Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Perp Version of Hot Weather

Since I can not trust my body's reaction to external events, as these have been usurped and manipulated, I simply have to view anything odd as an orchestrated intrusion. Today, it is hot, and I have an East facing apartment that is still taking in some direct sunlight, which is always of interest to the perp's manipulations, though I am not sure why.

And so, the very first incidences of pseudosweating made their debut for this year. This is the undue and plainly excessive amount of sweating that bears very little resemblance to my normal reactions to hot weather. This event is evidenced by excessive, protracted and usually reflective sweat on my arms, forehead, and elsewhere. And even if I dry myself off with towels, the Pseudosweating comes back in force, even if my apartment is out of direct sunlight and hasn't had significant exposure to it. Yet again, it is another playground for the assholes to continue their games for their obscure purposes, as they can hijack one's respiration and sweat response for their own ends. And for the record, this "symptom" has only erupted in the last five years when the assholes decided to "out" themselves and undertake overt harassment, though it would be covert to anyone on the outside. (Nearly all major phenomenon have been witnessed by other parties.)

The fuckers decided to wake my up last night so I could hear their latest noise games. These are the ones that the fuckers have "introduced" into my life since moving into this apartment May 01. Specifcally, it is the overhead rumbling and deep sounds of pounding cured concrete, nothing that anyone could do physically. The assholes have awakened me for nightime exposure to all their noise games, and I suppose this new one needed to be profiled over the night, just like any others. In fact, it was the second night in sucession, and I am going on record to predict that they will continue to sample the overhead pounding of concrete at whatever sampling intervals they deem appropriate.

It was the sound I have complained about in past posts, as if some extremely heavy object was being trundled over rough concrete in the apartment above, back and forth, as if it were some kind of game. Then the fuckers decided to add in their sandpapering like noise overtop, as if it was related to the pathetic cover story (if at all) for the rumbling noise. After some 15 minutes or so, the fuckers stopped the noise, and kept me awake for 10 minutes or so longer, and then forced an extra hour of total sleep before they let me out of bed.

I am getting continued vision assaults as I am typing this up, time to call this a wrap for now.

I am mellowing out after walking 30 minutes to Strength Training, and then 30 minutes back. That followed an hour of vigorous yoga this morning. And in fact, the perps seem to be dialling me down to feel more whacked out from this amount of exercise, as I wasn't this badly off last week. And, this degree of feeling tired doesn't normally come from this moderate amount of exertion. And I have got the maser zingers buzzing around me, and the perps are also putting on the "grit in the eye" fuck games, another one of my favorites.

It was the usual herding games again at Strength Training, all eight of them with their backs toward me, and standing around doing squat at a gym. Go figure.

And as I wore a mid blue shirt/jacket today, I was not surprised to see the number of the gangstalkers wearing the same color. They had at least four males wearing this color and circulating around me, or otherwise standing around, and doing herding duty.

And the perps had a special penchant today of planting their operatives exactly where I wanted to look. This occured on the street where they placed a gangstalker ahead of me and such that I could not see the pedestrian control signal at the intersection, and then again when at the gym, and planting their fuckers in the mirror ahead of me while I was doing thrusts with free weights. Every time I do the free weights it becomes an excuse for these fuckers to course around me, front and back, and play their games in the mirrors, blocking my view. They also like to constrain my choices as to where I can go, both on the stationary equipment and with free weights. Then when I leave, I get the sentry duty dudes, this time Big Yellow, but in blue and black today.

And the fuckers let me in on my own knowledge after some six visits to the gym so far; one of the old timer males in street clothes and somehow getting lots of trainer time, was a former neighbor at a location I lived in, 1983 to 1986. Just another one of those coincidences, like always. Har, har. One cannot appreciate the depth of life invasion by the perps until one's recall has been deliberately fucked with; then I get ever more pissed than I am already.

The pre-dinner barrage of noise is currently underway; the infernal Harley Davidson motorcycle noise, as if this were a bikers' town, which it is not, other performance mufflers ad nauseum, and then the swishing sound of road traffic as if I were living next to a freeway, which is far from the case. Yes, I live in the downtown area, but the closest street is a pokey two lane section with limited visibility, forcing traffic to slow down. Just another noise event, and now the sirens have started up, very probably to have me mention it as it is going on. This "coincidence arrangement" happens all the time now, and only rarely before that.

The perps put on the Pseudosweating while I was at the gym. It did not matter how relaxing the effort was, especially with the workout equipment, the fuckers kept me soaking the whole time there. And anytime there was a forced face wipe with the paper towels, they had a good number, 4 to 8, of their troup hanging around me, or passing by.

It is the bad old days revisited when I was like a a sodden rag, and everyone else wasn't breaking any sweat, and I was the fittest one there, or close to it. At the time, the perps must of planted the notion that it was the ADD medications as the cause, but that didn't seem right at the time, but it was the accepted best reason. Now, I am not allowed to take those very useful medication, and yet I am sweating all the more. Ergo, it is the perps fucking with my thermoregulation system, and sweating the fuck out of me. And note, the sweating has increased over the past six weeks when I am fitter, as I have done the same routines mostly.

