Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Photogenic Day

And a busy day too, with both yoga and strength training and the walking between them. I was moved, or more likely mind-controlled, to be motivated enough to take photos as I was transiting from my place to the OB Rec. Center for the latter activity. This had been in mind for months; to take my camera out and take pictures of the weirdness going on; the color coordinated vehicle clusters, and the color coordinated vehicles and ambulatory gangstalker combinations, as well as the Big Tower, a putative residence tower with enough aerials on it to supply a battleship. With any luck, and that includes possible perp manipulation of my digital photos, I will post a few in future blogs. There was a past "problem" in this respect, but perhaps the Google ownership has "fixed" the problem.

But there were less color coordinated vehicle clusters today, with my camera in hand. Only one group of three red colored vehicles, with a fourth slipping in after I pressed the shutter, and after one became obstructed.

It has been a high red, or red color derivative day, which includes the regular news sites I visited before going to yoga. Later, all five women in the yoga class were wearing something red, rose or burgundy, and the only other male came late wearing tan (light brown) shorts with a navy blue shirt, and was located in my once usual location. It was a good workout, and seemed especially perp arranged when doing a difficult pose and a helicopter noise (Bell 206B) came from outside, and in combination with seeing the ghastly backlit reddish dyed hair of the woman next to me. I swear the perps keep on placing red or near red dyed hair around me purposefully. And I don't know quite how that I don't like the color-object (red hair) combination, but I don't. I usually find dyed hair to be annoying in some way, perhaps its irridescence or maybe it is because only particular sensitive color combinations are placed proximate to me as a matter of course. Who knows.

This woman is "featured" often enough, or planted in my way after class, and the perps keep planting romantic notions about her afterward. As I have stated before, I have no romantic notions with this billion dollar per year black operation on my back, so I don't know why the perps keep harping on this particular unrealistic scenario. Last week at the start of the classe, there was a setup when I mentioned her name as a possible latecomer, and that I didn't want to take her usual location. Then, at that very moment of name mention, she arrived at the door. Another designed coincidence to be sure, but I have no idea what the perps were looking for in this instance. In speculative terms, she could be a morph-over of someone I know from the past, but there are no similarities I can discern.

In the morph-over games, the perp's operative/gangstalker sometimes will retain some common features of someone I know, height, posture, head shape etc. but the face will be different. Similarly to the above "coincidence", I will mention the name of the person in mind, or under my breath, and true to form, that is the very instant the perp operative turns his head toward me, not quite making eye contact. Again, I don't know why this happens, but there are at least three to five of these events per week.

And there were at least two "stand there" sentries for each of my two transitings today. Interestingly, one was placed under a burgundy leafed tree in a white shirt and off-white pants in a N. to S. street cardinality, and the second was on a E. to W. cardinality street in a white shirt and light colored pants, standing on the ashphalt street surface with a leashed dog on the concrete sidewalk, also with a white derivative fur. (Go figure).

I have been getting the overhead pounding again for the last hour; this is a concrete building and yet "somehow" it happens, often in a noisestalking way by following an unbidden thought that occurs. (And as I typed that, a maser beam pulse flew between me and this LCD display I am looking at). Though, the perps were at it last night as soon as I got into bed; the pounding moved to over top of me, as it is doing at present, and covered the vertical to horizontal transition period, one that seems fraught judging by the pounding and other coincident noisestalking and the odd plasma strobing at that time.

I haven't quite figured out what is going on with the afternoon strength training class. We are to work out on the machines or free weights for a half hour, and then convene in the exercise room for floor exercises and finally stretches. As it "happens", there are often one or two class members who don't come for the latter session, but presumably, continue to work out independently. I can only assume they are on deep gangstalking duty, and are performing in this capacity through the wall.

