Friday, April 04, 2008

One Outing Allowed

This being a Friday, there are no regularly scheduled committments, and so it was a day to do the downtown gangstalking gauntlet, the rationale being to replenish my eyeglasses cleaning solution as the perps have been actively scuzzing up my glasses every night for the past three weeks.

They were ready for me begining with the parallel walking MIB with the brown suitcase who "happened" to be on the outside of the building, viewable through the glass in the lobby as I was exiting the elevator. (It should be noted that the MIBs on this operation are dressed in black colored fleece, often with fabric panels on them, and don't conform to the traditional alien-like MIBs of UFO lore). No one goes there except to access their vehicle or deposit the recycling garbage, but here he was a about 1030h, coming from this area under cover of being a salary man. And he then parlayed this into a lead-ahead gangstalker who I passed by in short order, only to have another MIB step in front of me as he "happened" to be at a parking meter. Once at the end of the block and waiting for the traffic control, these same two MIBs caught up to me, MIB#1 "happened" to stand in between me and an Audi TT sports car parked at the closest parking stall. I take this to be another one of those moments when the perp plants himself in front of, behind or otherwise proximate to the Favored. This is done routinely around blonde bait stalkers, but this might of been the first time an inanimate object was used for its "auric goodness" or whatever the attraction is that causes the perps to behave so predictably. If one reads through the Favored list, I like this model of vehicle, and am quietly annoyed they took the body design and fucked it for 2008 model year. Anyhow, that really doesn't matter a whole lot, save in another line of vehicles that I favor, Volvos. The 2001 model year had the sides scalloped as if they were kicked in; not a look that I would find aesthetic.

I got the the opticians with plenty more gangstalking, some even now walk down the street, on the asphalt, outside of the parking stalls. This strange public behavior has erupted in the past month, and the perps seem content to increase this bizzareness. This time I was assigned a blonde woman in brown clothing, a Germanic accent, and prominent and fugly teeth. And as soon as they had me look at her awful teeth at some point in the conversation about getting new nosepads for my glasses, an outside transient noise sounded. So, what I learned from this is that I cannot stand the sight of bared teeth and especially badly formed teeth. There has been quite a few teeth bared gangstalkers of late, and it would seem that the perps are exposing me to this on account ofearly childhood traumatizations that were mostly memory purged. I don't have any recall of these traumatizations, and there are some considerable lapses in my recall to age five, but it seems there is a subconscious reaction the perps are "fishing for" by setting up these scenarios, largely aligned with the Favored and Unfavored exposures.

So this must of been an exciting moment for the perps as she changed out the green colored nosepads and put new ones in. The green color comes from perpland, as I have never seen anyone else's glasses have this coloring. I reckon the assholes plant this color on my nosepads for a local color reference, as they did this to my vehicle once, using the same color of green. Having new non-colored nosepads for my glasses is exciting news for the perps, and I was reminded of that with the profusion of ambulatory gangstalkers to "greet" me when onto my next destination, a department store.

I had looked at the cotton sweaters on Wednesday, largely because my mother said she was interested in them, and I tried one on for size. Meanwhile, another MIB circulated around me, the "unemployed male" on a weekday bullshit again. What are all these males doing all the time, except swarming all over and putting on various Unfavored acts it would seem. Outside of an Oracle convention, I have never seen so many of these dweebes clustering and killing time when they would ordinarily be at work. The reality is that their "work" is to harass and cluster around victims on an orchestrated basis, and what they do the rest of the time is unknown to me.

Anyhow, I even got skinheaded thuggy dudes waddling in front of me and posing so I could see their disgusting 20" beard that he wanted to show me by turning his head for no reason, which is another standard perp gangstalker move, especially when they go around corners, turning 90 degress. It is totally absurd all these Unfavored acts the perps put on, and tiresome. I had a yellow plastic bag in hand when I came back from the department store, and this seemed to goad the perps onto putting redcoats around me, and they even had one putting their red anorak on while walking forward on the sidewalk, and having passing by as they had finished putting their coat on. This looks to be a long row to hoe based on some of these games; as in still beating around the bush as to what colors I like, don't like and my neural reactions to them.