All I have to say to their fucking meddling is; been there, done that. And get the fuck into my apartment and tell me why your fucking problem has become mine. And as I type up that oft repeated riposte, some flickering light of no ostensible cause has decided to start up, coming from the East, when the sun is in the West at this time, and that strange illumination from no discernable source is also lighting up my apartment.

And I note that my one block away grocery store, called The Market, has now been painted at least on three sides with a metallic silver color, something quite unusual for a stucco finish. I suspect this makes it easier to pick up this location and its contents in the ongoing game of quantifying all the local inputs of energy and its color. They have been working hard on this for the past week, and have duly left their cherry picker maintenance vehicle outside the entrance for two visits this week. And they have also upped the "just stand there" sentries outside the store when I exit. Today, the fucker was in navy blue, and had good sized beer gut, and white hair. There was not attempt to integrate his activity into the scenario, but instead, he was on blatant gangstalk duty.

My eyes are getting fucked with today, starting this morning, and I am also still in a faux exertion state, as I have not "recovered" from my two workouts today. Translated, that means the perps are governing down my physical and mental energy, and I have the sense that when these states of being are imposed, the fuckers are cranking up the irradiation on me. It is at least magnetic radiation, and very likely more of their sidereal, vortex, psychons or whatever one wants to call it. In the long past, 4.5 years ago, I measured levels of 200 Gauss around me, which is 400 times normal. I almost don't want to know what it is now, and I can't find out, as all three of my instruments have been fucked with. Only by renting a commercial (fourth) Gaussmeter was I allowed to detect that anomalous level. And it is surprising that they let me do that, but as it cost some $500 for a month, the assholes were happy to let me deplete my funds.

Could this be what the perps are after, and the reason they won't come out of the closet and declare their depravities to their victims? That is, they are after the "wave function of everything" and attaining and quantifying the complete set of human mind control wave functions isn't good enough. That is the impression I get; have a read, the full story is at this link;
Asserting that quantum mechanics is deterministic by treating the wave function itself as reality implies a single wave function for the entire universe, starting at the big bang. Such a "wave function of everything" would carry the probabilities of not just the world we know, but every other possible world that could have evolved from the big bang. For example, large voids in the distributions of galaxies are believed by many cosmologists to have originated in quantum fluctuations during the big bang. (Seecosmic inflation and primordial fluctuations.) If so, the "wave function of everything" would carry the possibility that the region where our Milky Way galaxy is located could have been a void and the Earth never existed at all. (See large-scale structure of the cosmos.)
Anyhow, I got severely noisestalked when typing the above and inserting this quoted section. The perps interest might be the act of linking and insertion, or it could be the contents, or both. Who knows? And more light flashing into my apartment from no ostensible cause again, another event in the continuum of being under the microscope of depraved assholes.

I am getting the overhead pounding again (concrete steel construction, note) and a procession of loud motorcycle noise, about one "passing by" every three minutes or so. The vision impairment is getting worse, and I don't know how much I will be online tonight. Normally, the perps don't fuck with my vision too much until the last two hours. Today, it started at 0930h and is still continuing.

I am still being whacked out by whatever the perps have decided to use. It would be some kind of de-energizing irradiation, targeted at the appropriate neural centers. The vision fucking came on as soon as I went online, I was OK for the evening tea break.

And I noted that in both yoga and strength training in the afternoon, that two of my regular stalkers/classmates exhibited similar behaviors around the similar props. At yoga, we clean the mats with a brown paper towel and spray on soap afterward. As it "so happened" the garbage can went missing from the room, and I put in on an adjacent table surface when getting my socks and shoes on. Then the other guy that is there, and who surely must be someone I know but is in morph-over form, started his changing into his pants, placing his ass only inches away from the paper towel I had placed near me. Call it a gangstalker's ass to my brown paper stalking/energetics interaction attempt.

Then at strength training, where a certain oversized woman makes a point of getting in my way, and is disinclined to move anytime I am nearby, happened to have her ass leaning against the street garbage container, the very one that I was to use after eating a chocolate bar from the machine at the recreation center. This was following strength training and makes it now 100% for having a "classmate" buzzing around me after class. And as I was passing her by and then dropping the brown chocolate slathered wrapper in the container, she leaned her ass back onto the garbage container. The perps cannot get anyone else's shit close enough to me so they use "brown surrogates" and try that!. (And what are they doing when I am not looking?) And to think my ex-wife was in on this depravity from the get-go, some 20 years of being married.

I cannot count the many voice-morphings I have had today. I just don't know which voice is going to come forth, and they have been changing them frequently, usually discernable between provocations, where one round of swearing will differ substantially from the next, only a minute or two later.

And it is amazing how no one tells me that my voice sounds different, when it is, especially from week to week events like classes. My parents also never tell me that my voice is different between visits, usually a week apart.

A next day posting, the infernal "forget" fuckover stunt again.

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