deadbolt on the door, which theoretically should make it less able to hop about with two hold points on the door frame. This must be a big day for the perps, and perhaps I should ruin their fun and go somewhere for a walk, something that I never do except when transiting to specific locations. All my hiking stopped when I gave up my vehicle last year.

Another round of vision impairment games, and I am done for the evening. The perps are adding some kind of whitish flare to what I see, and I have no idea if it is a neural intrusion or something emanating from the LCD display.

I got the above four red vehicle pictures loaded, and the perps introduced me to another suite of four in file parked on the street below. Later, when I "happened" to get up and close the curtains, there were another two red vehicles mobile, but stopped beside the four in file. That makes six red vehicles massed below at that very (scripted) moment.

I am still getting vision assaults, so I will call this a posting, and blog off on this shut-in day.

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