Since I got back I have been in my apartment, with the usual amplified noise all about me. And also, there has been plenty of fluctuating ambient light conditions that they apply, even as I write this. Now a car alarm has gone off, likely because I thought of something that wasn't scripted for me. This seems to be the most common scenario, though it is becoming less frequent. I suspect they will have 100% mind control by mid-2008, though I have been notoriously wrong on this. After that, the remainder of the games seem to centre around planted themes, all of which are noted in this blog link about their objectives. The color sampling games seem to be independent of the mind control games, as are the planted gangstalkers of the Favored and the Unfavored. They won't have these figured out by mid-2008 going by the color games and all the permutations that they are working on, and I have never been incorrect in estimating "another year" when all this fuckery might come to a close. No doubt the perps will put on a big plasma show if they attain the 100% mind control goal. This is totally meaningless for me as they will simply carry on like the depraved juveniles that they are.

This is the post-dinner noise period, though it has been fairly muted tonight for whatever reason. There seems to be iterations of loud noise, and then they slowly get fainter and fainter to the point of not annoying me. Any unbidden thoughts get an immediate overhead pounding noise, with the proviso as to its impossibility at human hands; it is a carpeted floor (or should be) and there is at least 10" of concrete between floor and ceiling. And yet somehow, "someone" can pound the floor almost instantly.

I also got my Coffee Corps gangstalking earlier on my outing, mentioned above. These are the coffee carrying gangstalkers who use coffee as a portable brown color reference as they pass by, tail me, or lead ahead. I have mentioned banana packing gangstalkers in the past, so I wasn't too surprised to have a gangstalker beside me at an intersection packing a banana and coffee in one hand, performing a yellow object in front of a brown object (liquid in this case). Which wasn't too different than yesterday's brown coated yellow plastic bag packing gangstalker doing a 90 degree turn and holding the yellow bag such that his body blocked it. One of the photos on my blogs shows a yellow dolly lashed to the roof of a brown colored vehicle. It is all very repetitious and predictable to some degree. And I suppose that when I was carrying a yellow plastic bag on my way back was an invitation to having more of the clowns swarming around me.

Onto related matters, one being the shear volume of mind-control research that has gone on since the 1950's, and my question is; has anyone collated the entire body of research, military and civilian alike?
Someone may have done so, but here is a partial analysis, the Code of the Brain which I have been reading. I suspect there is a certain denial factor at play, that because we haven't heard about it, it does not exist. The interesting part is that some scientist "went black"; were not heard from as their research was too "sensitive" to military objectives. Add all of this report onto the MKULTRA nonconsensual human experimentation, the hypnotising of various women as agents and sex slaves (Candy Jones, Brice Taylor, Cathy O'Brien), and it tells me there has been a huge amount of effort devoted to decoding brain activity from remote locations. Which begs my conspiratorial question; has all this research been funelled into an oversight body that is directing mind-control research through all these agents, and still continues to oversee subjects like myself? I suspect there is such an overarching cabal devoted to mind-control research, but many of the other objectives as indicated by the above, or here, the Perp's Objectives. And perhaps there is more than one such cabal researching mind-control; in reading about alien and military abductions for research there seems to be at least two organizations, sometimes chasing down the same victim, with the latter party asking the subject as to what the first abducting party did to them.

I am being controlled to be suddenly restless, and there are at least two more hours to go before bedtime. Normally there is always something that I "find" and absorbs me for the evening, but not tonight for reasons best known to the perps. They have a long history of scheduling nothing, even at sites of my employment. What can be garnered from this is beyond me, after all, they have screwed me out of employment for close to six years now. April 15 will be the six year anniversary when they outed themselves, no longer content to screw me by covert methods. Then as now, the same methods are in place; planting crumbs in my apartment, shredding or flicking food and olive oil, defeating my intended activity, taking my computer down, and other like pranks that are still part of their repetoire. It boggles the mind to think that a billion dollar a year operation would rather piss around with bread crumbs to maintain their covert status than come clean and resolve their nonconsensual research in an expeditious manner.

While watching YouTube and determining that I felt the singer to be second rate, the perps immediately pounded overhead and gave me a simultaneous zapping. Such is the degree of imposition; one's thoughts are under constant scrutiny and censure.

Time to call this one done and post.

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