Saturday, June 23, 2007


I am being managed to be very lazy today, and I often reflect on my past as to when the perps were able to coral and defeat this ability. There seemed to be some setups in the late 1980's when my thought-to-be friend and I would undertake chainsaw milling on his acreage. He often would be ready to ditch the activity in favor of an early lunch, and I would be playing the motivated one, and seek a more judicious break for later, typically using our activity tasks as a motivator. Examples would be, "one more board to cut", when "we next need to sharpen the cutters on the chain", etc. and it was remarked by others as to how I was much more motivated to produce more. I suppose these were arranged to elicit motivated behavior, and form the basis for the perps to quantify its energetics, and in that way, suck down my (and others') motivation as needed.

As one could discern, I have re-cast all events in my life with the new reality of being covertly monitored and messed with, and this shoe does seem to fit. There have been at least a hundred behavioral oddities of others that I couldn't fathom at the time, and if I mentioned it to my ex (then wife), she never posited any analytical thought to the matter, and just blew me off. Now I know why she was such an emotional dead end. Anyhow, I won't prevail on this topic, and I don't know why it was begun.

I got harassed into a coughing jag at breakfast; while making coffee (of substantial perp interest, -browness possibly) and while pouring cereals (first time spelt grain- darker brown of the usual gluten free mix). This is at least the fourth in the past three days, when I usually was assaulted with one or less per month. And when I examine the timing of it, there is a good fit with high interest perp activities. Another bonus of the perps when recovering from a coughing jag is a cover story for altering my voice at least three times while articulating my complaints, and then truncate my words, as if I am too strained to pronounce them. The perps also added in vision impairments while having me cough on cue. Anyhow, I was glad that was over, as they have me vocalize in those circumstances much more than I would otherwise.

I was mind-fucked into a freeze situation where a web page of four photos of Michelle Pfeiffer displayed on my LCD panel. This was an inadvertent (to me) page that I had got in error, and while being frozen so I couldn't immediately navigate back, a string of street shouting erupted for the five seconds I was compelled to look at her pictures. And to be straight, she is blonde, pretty, but I do not follow her, or any other actress, to any significant degree. This was another incident of noisestalking, although in outside voice form, while I was temporarily captive in looking at this actress' image. As for why, I cannot be sure, but the perps are looking for some kind of psychic association between me and her, and it does make me wonder just who else are they monitoring?

Another on-street altercation with a perp/shill; this one deliberately stepped into my path at the exit to the local grocery store, and all I got was a dufus grin from the dude with the shades on. This is the second one in week where they want to jump on every bit of ground that I cover. I also think that the perps want me to vocalize at the threshold of the entrance/exit of a building. They have cranked me up at the identical type of location at other stores as well, and usually put on no less than three gangstalkers anytime I enter or exit a building. And in this case, I would of just finished paying for my groceries, another mighty event to gangstalk as the perps see it.

And I have noticed that they like me to exit my apartment and go outside to a store, class etc. after dealing with email, usually to a Targeted Individual. There must be some residual energies that they are attempting to discover, in routinely timing my email correspondence just before attending to outside endeavors of any stripe.

The perps have also modified the color of my hair on the back of my fingers, and added more hairs too. Now these hairs are a red to light brown color, very different than any other body hairs, and I have a notion it might be in aid of their cause to have red hair, usually in the form of red-haired gangstalkers, planted nearby me.

Though in some cases this seems to backfire, and then they pull the red-haired gangstalker out of the group early. This was the case at the Tuesday yoga class where two red-haired class members were planted, and one inexplicably departed after 10 minutes of an 60 minute session.

I have seen other instances of the perps pulling a specific demographic category gangstalker from my proximity. The ones that come to mind are negroes, East Indians, wiry haired individuals, and now red-haired individuals. I do not notice any reaction on my part to these people, and yet they get pulled from the gangstalk scene earlier than I would expect. Or put it another way, they prematurely exit the scene, when anyone else would of stayed. Another example was a frizzy haired Caucasion male who was sitting two rows in front of me at a concert, and after some 15 minutes of a 75 minute show, he and his girlfriend suddenly got up and left.

I am getting a high pitched whine coming from somewhere, and there is no faking it and adding it to plumbing noises, the usual cover story. As always, any uncontrolled thoughts that come to mind get an immediate response of noise, or a forced itch and then scratch, a burp, a vision impairment, a maser or plasma flash or any combinations.

I spent the last hour cleaning up old postings, and re-vamping the Essential Introductory Postings list seen on the right side of this posting. Such activity is a chore, and I don't really know if I am ahead or not in editing my past work as the perception of being scrambled suddenly comes on me, and I am unable to wear the hat of a naive reader. In other words, I am being constrained as to the style of writing of my blog postings. For the record, I attempt to keep these posts at the level of an intelligent new reader, one who has no idea of this harassment from action at a distance technologies being used operationally. I don't like blogs with "in" information, references for the in-the-know crowd, or any that sling acronyms around without explanation. Attaining the goal of the intended audience is difficult fro me as the perps keep depleting me of the editing criteria I would normally have in mind while undertaking this task. Suffice to say, I haven't really edited the Essential Introductory Postings like I have wanted to. And I am still in the process of putting this list together.

Though it is interesting to note that some of my terms and concepts of long past blog postings have been "dropped" from my vocabulary, and I can only assume it is by the hand of the assholes who are screwing me on every other front. I once used the phrase, the "collective I", in reference to being mind-controlled by a significantly resourced agency that is attached to my every action. Funny how I don't use that phrase anymore, as it is most apt.

Time to call this day a wrap; more reading of In Two Worlds has kept me occupied, and their well might be a connection in that Carissa Conti is likely as monitored, per self declaration, as much as I am, though she doesn't get harassed. And she might be blessed to some extent by The Powers That Be (TPTB) as she calls them, as she indicated that she felt "upgraded" in terms of mental faculties at one time. For my part, I was "downgraded", as in remotely invoked learning disabilities, which was known from my school record in 1960 or 1961, and no one told me.

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