Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Save Failure

And what is it about Blogger that it is crashing and won't save the first instance of my created blogging, now twice in two days, from never before? The same thing "happened" yesterday, and I can only assume the the strange noises that have erupted on the street as I type this, and have given a new title because my recall was purged, was the big excitement. It is the perps of course, who noisestalk me for every keystroke, mouseclick and everything else. Who would find my dull life, after scripting it and then imposing it on someone (me), so interesting?

A sunny day mostly, save the rapid fluctuations of ambient light when I first logged on this morning. And it seems that it is to be a shut-in day as I am not getting the phone call returns that I expected. And it seems that I am to be noisestalked from outside with all manner of timely noise, just as I am swearing about typo sabotage, cheese crumb inundation games, crockery shifting by itself in the dishes rack and dozens of other impositions designed to infuriate me. And, as mentioned, these are the moments when more noise erupts.

Another noise eruption moment is when I touch something, especially if it is black colored. My nylon spatula gets this treatment, as did when I touched my hand to my black track pants three days ago at gym. Then, a sudden boom and shaking went on, as if someone had dropped large barbells outside the room. Also, when handling plastics draws noise; when opening up the organic cheese packaging three days ago a male voice suddenly began singing in the hallway. And today was the opening up of a new package of Cling Wrap, and that got plenty of "associated" noise eruptions. Regular readers will know the perps noisestalk the unfurling of this material, and that they cause the Cling Wrap not to cling, except to my fingers, which brings on more swearing at the assholes, and in turn, more noisestalking.

And I suppose it was an exciting moment for the perps, like it usually is, when a number of items used for food preparation finish up, or are opened for the first time; this way, the packaging garbage that results gets put in the same garbage recepticle, like some "meeting" of substances for which the perps savour. At lunch, it was a three-fer; the tapenade was used up, the half chicken was finished and a new Cling Wrap roll was begun; if you are a perp, this is an exciting moment and it must be augmented by pissing me off through unconventional gravitics behaviors (making the crumbs and Cling Wrap stick to my fingers beyond normal notions of gravitic actions), and even having the items in the garbage "hop" by themselves when another item is dropped in. Just too fascinating for small minds. On with the siren show, the third of today so far.

I put some new links up, to the right side of this page. The letter of the Freedom From Covert Surveillance and Harassment to a U.S. senator deserved to be given some mention. It was crafted by a hired attorney, through the organization's committee. It is short, and to the point, and makes it plain that the circumstances of being constantly victimized by an organized party don't always have an evidence trail. If the U.S. Senate and Congress are as informed as the politicians are here, I suspect they know all about us victims being unpaid and involuntary experimentation subjects, and don't really care too much. There have been some instances of publically elected officials, or even past elected officials, who came to place themselves in my proximity. In those days, I had no clue it was arranged, but anytime I mentioned this to my then wife, she never seemed too interested to respond in any way. Imagine, retrospectively reviewing 20 years of past conversations in light of the circumstances being covertly arranged and the person is a complicit operative. It made total sense that she was a shill, all her insubstantive responses and dumbshit suggestions that created angst and chaos. And imagine, all the other times that she might have been morphed over and I never had a clue, and of course, I still don't.

A brutal awakening from a two hour nap is in progress, even if I had my dinner of leftovers immediately following it. It was a forced nap of course, as I don't need them for the extra sleep I get every night, one to two and a half hours, and I have never needed afternoon naps. The slowed awakening from it is also a perp specialty, keeping the "dozy" factor running for as long as they can get away with it and use it as an excuse to make more typos.

And when I woke up a rain shower had just finished, all to add a different sound of the faux freeway-like traffic noise going by. (It is a secondary route with plenty of traffic lights, and one is fortuneate to be able to do 30 mph). Anytime I go the window and start asking the perps out loud where all the vehicular noise is coming from, as there is no visible source, they dial the freeway-like noise down until there is no more. And I am sure all the puddles outside are a reason to have me kept in, as it seems that bodies of water are an important adjunct to the harassment/experimentation games that are going on. That I swam in swim team for 15 years wasn't good enough it seemed, on with the engineered rain, wet streets and swishy vehicular noise.
Now, onto more web-surfing of some kind, as I have visited all my regular bookmarked sites today. And this is the dusk onset time, so I am sure some kind of importance is attached to the next few hours. And the overhead pounding has started up for the first time today, with the caveat that it is at least 10" of concete above me, and yet "somehow" it can be shaken and made to make this noise as if a lead-footed monster were above me, one that can track me wherever I am in the apartment and have the pounding come from overhead.

Something important must be going on; there have been two rounds of hallway banter outside my door in the past 20 minutes, and putting the oddest voice combinations together; the chirpy girl with the duck-like quack of someone three times her hypothetical age. This must be "sound mix" time of the Favored with the Unfavored.

More overhead pounding in this post-dinner, post-nap situation. The first pounding noise was begun this evening after all day without any, suggesting a big perp event in progress. There has been LCD display flashes, even while on the Blogger, and re-displays that show the page 1 to 2" up or down with no apparent cause, save the assholes on me. Then, navy blue plasma beams over my hands just erupted; 1/4" wide, 16" long, and of intermittent continuity, not a single straight beam.

A forced head scratch and then tapping noise erupted from above; one has the feeling of being constantly hounded and examined, as if there hasn't been enough of that. Today's telepathic communication from the perps indicates that my aversions to red, yellow, purple and brown lights and flashes originates from LSD testing at a young age (to 6 y.o.). I don't, or won't believe it; how could anyone be so fucking stupid and cavalier as to give a child this substance in their developmental years, to 6 y.o.? I now get more red flashes, some very small 2mm diameter sources at subsecond durations, often when I am distracted with some other kind of harassment. Not my problem; my aversion to colors, light flashes and the rest of it is MINE. And it creates no problem for me in my life, so why do I have hundreds of "brown clowns" and other freaks on me all day long attempting to emulate my subconscious recall of past boneheaded abuse? (A speculative assertion).

The only answer I get to that is the display flickered and then was repainted, the sickos at work again, and now typo sabotage making it worse.

More hallway banter has erupted outside my door, this time with the audio mix of an aging granny and likely a middle aged male, both from the Unfavored demographic groups. This noise was put on to accompany me while reading a film review and then bookmarking it. Such is the importance of anything I do.

A soft wall knock noise and with a simultaneous zapping to piss me off. This shut-in day has taken on busy proportions for my mind-keepers/abusers.

Yet another hallway bantering erupted since the last one. Consider it to be perp controlled "socializing".

I was listening/watching a video of famed blogger, Dooce, her husband, also a blogger, and a third Utah blogger, Sarah Neilson. Not only was there countless plasma displays beside the small scale picture I had, but the synchronicity to my circumstances. Dooce's first name is Heather, and her husband's name is John. And lo, if the names aren't the same as mine and my ex. Then, later in this piece, Sarah Neilson makes a metaphor in jest about being fed LSD laced food as a child. Compare that to the above, written before I saw the video. Which makes me very suspicious that such an event (above) did not occur, and it is only a convenient script arrangement. The test of the perp's personal history versions is in how long they persist in them; I tend to believe the ones that go on for years, but the above LSD story needs some "mellow time".

All of the above done while listening to Jill Barber, my current online muse, with full song downloads/listens.

Time to blog off on this very dull shut-in day, and thankfully I was spared two hours of it with the astonishing nap that was forced on me.

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