Sunday, July 01, 2007

Windows Imposed Banality

A fractious day so far with the almighty harassment bait of doing laundry. Then in keeping with that, more jerkarounds over reheating tortillas in the frypan, which I do nearly every day. The pouring of the olive oil got a simultaneous huge chopped Harley motorcycle noise, no actual motorcycle of course, just the noise/noisestalking thereof.

The washing machine "walked" 4' from the wall, and then "leaked" again onto the floor in the entrance to the laundry room. This is exciting stuff for the perps, and they have been hammering me on doing laundry for over five years, once stealing the entire load. Other laundry games have been to have an East Indian steal my laundry and then wear it in front of me, this at the hospital. That one falls under the category of brown color harassment games, though in those days I was unaware of the color games that are the consideration of the perps every mortal second of my life. Not my problem, so why am I being harassed over it?

And plenty of brown crumb inundation again; this has been the trend for at least three weeks. I get brown crumbs "showing up" on my fingers at breakfast, and on my plate, arriving from "nowhere" at lunch and dinner. I am eating the designated brown colored food items, and this serves as the ostensible source of crumbs, though for the most part the actual source is by scorceric means. And the perps like to have small crumbs or particles under my fingers as these register in the brain areas that they are studying, IMHO. The current absurdity is that brown crumbs arrived on the back of my fingers this morning.

The current battle that has been going on for weeks is pissing with my Windows functionality (a siren has gone off to noisestalking this very statement), by adding extra width to the borders on the left, right and bottom edges, all of which are moveable on the perp's terms. That is to say, I am only allowed to move these lines out of view when they want, which includes at least a five minute post-boot up delay, then the mouse command suddenly works when it didn't before. At most, these added edge lines are an 1/8", but the perps make sure I fret over it, and thwart my attempts to get rid of this spatial incursion. The latest inanity is only allowing a partial removal in a first pass, and only being allowed to move the remainder later. In either case, there are plenty of plasma ghostings and displaced replications when I attempt to move these Windows "edge" lines with the mouse, successful or not. And as well, at the precise moment of attempting to move these lines, I usually get a simultaneous noise, aka noisestalking. The noise runs the usual gamut of loud mufflered vehicles, extra squeaky brakes, coughing, street hollaring, glass bottle bashing, hallway clunking and thudding, overhead rumbling of no ostensible cause, church bells, and a few more that don't come to mind. It is a big deal for the perps, ridding these extra Windows edge lines that shouldn't be there in the first place and the accompanying noise and plasma light shows. Small matters for small minds.

It is time to call this an early wrap for the day as I am headed to my parent's place for the rest of the day and into tomorrow, a national holiday. More of the usual harassment over the last few hours, which is always unusual by any non-TI standards, especially when the 24/7 adversary can mess with gravity from a remote location, and target it to occur in the proximity of a selected individual. The harassment doesn't end there of course, and there is mind-control "confusions" and the rest of it that is so tiresome.

The maser zingers are filling up my visual field so it is time to publish this abbreviated journal posting.

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