And besides a red color day, the perps laid on the mid-blue color, most noticeably at the OB Rec. Center when doing strength training. There were three of them with the same color of blue shirt; one who regularly came by when I changed location, another young man with his two pals laying on the backslapping and other physical expressions of (faux) bonhomie. Then the third person was a class member, one who has shown up in yoga, but seems to have dropped out. She must be the gangstalker applied to determine commonality of my energetics between the two locations. And it is likely that she is a morph-over of someone I know from the past, as the perps are using this strategy more often of late.

There were at least three mid-blue vehicles parked outside, visible when working out, and plenty of same colored blue recycle boxes were also out on the streets. And the same colored blue paint "spill" on the street is still there, as is same colored plastic garbage that manages to persist. I wasn't wearing a mid-blue color when working out today, so I can assume that my mid-blue workout jacket's color energies were detectable by the perps on my teal blue wind-block vest. This is common; the colors of adjacent garments in the closet are also "featured" in the gangstalking scenarios.

(And as I am writing this I am getting a boom box rattling this place, and the overhead hyperactive rumbling noise also kicked in at the same time).

And it was a day for electric bicycles today; two were in racks outside this apartment building, and a third one joined them on my last return. Two were silver-grey and one was mid-blue. And I saw at least one in transit when walking earlier. Again, this is an inordinate coincidence, and who would leave something this valuable outside?

I also got the bicycle on the sidewalk treatment again; a red helmeted native Indian, and then he pulled some amazing stunts like cutting over to a steep grassy bank to go around a bus shelter where at least two operatives were standing, and then continued on the sidewalk. Then, on the tail end of the same leg of my journey, he "shows up" again, walking toward me with his bicycle. It is patently absurd that anyone would be making this journey as a round trip, as he had already passed a shopping center when he went by me. The perps have a continuing fixation on planting bicycles in my proximity, and aren't too concerned about keeping a cover story straight anymore. This, in a city that has a considerable amount of bicycle lanes, usually carved out from extant vehicular traffic lanes, and very likely at the behest of the perps who have a boundless fixation over concrete and asphalt road surfaces and direction of transit.

I also got extra ambulatory gangstalkers when I was out today; the usual suspects, the "plastic bag people" (toting white plastic shopping bags for unusual lengths of time), the skinheads (shaved males, usually with extra reflectance added on), the vagrant with shopping cart acts (the shopping cart is full of plastic bottles and bags plus aluminum cans, the wheelchair acts (some even looking healthy with no limb atrophy), and a few more demographics that are always paraded around me. A constant and predictable clusterfuck anytime I am out in public.

More noisestalking, and in addition, the smelly socks odor is being jammed up my nose, often in concert with the noise.

This is the summer solstice, and as far as I can tell, nothing too nutty (per above) has transpired. Once, when out hiking on the day of the Winter Solstice, the perps put on some 16 gangstalking parties on trail when there was about half that number of vehicles in the parking lot. It was also the last weekend before Christmas, one of the heaviest shopping days of the year. And one member of one party looked suspiciously like my in-town brother, right down to the same smirk at me as we passed by each other. Later I asked him about this and he was rather evasive. I then asked him how he got there, and he wouldn't answer me. Some of these little "question periods" get interesting with him. I once asked him if I was the only one being hounded in Victoria, and he said something like, "I don't know", which (IMHO) was an indirect admission that this orchestrated hounding is happening. Of course I wasn't allowed to understand that nuance when I was talking to him, and add further questions, as it was only later when I was back at home did his nebulous response suggest his knowledge of my harassment.

I did get my hair cut today, and perhaps that was a consession to adding extra activity onto the Summer Solstice. I had finished up at the OB Rec. Center, and walked back to the usual stylist I use. I wonder how much set up was involved with that business, as I began going there as it was close to the hospital at the time. It is yet another business that has been arranged on the thoroughfare that leads to downtown Victoria where I now live.

Time to blog off for the day as the emanations off this LCD panel are getting intense, never mind the constant plasma games that are also going on.

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